Facebook video ads: the guide marketers are looking for


Video advertising is a great way to lớn generate sales, br& engagement or find new audiences who need your services.

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We"ve sầu found 7 stunning đoạn phim advertising examples for you to learn from, and we"ve also created a helpful guide to tell you everything you need khổng lồ know lớn start creating your own Video advertising campaigns.

Reaching your target audience online has never been easier— or harder.

On the one h&, đoạn phim, the undisputed king of digital nội dung, is now easier to lớn create and spread to your audience than ever before thanks lớn social channels and ad networks.

On the other, everybody"s getting involved with Clip advertising.

You need to create something truly excellent, perfectly tailored to lớn your audience, khổng lồ stvà out.

It might take some forethought, but a powerful đoạn phim advert (or a whole series of them) is one of the most effective ways of getting through khổng lồ a very specific segment of people where they already spkết thúc their time online. No matter where your leads might be in the marketing funnel, it"s a surefire method of communicating your message và keeping them engaged.

And considering it takes at least seven touches to turn a potential customer into lớn a qualified sales lead, you should be planning your consistent message across channels of all kinds, including ads.

Here are 7 wonderful Clip advertising campaigns from businesses và brands, plus the strategies that made them so successful, khổng lồ inspire your own adverts in the future.

What Makes a Great Video Ad?

Before we get to the good part (the ads!), let"s vày a quiông chồng run-through of the major elements of a successful one.

A great video ad should, with a few exceptions, meet the following criteria:

1. It grabs the eye in the first few seconds.

In an increasingly busy online world, you must work hard lớn grab attentions. A video advert should use the first 3 precious seconds to draw your audience in with something inherently eye-catching.

2. It keeps viewers invested with an emotional core.

Your ad should offer something valuable, otherwise viewers won"t waste their time. Appeal to lớn their emotions —be entertaining, inspiring or educational.

3. It"s tailored specifically to the audience.

One of the key benefits of video ads is how carefully you can target them. Make sure you"re tailoring your content khổng lồ your target audience"s state of mind and stage in the sale funnel.

3. It has a clear Call-to-Action.

Don"t waste the goodwill you"ve sầu built up. Make it clear what you want your viewers lớn vày after watching your ad, and easy for them lớn vì it. Encourage them get involved!

5. It"s no longer than it needs lớn be.

Yes, these days a lot of successful ads are several minutes long. But they still need lớn be punchy và concise. Take as long as you need to lớn communicate your message và no longer.

7 Excellent Examples of Video Advertising Campaigns that Viewers Don"t Hate

1. Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades Are F**king Great

Let"s start with an undisputed prince of đoạn phim advertising: this viral hit from newcomers Dollar Shave Club. If you haven"t watched it already (come on now, really?) then kiểm tra it out below.

This ad really does get so many things right. It begins with CEO Michael Dubin staring và talking straight at the viewer, an interestingly cluttered background behind hlặng, và a punchy first joke — complete with F-bomb — all within 15 seconds.

It"s completely spot-on for the audience of 18 khổng lồ 35 year old men, playing off the success of previous ads from the likes of Old Spice. It makes viewers laugh, causes them khổng lồ feel slightly foolish for spending so much money on razors, and finally directs them straight khổng lồ the DollarShaveClub.com trang web.

But the true genius of this chiến dịch is the fact that the company, then a relatively unknown brvà, knew they had a limited budget for ad spkết thúc. While YouTube ads could provide an initial push to their target audience, they would need to rely on people talking about the ad lớn really get their name out there — so it was vital they made a big impact. Their all-out strategy paid off, with the company being sold lớn Unilever for $1 billion just four years after the ad ran

2. Geico: Unskippable

YouTube pre-roll ads give viewers the option to lớn skip after 5 seconds, but some brands have done really clever things with the medium. Here"s just one example.

It"s part of a four-ad chiến dịch featuring videos that techically "end" after 10 seconds but carry on awkwardly for another minute afterwards. And it"s a stroke of super simple, totally refreshing genius from American insurance provider Geico.

Geico knew that as many as 94% of all pre-roll ads on YouTube are skipped. So they decided lớn put the emphasis on those first 5 seconds, creating a sense of expectation in the viewer that made them unable khổng lồ stop watching. They broke some rules along the way, too. The ad is probably longer than it needs lớn be — but that"s what makes it just so awkward/funny.

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Nor does the video clip feature a proper Call-to-Action, though the massive hình ảnh sản phẩm stuck in the middle of the screen throughout ensures brvà awareness is high & that viewers know where to lớn look if they want khổng lồ find out more. Overall this quirky, unique chiến dịch makes viewers smile, rather than feel frustrated, và is memorable enough khổng lồ spark discussion.

3. Knorr: Love sầu at First Taste

Knorr, food brand famous for sauces & stoông xã pots, created an ad campaign centered around our love of flavours & tailor made khổng lồ succeed on social media.

The brvà was looking to reach millennial"s, up to lớn half of which describe themselves as foodies. Beyond eating delicious food, millennial"sare also doing a lot of dating. Knorr"s global research project found that people are more likely to lớn be attracted lớn those who enjoy similar flavours. And thus an idea was born.

