How To Upload Hd Video To Facebook

By changing one setting, you can start uploading videos and photos in HD when using the Facebook app on Android or iPhone.

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When uploading photos or videos lớn Facebook using the thiết bị di động phầm mềm, it defaults to lớn standard unique. Frankly, most people would probably prefer lớn upload standard chất lượng photos và videos, particularly if they"re using their di động data to lớn vị so.

If you"re a pixel peeper and would rather upload the best chất lượng possible, you can do that by changing a setting in the phầm mềm. The process is slightly different depending on whether you"re an Android or iOS user.

Here"s how khổng lồ upload HD videos on Facebook, as well as photos.

Screenshot of the iOS Facebook Settings menu
Facebook iOS Media and contacts setting section
Upload photos & videos in HD on Facebook for iOS
If you have an iOS device, there"s a specific setting inside the Facebook app that you should enable to start uploading HD videos and photos on Facebook. Follow the steps below.

Tap the menu ibé with three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner. Go to Settings và Privacy & tap the arrow lớn expand the menu. Choose Settings. Scroll down to Media and Contacts, and tap Videos & photos. To upload videos in HD, toggle on Video upload HD under Video và photo settings. For high unique phokhổng lồ uploads, toggle on Phokhổng lồ upload HD.

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Facebook Android settings menu
On Android, the process is slightly different because the thực đơn ibé is located in the top right-hvà corner—rather than at the bottom.

Here"s how to upload a high unique đoạn phim to Facebook on Android, along with photos.

Tap the menu icon in the top right corner. Go khổng lồ Settings và Privacy > Settings. Scroll down to lớn the Media và Contacts section và select Media & contacts. To upload HD đoạn phim, toggle Upload videos in HD on. To upload HD photos, toggle Upload photos in HD on.

If you bởi prefer khổng lồ upload HD Clip, we"d definitely recommend doing it over WiFi given the time & expense that can be involved with uploading a large file using your data.

Once you"ve saved the settings, every video clip you post on Facebook via the sản phẩm điện thoại tiện ích will upload in the highest unique.

If you want to lớn save videos you"ve sầu seen online, check out this guide on how lớn save or download videos from Facebook.

Uploading High Quality Visuals on the Facebook Web Version

If you use Facebook on your computer, there"s no tutorial for uploading high chất lượng videos. This is because Facebook will automatically upload videos in HD if you use it on these devices. Of course, you need to ensure that the đoạn Clip or photo lớn you want to upload is of a high enough unique.

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Uploading HD Visuals khổng lồ Facebook Is Easy

Uploading HD videos khổng lồ Facebook, as well as other forms of visual content, helps you get the most out of the social truyền thông platsize. For instance, uploading videos is a great way khổng lồ grow a presence on the platsize và engage your audience.

Besides that, it"s also more pleasing on the eye for other users. If you"re serious about getting good with Facebook, you might also want to lớn consider learning how to lớn go live on the platsize, how to send high quality videos on Facebook Messenger, & more.

How lớn Add & Remove sầu Shortcuts on Facebook If you don"t want shortcut icons clogging up your app, here"s how to add or remove them on Facebook.

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