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The original intent for the Facebook bạn page was lớn get non-fans khổng lồ cliông xã the Like button.

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Most welcome pages still exist primarily to lớn fulfill this purpose, but large companies have started to lớn dabble with more creative sầu uses of the almighty welcome page.

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Here’s trăng tròn of the best designed Facebook bạn & welcome pages in terms of how well they convert and how creatively they’re promoting their brand.

Bob Marley

I included the Bob Marley welcome page because it doesn’t ask you khổng lồ “Like” Bob Marley. It asks you to join a movement that Bob Marley dedicated his career towards promoting, “One Love”.



The Coca-Cola bạn page emphasizes the “Like” button with a simple, 5-word call-to-action. It coincides with their lachạy thử “The Secret is Out There” YouTube campaign & they creatively incorporate tín đồ photos as well.



What better way to promote a board game than to lớn showcase YouTube videos of real people playing the game và clearly enjoying themselves? This isn’t Cranium’s welcome page, but it’s a creative sầu use of pages lớn help promote the fun nature of their brvà.



Eminem is the second most-liked page on Facebook (behind, you guessed it, Facebook). It spotlights his lathử nghiệm music videos, but before you can play them, you need to “Like” the page.


Gary Vaynerchuk

If you read zerovn.net, you probably know Gary. But most people don’t. So the first question his Facebook page answers is, “Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?” It’s a creative sầu way lớn tell Gary’s story as well as make you think, “This guy is worth becoming a fan of.”


Get 10K Fans

Brian Moran’s Get 10,000 Fans is one of the world’s most interesting Facebook case studies. His welcome page is simple, highly effective sầu, và you get the sense that it’s the tip of the iceberg as far as how much there is to lớn learn from hyên ổn và his page.


Jones Soda

The Jones Soda welcome page is simple, well-designed, và captures the essence of the brvà they’ve sầu been building for 24 years.


Kit Kat

Kit Kat is one of the few brands that creatively highlights a “Fan of the month” in their protệp tin picture. They’ve also integrated the Facebook Comments plugin within their người page to capture their visitors when they scroll khổng lồ the bottom of the page.


Liverpool FC

Most người pages use arrows draw attention to lớn the Like button. Liverpool FC, however, uses one of their players lớn point out the button.



McDonald’s uses their welcome page khổng lồ promote their annual McDonald’s Monopoly game by trying to lớn get you khổng lồ play online as well.



With 344,000+ fans, MysteryGutiarMan is one of the most-liked, non-celebrity people in the world. Partly because of how simple his welcome page is. Notice that he included another “Like” button at the bottom.

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Nutella’s người page is my favorite of the bunch. The hàng hóa looks delicious, the arrow points directly to lớn the “Like” button, và “Join our world” makes me want khổng lồ know more about their world.



Porsche’s Facebook page is simple on the surface but they subtlety include transparent images below as though, “once I click ‘Like’ I’ll be able to lớn see what those images are.”



Pringles has one of the older Facebook welcome pages in this menu. All the sparkles make it exciting.


Red Bull

Red Bull uses their welcome page khổng lồ promote an extreme sports movie they’ve created called, The Art of Flight. The trailer is as captivating as their brand.



In terms of design, I think the Skittles Facebook page takes the cake. Similar lớn Kit Kat’s Fan of the month, they have sầu a “Rainbro of the Week.” It’s well-designed, well-branded, & makes them seem cool.



The normal Starbucks welcome page is used to promote their lakiểm tra drinks & specials. But below you’ll find a page where you can sover Starbucks eGift Cards to lớn your friends through Facebook. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the near future.



Starburst uses their welcome page lớn promote the Contradictions Project which is aimed at keeping music in schools.



What? Windows made a “Best Designed” list? Yep. Not so much because of the graphic thiết kế, but because of how they segment their audiences so they can capture up to four new fans with one welcome page.



The Zappos.com fan page is simply gorgeous.


3 Comtháng Facebook Page Elements

Looking back at these examples, I noticed three common elements between most of the pages.

Arrows – Arrows direct your eyes to lớn the most important part of the page, the Like button.Red – 12 of these 20 pages use red as the primary color to grab your attention and create an exciting sense of urgency as though you’re going to lớn miss out if you don’t “Like” the page.Like vs. Join – “Like” implies a one-time encounter while “Join” involves commitment to the brand/movement. You want people khổng lồ join you, not just lượt thích you.

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I hope I’ve sầu inspired và enlightened you as far as what makes a great Facebook bạn page thiết kế.

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