Why did I need a Vietnam giới Zip Code (Postal Code)?

The short answer is AMAZON

! And, I can assure you, the search for a postcode for our new address in Ho Chi Minh City has not been easy. Something that should have sầu been so simple took me quite some time and I’m not sure I’m there yet.

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If you just want khổng lồ find a postcode for somewhere in Vietphái nam & don’t wish khổng lồ read about my detective sầu work then head straight for the third last paragraph of this post. I did work it out in the end.

The whole saga started when I decided I’d try & buy a book from Amazon. We will be in Ho Chi Minc City for a while and I want lớn really make an effort to get out và explore different aspects of the đô thị. There are lots of great books available, fiction and non-fiction and there were a few I’ve had my eye on. Something to lớn improve sầu my extremely basic Vietnamese language skills looked useful, as did a street food dictionary. There were also a couple of guides written by locals that promised lớn get me below the tourist veneer và save sầu us lots of money.

Anyway, I chose a couple, threw them in my shopping cart & went to lớn kiểm tra out. Everything was going well until I got to lớn the shipping address, then WHAMMO!!! I was stopped in my tracks. No problems about shipping lớn Vietphái mạnh but what was the Zip Code (AKA postcode or postal code)? Ho Chi Minc City is extremely large và I figured there would probably be a whole series of codes…BUT, I’d never actually seen one before. Fair lớn say I’d never looked very far, but now I really needed it. This field is mandatory.

How did I find my local Ho Chi Minh City postcode? ….With a lot of effort!!

OK…So the first thing I did was pull out every business card, pamphlet, brochure and bill we had lying around the apartment & look at the addresses. No luck! Street address, District & even Ward were clearly described but not one single postcode. Ho Chi Minh City và Vietphái mạnh were also part of the address on many of them but no zipcode. I asked my Vietnamese friends. The unanimous response was that they don’t get used at all.

Next I went to the trusty internet…for a while I didn’t have a whole lot of luông xã there either. Searches for “postcode Ho Chi Minch City”, “postal code Saigon”, “zip code Vietnam”, “Ho Chi Minh City Vietphái mạnh zip code” and every other combination I could think of didn’t really get much joy.

Wikipedia looked hopeful. They have a whole page titled Postal Codes in Vietnam…But the best they could vị is tell me that Vietphái nam uses 6 digit postal codes và that Ho Chi Minh’s ranged from 70XXXX to lớn 76XXXX. I was pretty sure AMAZON

wasn’t going to lượt thích all those X’s. Clicking through that links gave sầu me some awesome information on Ho Chi Minch City, but alas no specific postal code.

There were plenty of discussion boards lamenting the fact that Postal Codes aren’t used in Vietnam. I finally got onto lớn the Amazon Help Forum that seemed to lớn indicate I should just use 700000 as the mặc định và that would work. But I was a little bit dubious. Postcodes are important in Australia. They help your mail get delivered correctly. What if my books got lost because I had entered a mặc định code? We live in the suburbs & I’m pretty sure our postal code would be different khổng lồ the GPO that I figured this code was for.. Worry wart I know, but I get lượt thích that sometimes!

So I delved a bit deeper and finally hit upon a link lớn Vietnam giới Post. Surely they would have something on their site. Ah yes…but it’s all in Vietnamese as the English option wasn’t working. Anyway, with a bit of trial và error I used the 4th tab from the left title MANG LU’OI, which I believe means NETWORK. The locations in the first drop down menu for Province had the same 2 numbers that I had seen in the Wikipedia List. Ho Chi Minh City was 70. The next drop down box was titled District so I was pretty sure I was on the right trachồng. I pulled down Phu Nhuan (my suburb) and low và behold a table appeared with a listing of numbers & the addresses of the local Post Boxes in my area.


Inside Saigon Central Post Office

I have deduced that my Postal Code must be the number in the second column on the line matching up with the closest Post Box. Having only sent stuff out from the Central Post Office in District 1, I had no idea where that might be. So the next step was khổng lồ work out where these locations were and which one was closest to us. Google maps helped me on that one but I did have to lớn take a punt và translate the addresses from Vietnamese.

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Amazon has accepted accepted my address. My postal code has six digits. The first two are for my province or City, in this case Ho Chi Minch City. The second two are for my District (Phu Nhuan) and the last two for the Ward (a part of each District).

This is a classic example of how to spkết thúc a loooottttt of time doing something that should be so simple. Why didn’t I go to the post office and ask in the first place? You may well ask…I certainly am. Perhaps it’s the fact that until I started this tìm kiếm I didn’t know where that was. Perhaps it’s that I am now so used to lớn obtaining instant information from the mạng internet that it actually didn’t cross my mind. Perhaps it’s that when I needed the information it was blowing a gale outside và teeming with rain. Anyway it’s done now & if you’ve sầu found this post then you won’t have to go through all the effort.

How khổng lồ find your Vietphái mạnh Post Code

So if you need lớn get something delivered in Vietnam giới & or a return address khổng lồ send something these are the steps lớn follow khổng lồ get your Vietphái nam postcode.

First find out where your nearest post box is.Enter your City or Province, the District or Town andUse the number in the second column corresponding to the Post Box address.

That should vì the triông xã. As for me…I’m still waiting on my package. I’ll let you know when it gets here.

UPDATE: The books arrived safe and sound about three weeks after ordering. I won’t be ordering hard copies again UNLESS they are not available in eBook format as the delivery charges were quite steep. Even then, I believe sầu you can order through the local FAHASA outlet and you don’t get charged for delivery. I’ll check that out for a future post. It would be worth it for higher priced goods not readily accessible in Saigon, although I’ve heard mixed stories about the amount of customs you are required to lớn pay on various items.


Hooray, they arrived!

Leave sầu me a bình luận and let me know if this information was useful.

Note: I bởi vì not receive sầu any payment for this post (or any others on the site for that matter!). I bởi vì receive a small amount of money by allowing advertisements on the site và any purchases made through those link.

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AnhMy Tran says:

Vietnam postal area code is the most stupid idea ever heard of.America is a large countries, và we invented the area code to help, in addition of true address, that need no area code.Other countries that are tiny, post office need no such thing.Letters mailed from the other countries sent to lớn Vietnam go lớn airports first, either SaiGon or HaNoi. From there, letters are transferred to lớn the District Post Office of the address. Then they go khổng lồ the branches offices, and to the house of the address. Sometimes the mails get khổng lồ the mountain by horse or on foot for several hours, where the area code is never a good idea.

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