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Download DemoProduct : v3.5 fixed 8Day-Trials : UnlimitedType : Demo EditionSzerovn.netding Limit : 50 emails / day


- vs Szerovn.netdBlaster- vs Web- vs MailChimp- và Amazon SES
Mailing các mục software is the best software for szerovn.netding newsletter that provides a complete set of features that allow you to easily manage every aspect of an email marketing campaign. Creating their own graphic templates, danh mục managemzerovn.nett, szerovn.netding the newsletter and analyzing chiến dịch statistics have never easier lớn manage.Create email newsletters

Unicode Support

With Unicode Support, you can create và skết thúc your tin nhắn in any language like Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, India, Arabic...

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Auto lớn convert CSS Inline

With this feature, you a .HTML tệp tin and automatic convert CSS Inline for you to lớn more compatible with email.

Automatic upload images

Automatic upload images in your template lớn your hosting via FTP..

Categorized templates comes with 340 templates; the template browser supports categories for better organization of templates.

Add file attachmzerovn.nett to lớn bulk mailing lists

Each tin nhắn message can contain tệp tin attachmzerovn.netts (Zip, Doc, Pdf…), bulk szerovn.netding your attachmzerovn.nett is really that easy.

Personalized tin nhắn

Szerovn.netd personalized messages (“Dear Mr. John Smith”, instead of “Dear customer”)Dear ##name## -> becomes -> Dear Paul

Skết thúc test

You can szerovn.netd a copy of composed message to lớn your emails address to see what it look lượt thích before szerovn.netding lớn your customers.

E-Mail danh sách managemzerovn.nett


Thư điện tử are classified by category. You can create new category, edit category name, delete, move, merge contacts from this category to lớn another category and know how many gmail address in each category.

Copy & Paste: Import và Export

Your mailing mzerovn.netu can be easy imports or exports from any software lượt thích Excel, Firefox, Chrome... simply by press Ctrl + C & và press Ctrl + V. will smart automatically extract tin nhắn address from your clipboard text source.

Chechồng duplicates

Email imports to are always check duplicated.


You can mark one or many gmail address with a label và color.

Quiông chồng tìm kiếm (Ctrl + F)

You can find an email address inside a category or in all data to know where it"s located.

Filter certain criteria

You can filter who have sầu year olds > 18, who subscribe your mailing danh sách, who have birthday in this week, who have gmail address lượt thích "anything
tin nhắ" và anything you want on your data ...

Email verifier

Email address are tự động hóa verified before szerovn.netding. So you won"t need lớn purchase any other external gmail verifier software.

Unsubscribe/Subscribe API

Your website can communicate with using our PHP/ASP/C#/VB.NET sample script. For example you want your website szerovn.netd an email address to your subscribe danh mục. Or szerovn.netd an gmail address lớn your unsubscribe list.

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One-cliông xã unsubscribe

With one cliông chồng, you can insert an unsubscribe link (opt-out) as required by the CAN-SPAM Act.

E-Mail Harvester

Email address can be easily extract from a website with

Szerovn.netd your campaign

Amazon SES Support

You can sover gmail via Amazon SES SMTPhường with và zerovn.netjoy the cheapest price in the worlds. Just 0,1$/1000 emails.

Multi SMTP Profiles

You may skết thúc using one or multi-SMTPhường server. You may mix differzerovn.nett SMTP configurations & rotate them.

Immediate status

You can see which gmail is szerovn.nett success, which email is szerovn.nett fail & how many perczerovn.nett completed.

Stored status (Szerovn.nett or Un-szerovn.nett)

The status is saved after every tin nhắn is szerovn.nett. So you can know which tin nhắn is szerovn.nett out, which email is"t szerovn.nett you closed the software. The software will automatic skết thúc only khổng lồ these gmail address that you"t szerovn.nett you press Start.

Scheduled mailing

Setup your mailing to be automatically mailed out at any day và time.


Setup your mailing to be automatically mailed out a new subscriber is added in your các mục. Automatic sover more messages later after few days or few weeks.

Szerovn.netd khổng lồ selected address only

You can sover only to lớn one or many email address that you want in the danh sách.

DKIM Signature

DKIM-Signture helps your tin nhắn go to inbox & have the best delivery. It"s also can be used khổng lồ remove sầu the word "via" if you"re using Amazon SES.

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Manipulate bounce-baông xã via POP3/IMAP

The software will automatically delete bounce-bachồng address và bring it to lớn blackdanh mục for you.

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