How to get google to instantly index your new website

Getting indexed on Google và other tìm kiếm engines is one of the most effective sầu ways of getting free traffic to your trang web. But you may be wondering:

How vày I submit my website lớn tìm kiếm engines?

The short answer is: it depends on the search engine. The longer answer is that there are specific steps lớn follow for each. Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

But first:

Do I Need to Submit My Website to lớn Search Engines?

Yes và no.

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Search engines were not designed lớn rely on manual submissions. It’s just not efficient. That’s why their bots crawl the web to lớn find websites lớn index.

In case you haven’t heard the term before: crawling is when tìm kiếm engines look for new links on websites & then “follow” these links. If a links leads lớn something useful (e.g. a useful website), that page is then indexed.

This means tìm kiếm engines are pretty good at finding new websites on their own, as long as they are linked to from somewhere on the website.

But with that being said…

Why You Should Submit Your Site khổng lồ Search Engines

Here are a few reasons why you should manually submit your trang web lớn search engines:

Tell tìm kiếm engines about your site directly – Submitting your site via the methods below allows you to tell Google (và others) important information about your site, mostly about content updates và important changes.It’s an easy improvement opportunity – By submitting your site you get access lớn various tools that can help improve sầu your website. In addition, you can inkhung them that the content is now been updated & requires lớn be crawled again.

Submitting Websites lớn Search Engines: Getting Started

Before you get started submitting your site to lớn search engines, here are a few things you’ll need. First, you’ll need lớn be able to access & edit your website.

Backover access is not necessary lớn submit a trang web to lớn tìm kiếm engines, but it may be helpful if you need lớn add things later down the line.

For example:

With access to lớn a site, it makes being able to lớn add them in a lot easier.

These are key requirements for getting a site indexed. In fact, having a correct thiết lập sitemap is one of the most important things you can vị khổng lồ help your site get picked up by tìm kiếm engines.

Don’t forget that having access to the two main tìm kiếm engines toolsets is needed too:

Google Search Console

Before submitting your website khổng lồ Google, you’ll need to phối up Search Console and verify trang web ownership.

To verify your website, copy the DNS TXT record and add it lớn your domain name provider in order to verify domain name ownership.


How to lớn verify domain ownership using DNS records

Verifying your site with the DNS record is the recommended method as you can leave sầu the DNS record forever and it doesn’t add extra code to lớn your site.

If you don’t want khổng lồ (or can’t) verify your domain this way don’t worry, there are alternative sầu ways to verify your tài khoản.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing makes setting up Webmaster Tools very easy. If you’ve sầu got Search Console setup already, you can actually just import your sites.

Once you’ve sầu signed up, just hit the Import button:


Import Search Console settings inkhổng lồ Bing

This is an easy way khổng lồ get your site inlớn Bing Webmaster Tools.

So now you’ve sầu got everything you need cài đặt, it’s time to start submitting your site khổng lồ all the major search engines.

Let’s start with Google.

How Do I Submit My Website khổng lồ Google?

It’s pretty easy to submit websites to lớn Google.

In fact, the only way khổng lồ submit your trang web is by adding your sitemaps khổng lồ Google Search Console.

Here’s how:

1. Locate Your XML Sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file that lists all the pages on a website.

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It can usually be found by going to:

If you are using WordPress to lớn power your site & are using the Yoast SEO plugin, your sitebản đồ will look lượt thích this:

*’s sitemap

Once you’ve found your sitemaps, you can move on lớn the next step:

2. Add Your Sitebản đồ khổng lồ Google Search Console

mở cửa up Google Search Console &, under Index, select sitemaps.

Now, all you need to vày is paste in your sitebản đồ URL and hit submit:


Add a sitemap lớn Google Search Console

If you have sầu multiple sitemaps, just repeat this process until all your sitemaps are listed in the submitted section.

You will need lớn have sầu added and verified your site to GSC in order khổng lồ vì this.

If you need more in-depth steps, we have sầu a Search Console guide that will walk you through everything you need to know. Likewise, we also have sầu this guide on how khổng lồ submit a site to Google News if you want your site to appear there.

Quiông xã cảnh báo About Submitting Your Site khổng lồ Google News

Google News’ content policies

Publishers no longer need lớn submit their site to lớn be eligible for the Google News app and website. Specifically, according to lớn Barry Adams:

If you’ve recently updated content và want Google to recrawl the page, you can clichồng on ‘Request Indexing’ to index those page changes.

How lớn Cheông xã If Your Page Is on Google?

To see if your site has been successfully submitted và indexed, just search your website address on Google. If Google has crawled and indexed your site, it will show up in the tìm kiếm results.

You can try copying a paragraph or two of text from your site and searching for that in “quotation marks”. If your page is on Google, it should come up.

Another way you could use is the tìm kiếm operator commvà “site:” in Google. Just type:

Google will know only show results from the domain name you’ve sầu entered. You can use the site tìm kiếm operator on the homepage or internal pages of your site.

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How Do I Submit My Website khổng lồ Yahoo?

Ok so this is the easiest one. To get your trang web khổng lồ show up on Yahoo… you submit your site to lớn Bing.

That wasn’t a mistype. Submitting your website to Bing automatically submits it to lớn Yahoo also.

So you might as well go lớn the next section to lớn get your site listed on Bing:

How Do I Submit My Website to Bing?

First, you need lớn go to lớn Bing Webmaster Tools. You’ll need lớn make sure you have sầu set it up for your site. If you need help, here’s our handy Bing WMT guide.

Just like Search Console, submitting your sitemaps in Bing is simple. Just choose ‘Sitemaps’ from the thực đơn, paste in your sitemap URL and hit Submit.

Not only will this submit your site to Bing, but also to Yahoo (as they are both powered by Bings Index).

Bing URL Submissions Plugin

If your site is powered by WordPress, there’s an easier way for you khổng lồ submit your content to lớn Bing using their Bing URL Submissions plugin.

Free khổng lồ use & easy to activate, the plugin will automatically submit your new or updated nội dung directly khổng lồ Bing’s tìm kiếm index after you’ve added your API key:

There are a few features you can play around with, such as:

The automatic submission feature you can toggle on & off, based on your needs.Manual URL submission.View recent URLs submitted through the plugin, which can be also downloaded as a handy danh sách to lớn keep track of.The possibility to re-submit recent URLs.

How Do I Submit My Website khổng lồ DuckDuckGo?

The short answer here is: you don’t.

DuckDuckGo automatically indexes the website, so you don’t need lớn manually submit your website lớn them.

In fact, it uses over 400 sources và Bing’s search results, so if you’ve followed the previous steps to submit lớn Bing (và Yahoo), you did all you needed lớn tốc độ up indexing for your site on DuckDuckGo.

Avoid Submission Services

Getting your trang web listed on Google, Bing or Yahoo is không tính phí, so you should not be paying a submission service khổng lồ get you listed.

Signing up for a tìm kiếm engine submission service is pointless. And if you are unlucky, you’ll be bombarded with spammy emails trying to lớn sell your low-quality SEO services.

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The search engines that matter provide useful resources to help as well as documented methods of getting a site submitted & successfully indexed on Google, Yahoo, & Bing anyway. You don’t need services lớn vì chưng this.

Additional Search Engine Submission Resources

Most tìm kiếm engines have specific ways of submitting website pages to their index. Here are links to the official pages for submitting your site lớn tìm kiếm engines:

In 2020, it doesn"t seem khổng lồ be the case for manually submitting a website lớn tìm kiếm engines. Well, not 100% true: tìm kiếm engines could use some help sometimes! Check out how to submit your site khổng lồ get it crawled faster!