Work Of Art Là Gì ? A Piece Of Art/ Work Of Art Có Nghĩa Là Gì


work of art

1. Literally, any creation that is the result of the imagination being used to lớn produce that which can or is intended to lớn be contemplated or appreciated for its beauty or significance. The composer is able to lớn create stunning works of art with a single, very simple instrument. The films have long been considered important works of art. Some people clayên this is a work of art, but all I see are random flecks of paint splattered on a canvas.2. By extension, anything that is extremely well crafted or aesthetically pleasing. The code she wrote for this program is nothing short of a work of art. Wow, did you see his incredible body? That thing is a work of art!See also: art, of, work

work of art

1. Lit. a piece of art. She purchased a lovely work of art for her living room. 2. . Fig. a good result of one"s efforts. Your report was a real work of art. Very well done.See also: art, of, workSee also:

work of art

beautiful painting or carving etc. Every rug she weaves is a work of art.

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