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In the era of the 4.0 technology revolution, Digital Marketing is becoming more và more popular & the important role has partly surpassed the traditional sale methods. With more và more people relying on the Internet for everyday activities, promoting products and brands online is something that any business or organization needs khổng lồ bởi.

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So, how is Digital Marketing Vietnam giới doing last year? Let’s take a look at the numbers from the “Digital Marketing Report 2019 ″ lớn make recommendations và strategic kinh doanh solutions for your business.

1. Potential Marketing market



(Image source: WeareSocial and Hootsuite)

In 2019, Vietnam’s population will reach approximately 97 million, with the urban population rate of 36%. In the same year, there were 64 million Internet users, an increase of 28% compared to 2017.

According to statistics, there are 58 million social networking users on mobile devices as of early 2019, this number increased lớn 8 million users compared to 2018. Along with the development of giải pháp công nghệ, the mid-range và low-end phones are constantly being launched, enabling many people to easily own smartphones và access the Internet. Although the population only reached 96.96 million, the number of registered telephone subscribers is 143.3 million. This shows that the majority of Vietnamese people have sầu access lớn smart Mobile phones and many people use 2 to 3 phones at the same time for daily life.

Despite the rise of the smartphone age, traditional TV equipment still proved khổng lồ be extremely effective with access khổng lồ 97% of adults. In addition, thanks to lớn the direct connection khổng lồ the internet, the content that TV brings also becomes more interesting, diverse and still get described as an indispensable “food” of families.

2. The Internet has become a routine activity


Average time Vietnamese spend on media (Image source: WeareSocial và Hootsuite)

According to lớn the data in the pholớn above, Vietnamese users spover an average of 6 hours 42 minutes a day participating in Internet-related activities. The report also mentioned that Vietnamese users spkết thúc an average of 2 hours và 32 minutes on social networks, 2 hours and 31 minutes to lớn watch streaming or online videos và use 1 hour & 11 minutes lớn listen to music.

94% is the percentage of Internet users in Vietphái mạnh using the Internet daily. And 6% are the number of internet users at least once a week. Looking at the statistics, we can see, Internet users in Vietphái mạnh are inseparable from Internet-related activities for more than a week.

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In terms of infrastructure, the speed of Internet access still grows every year. Specifically, the average speed of internet access on phones was 21.56 MBPS (up 6.1% compared lớn last year) and computers was 27.18 MBPS (up 9.7%).

3. Video – New trkết thúc of Social Media Marketing

In 2019, the social network continues to grow with 62 million users (accounting for 64% of Vietnam’s population, up to 7% compared to 2018). The number of accounts that are using social networks on điện thoại also increased by 16% compared to last year. Having big influence, social truyền thông is a popular communication tool for almost all businesses in Vietphái mạnh.


(Image source: WeareSocial và Hootsuite)

A big difference this year with the statistics of 2018, Youtube surpassed Facebook lớn become the most active sầu social network in Vietphái nam. According lớn statistics from Google, Vietphái nam ranked in the top 5 countries that has users watching YouTube videos the most in the world, standing above countries with developed giải pháp công nghệ such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan …

According to lớn a survey from the supply market, 65% of Vietnamese companies increased their budgets in the field of Video Marketing last year, the cost of video clip advertising increased khổng lồ 16% of the average brand’s total advertising costs.

All of these metrics show that đoạn phim sale is the leading content marketing trend. If there was a better method of nội dung sale than video marketing at this time, it could only be Live sầu Clip sale.

4. Optimizing điện thoại experience – It is a must

(Image source: WeareSocial and Hootsuite)

With the growing popularity of smart Mobile devices, di động kinh doanh is no longer a trover, it has become the first thing to lớn vì chưng when sale communications with Digital Marketing.

To better underst& the importance of sản phẩm điện thoại marketing, let’s take a look at some data from the report: With 64 million internet users in Vietphái nam today, the number of users accessing by device Smartphone is 61.73 million people (accounting for 96% of mạng internet users & accounting for 64% of Vietnam’s population); Of the 143.3 million registered subscribers, 45% had subscribed khổng lồ 3G & 4G. According to statistics, there are more than 2.7 billion downloads of thiết bị di động applications và the amount spent by consumers on these applications is $ 161.6 million; on average one person touches the phone more than 150 times a day; & only from 2018 – 2019, the number of social networking users on Mobile devices has increased to 16% …

Although it is very important, but in fact, the optimization experience on mobile devices has not received much attention. Some time ago, Google rocked the SEO community when it launched an algorithm update called “mobilegeddon”. This is an algorithm update that improves the tìm kiếm engine visibility of Mobile optimized pages compared lớn less optimized competitors. The result is “Mobilegeddon” that results in a disturbance of search results and greatly affects businesses around the globe. According lớn statistics, 40% of Fortune 500 websites were not optimized for thiết bị di động devices at the time of this update.

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This move by Google in part to alert trang web interface designers that they need to lớn be more concerned about users on the phone. The difficulty of users when experiencing websites with their phones is that they are limited by traffic capacity & tải về speed is also slower when used on computers. The screen is not large enough lớn cause users trouble with too much information as well as animations. Designing a trang web optimized for Smartphone platforms is both beautiful and has the optimal interface but still full of information that you want khổng lồ convey, this is a difficult problem for businesses or organizations marketers.