By having strangers meet for the first time over a mutually enjoyable meal— và dictating that they must not feed themselves, but each other — Knorr tapped into lớn the thirst on social truyền thông for videos featuring food, romance and real-life scenarquả táo.

The chiến dịch ran ads across Facebook, YouTube và other social networks. Knorr also partnered with foodie community Tasty lớn help spread the video clip. Viewers are directed to a mini-site that asks questions about your favourite types of food, before sorting you into one of 12 flavour profiles. As a perfect finishing touch, each ad was edited specifically for the platform it appeared on: notice how the Facebook version has subtitles so viewers can watch without sound.

4. Always: Like a Girl

In this chiến dịch Always turned an insult inkhổng lồ a message of empowerment to bring greater self-confidence to lớn girls và women, as well as appealing lớn the next generation of customers.

How bởi vì you make an impact in the feminine hygiene market, something that most people want khổng lồ spend as little time as possible thinking about? Always found that they were losing ground lớn competitors who were engaging a younger audience on a more human, emotional cấp độ and dealing with topics like what it means to lớn be a woman.

So they did some retìm kiếm. What they found is that confidence & self-esteem, the cornerstones of the Always brvà, plummet for girls during puberty— twice as much as they vì chưng for boys. There are many reasons why, but one cause is harmful stereotypeswhich label women và girls as "lesser" than men.

Always attempted khổng lồ tackle these stereotypes with this powerful, inspirational ad. They chose YouTube pre-roll ads as their main vehicle to lớn maximise views & reach, accompanied by social posts & influenceroutreach. To date the đoạn phim has been shared over a million times.

5. Squarespace: Make Your Next Move

Video ads aren"t just for awareness at the top of the funnel. They can be used khổng lồ target your leads at any stage in their buyer"s journey, as Squarespace show with style.

It"s part gorgeous visuals, part case study, và it features a snapshot of the story behind one of their customers. While this kind of ad wouldn"t necessarily work for those unfamiliar with the Squarespace brvà, it"s a great way to build social proof and stay top of mind for those who"ve sầu already engaged with the company in some capacity. A retargeting chiến dịch is the ideal way to promote this type of đoạn Clip ad.

The campaign culminated in a Superbowl ad - see all the ads in the series here.

If you"re looking for a confident, consistent brand that uses đoạn phim advertising to lớn connect with leads at all stages of the funnel, look no further than Squarespace.

6. Burger King: Pre-roll

Sometimes just poking fun at what you"re trying lớn bởi can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to advertising, especially when viewers are so savvy. Enter Burger King.

The fast food chain kind of wanted to lớn have their cake and eat it too, which is why this ad chiến dịch exists. Each Clip simultaneously bemoans YouTube ads while also being one itself (và even managing to lớn sneak in a reference to the company"s stunner meal deal).

But as a true testament khổng lồ how far Burger King were willing to go, there are an incredible 64 variations in this campaign. The videos reference a raft of things that viewer might have sầu been wanting lớn watch on YouTube before the ad started playing, including film trailers, Jimmy Fallon clips, music videos & even "graphic animal attacks". It"s a clever bit of targeting using Google AdWords" ability to play ads before specific YouTube videos based on content & keywords.

Since Burger King were looking to lớn reach young men in New Zeal&, they picked some of the most popular & trending videos in the country lớn advertise alongside. So it"s no surprise why the ads make reference khổng lồ All Blacks highlights và screaming goats.

7. Volvo Trucks: The Technician

Volvo Trucks ran an ad campaign with the goal of getting up cthua thảm và personal with their products while retaining something of a Hollywood flair. This is the result.

It"s one in a series of videos called Live sầu Tests. As the name suggests, each one features an incredible live stunt showing off the features of Volvo"s trucks as performed by trained professionals. You"ve probably heard of its bigger, more popular brother The Epic Split.

All of the videos are noteworthy stunts with huge visual appeal & an engaging story. Volvo were looking to lớn gain awareness from the chiến dịch, but not necessarily numbers of views: they were more interested in real engagement from their potential customers. That"s why the video clip above is so interesting, because it generated exactly the response the company was looking for from potential customers (excitement, disbelief, admiration).

With a fairly weak advertising budget, Volvo knew their YouTube ads could only take them so far. They backed them up with a clever truyền bá strategy that involved sending out plenty of information about the stunts lớn encourage industry bloggers và news truyền thông media to watch the videos too.

Round-up: Keep Your Brvà Top of Mind with Video Advertising

And we"re done! Those were 7 examples of video advertising campaigns that grab their audience"s attention, keep them engaged & ultimately manage khổng lồ mô tả their message.

Video ads are just one part of a full Clip nội dung sale strategy that should cover how đoạn phim nội dung works to lớn tư vấn your goals throughout the sale funnel. It should also include a healthy phối of paid, earned and owned kinds of video— so you can cover all your bases when it comes lớn reaching your target audience consistently & comprehensively.

How lớn Run a Video Advertising Campaign

Create powerful đoạn Clip adverts that connect with your leads all across the kinh doanh funnel.

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Download our guide for the three major stages khổng lồ investing in smart đoạn Clip advertising campaigns, plus examples lớn inspire you.