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Thank you for choosing Cốc Cốc browser. Also known as "Cờ Rôm+", Cốc Cốc browser is the sản phẩm of Cốc Cốc Company Ltd, made in Vietnam giới & based on Chromium open-source code (Cốc Cốc website browser hereinafter referred to as " Cốc Cốc"). Cốc Cốc provides you products, software và services (referred to collectively as the "Services"), under a condition that you agree and comply the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. ("Terms of Service")


Terms of Service defines obligatory terms when you use Cốc Cốc Services. Terms "You" and/or "User" are used lớn refer khổng lồ those who use Cốc Cốc Services. Please read carefully & save this Terms of Service. By downloading the software & using our Services, You agree lớn follow the obligations within this Terms of Service. If You vì chưng not agree with this Terms of Service, You should stop using Cốc Cốc Services.

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You acknowledge & agree that between you and Cốc Cốc there is no venture, partnership, employment relationship or agency relationship based on these Terms of Service or based on Your use of Cốc Cốc Services.

We impliment this Terms of Service in accordance with the applicable law và there is no Content in this Terms of Service obstructing the Cốc Cốc’s rights to comply with regulations, requests of the Government, court, law implementation agencies that are relevant khổng lồ the use of Cô´c Cô´c Services or information we receive or collect from your use of Services.


Website & Cốc Cốc services are offered on non-warranty principle, based on the available Services & functional features that bởi not provide any warranty in any forms regardless being referred lớn. Cốc Cốc does not warrant tot You that the operation of software of Cốc Cốc’s Services is uninterrupted or không lấy phí of error.

Cốc Cốc is not responsible for any data, benefit loss or other problems related to the use of Cốc Cốc Services, including but not limited to information, data, document, software, music, sound, image, picture, Clip, message or others (“Content”) that You store, publish, or tải về through the Services. You accept Services of Cốc Cốc with all the potential risks.


Cốc Cốc reserves the right lớn modify/amover any terms within the Terms of Service without any prior notice. Such modification/amendment will take effect once after being updated on following websites: corom.vn, corom.com.vn, zerovn.net. If You continue lớn use our Services after these modifications/amendments, You agree with these modifications/amendments.


You shall use the Cốc Cốc Services accordingly khổng lồ currently implimented Vietnamese Law. All illegal or prohibited activities related to lớn Cốc Cốc Services are not allowed. The illegal/prohibited behaviors when You are using the Cốc Cốc Services are listed below. We reserve the right to lớn investigate và conduct any necessary legal measures khổng lồ anyone violating these terms, including but not limited to anouncing lớn State administrative office, in accordance with decision-making authority of Cốc Cốc.

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4.1. You are not allowed khổng lồ perform the prohibited actions including, but is not limited khổng lồ the advantage of the Internet for the purpose of:

Oppose the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; damage national security, order, social safety, national sodality; propagandize invasion; cause feud, conflict, national discrimination, racism, religious discrimination; Propagandize and rouse violence, obscene, social evils, depravity, superstitiousity; harm fine traditions & customs of the country; Reveal national secrets, military, security, economic, diplomatic secret, and other secrets regulated in the law; Misinsize, slander, và offover the prestige of an organization; the honor, dignity of an individual citizen; Take advantage of the Internet to lớn advertise, propagandize, sale products, Services that are blacklisted by the Law; Violate intellectual property right; Produce and circulate illegal technology products; Create illegal link with domains of organizations, individuals who legally own & use them; Disturb, damage equipment & illegally prsự kiện managing, supplying and using Internet Services và electronic information on the Internet; Steal và use illegally passwords, security codes và other information of an organization and individual on the Internet; Create & install harmful computer vi khuẩn programs, software; commit an illegal action as according to the Information công nghệ Law;

4.2. The following acts shall be considered abusive Cốc Cốc and are prohibited:

Make anouncements about Cốc Cốc browser calling it Chrome or using any other name that is not related lớn the real name of Cốc Cốc; Pay any other third partiy in a cooperative program of advertising revenue from clicks of Cốc Cốc browser users, but not allowing Cốc Cốc to lớn participate in that cooperative program; Bloông xã Cốc Cốc browser or make a false announcement that Cốc Cốc browser is not supported; Prevent downloading Cốc Cốc browser.

Any person (or company) who commit one of the acts from section 4.2, within 10 working days of each month, will have sầu to pay lớn Cốc Cốc a cốt truyện of the advertising revenue received from the clicks (clicks) of the Cốc Cốc browser users, in equivalent of VND 1,000 (one thousvà Vietnamese dong) / 01 cliông chồng. If the person (or company) that violated the payment terms written above, will be fined 1% of the value for each day of the late payment.


When using Cốc Cốc Services, you must follow terms and perform obligation within the Services:

You verify và agree that Cốc Cốc is willing to provide You with Services under the term of responsibility lớn You & the third parties. You agree that You are the only person who is in charge of compensation và all complaints, impeaching lớn Cốc Cốc caused by the termination of use that are related to all violations of all terms of Services.

You agree khổng lồ protect, pay compensation for Cốc Cốc as well as associated companies và staffs, directors, workers, agencies, representatives, information providers, and certificate providing offices from damage caused by complaints, conflicts, impeaching, damage, loss or juridical judgments, including but not limited to payments for lawyers, related to or caused by the violation of this Terms of Service or by your use of Services or any individuals who use the Services through You or your computer. Cốc Cốc keeps the right by its expenses, ensuring fully the protection and control (without having responsibility) for all the problems as such according lớn your compensation.


To understvà the mechanism of securing user private information, please refer lớn the Cốc Cốc Privacy Policy on our trang web. This policy will explain the process of acquiring, processing & protecting user information. When you install & use this browser, you agree to lớn abide by the Cốc Cốc Privacy Policy.

8.2. According to lớn this term, Cốc Cốc respects & does not disposse your right of ownership or other rights to lớn sover, publish online, transfer or display in our browser. You agree lớn be responsible for the protection và implementation of those rights, và Cốc Cốc will not be responsible for the implementation of these rights on your behalf unless there is an agreement between You & Cốc Cốc.


9.1. Amendment This Terms of Service are modified và explained appropriately in accordance with Vietnamese Law. If there are any terms in this Terms of Service that are illegal, invalid or cannot be implemented for any reason, such terms will removed from this Terms of Service and bởi vì not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Service.

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9.2. Termination This Terms of Service will be valid until they are terminated by either You or Cốc Cốc in cases listed below:

Termination by You: You can terminate this Terms of Service by not using Services of Cốc Cốc. Termination by Cốc Cốc: Terms of Service will be terminated immediately without prior notice if (i) as decided by Cốc Cốc. If You vị not follow any of the terms in this Terms of Service or (ii) Law or decision of Government, Court, law implementation office require Cốc Cốc lớn terminate the Terms of Service

After the termination, You shall delete all information, documents received from Cốc Cốc or other websites of Cốc Cốc, as well as copies or the information or document despite being created by regulations of this Terms of Service or of other regulations.

9.3. Contacts
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