"How to Haông chồng Facebook Password Account" this trending topics actually going through our contact mail & also the request tutorial size very intensively. Actually why this topics was very interesting?because Facebook was the number one social truyền thông today in the world.

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There's so many ways & possibilities to lớn hack facebook password account, from the easy & simple one until the hard và very complicated. The basic hachồng facebook password account method actually almost the same, but with different type, kind, & ways. Here's some ways how lớn hachồng facebook password account :

1. Facebook Phishing

2. Remote Update Facebook Status (Social Engineering)

3. Man in the Middle Attack

4. Keylogging

This method has a great success rate possibility, because there's so many people not underst& too much about how to surf the mạng internet safely.


This is the most used & commonly attack to haông xã facebook password account. Usually attacker will create a fake log in page that looks like the real Facebook log in page. This type of attack will replicate the original facebook page & modified to fit the attacker needs for their attack. For this type of attack, you need lớn know basic website programming such as PHP, ASP, etc.

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– Actually we have already create the tutorial about Hacking facebook using man in the middle attack about one year ago(for educational purpose) about how to lớn haông chồng facebook password account in a local area network. You can just tải về the file needed to lớn create a giả facebook page và if you understvà how to upload and host the tệp tin in a website hosting, you also can host the tệp tin so it can be accessed worldwide.

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FYI : you can use 000webhost.com or ripway.com for the không tính tiền one. (usually it won't longer lasting, when admin knows or someone report, you'll get banned)

UPDATE : You also can view our tutorial about Hacking Facebook using Phishing Method, Fake Facebook Website.

Remote Update Facebook Status

This is the next one most famous tricks lớn hachồng facebook password account. To understvà the logic, let see the topology below

How to lớn Hack Facebook Password Account

Users was accessing facebook page & they are still active và interacting using facebook, on the same time, they also open another website let say it is vishnuvalentino.com as attacker website. When users opened vishnuvalentino.com they just see an informative sầu webpage with tons of hacking tutorial(và also included how lớn hack facebook password account too
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