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Create a Chatbot for Zalo

Zalo, launched in 2012, is a chatting platform with more than 100 million users worldwide in 2019. It operates mainly in Vietphái nam.

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Steps to lớn Create a chatbot

1. Create an Official Account

To configure và Officail Account you must be the admin of that OA. If you vì chưng not have sầu an OA, register to lớn create an trương mục. Select the store type & continue.


2. Create an Application lớn associate with the Official Account

You will also need khổng lồ register in Zalo Developers. Once registered create an Application.


3. Link the Application to the Official Account

Select the application you just created in the right corner of the page

In the thực đơn on the left, select Official Account, then select the account you just created in step 1 và press "Link".


4. Configure the Webhook

Please login to

Navigate to Integrations và cliông chồng on the Zalo section. You will be redirected khổng lồ the Zalo integration page.

Here you will be able khổng lồ get the a webhook url. Copy it.

Go back to lớn Zalo Developers.

After linking the Application and Official Account successfully, the Webhook thành quả will be shown as below.


Cliông xã "Change", Webhook Url to lớn enter the url.

If you enable the "Syntax filter" feature, your webhook can only receive sầu text messages beginning with "#" from users.

5. Turn on the API and Webhook Event.

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On the left thực đơn, select Application nhận xét.

Clichồng on the right to lớn sover messages và receive events from users, select "Submit review" to lớn complete. In a few moments Zalo will kiểm tra your rights.



6. Official Account Access Token

Official Account Access Token (Expiry date: 1 year): Is an access code issued by the Admin of the Officlal Account lớn the Application so that the Application has OA representative sầu rights lớn Hotline APIs to lớn configure the chatbot for the Officlal Account.

To request the access token please go lớn your application main page:


Turn on your application (green) and copy the application ID.

In the Official Account section, navigate khổng lồ Official Account Callbachồng Url and enter the webhook url from


When you are done, please visit the links below lớn apply for that Official Account access code:

https://oauth.zalotiện í can get the APP_ID from the main page of your application in Zalo for Developers.

The you can get the CALLBACKURL from

The hệ thống will respond something like: token is ATOKENSTRING

Copy & save sầu the token you just created.

7. Enter và Save sầu the Token in

Navigate lớn Integrations and click on the Zalo section.

Paste the token in the box and press Save sầu.

8. Test your chatbot

After saving the token in your chatbot will be ready.

Add the chatbot khổng lồ your Zalo application và start sending a few messages to lớn kiểm tra it is working correctly.

9. Limitations.

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