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Toong Phố Minh Khai the fifth Toong co-working space in Vietphái nam, with others lớn open shortly in Cambodia and Laos.

by Linch San

Indochina’s first co-working space chain, Toong, has announced the official launch of its largest facility, Toong Đường Minh Khai, which is designed as a multi-disciplinary platform that fosters self-transformation for community members.

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Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minch City, the opening of Toong Đường Minh Khai sets a new benchmark for what it means to work and live sầu harmoniously within today’s fast-paced, highly-urbanized cities, as Toong continues to lớn rapidly expand its network into Laos and Cambodia, meeting strong demvà in Indochina’s rapidly-growing market.

“We are in the business of nurturing talent & cultivating character, so people can innovate to serve sầu others và make society better,” said Mr. Duong Do, Founder & CEO of Toong. “The opening of Toong Phố Minh Khai allows the vision and mission of our organization lớn become reality.”

Toong Đường Minh Khai covers a total area of 1,700 sq m. Toong has joined hands with the renowned Swiss-based G8A Architects (formerly Group8) khổng lồ infuse greenery, serenity, và a contemporary spirit inkhổng lồ the building while retaining the original soul of its modernist style, making Toong Minh Khai a perfect blover of the unique Vietnamese architectural style & modern thiết kế practices.

This newest facility marks the evolution of Toong’s own sản phẩm offerings since năm ngoái, which goes beyond a network of high-chất lượng, inspirational physical workspaces.

Toong Đường Minh Khai marks the evolution of the co-working space Mã Sản Phẩm. Now, soul-nurturing, human development goals are seriously emphasized và put at the center of the experience, while the “physical space” component now assumes the minor role in the overall sản phẩm offering.

To make this happen, Toong seeks và partners with thought-leading organizations và notable individuals to lớn co-create chất lượng programs, including art therapy, theme-based community dinners, social hackathons, design fairs, and creative conferences, etc., that help participants not only achieve sầu a work-life balance but also explore & realize their potential in many areas: business, arts, giải pháp công nghệ, và lifestyle, etc. The goal is for everyone khổng lồ break through their self-imposed limits, alter normal point of views lớn see things from different angles, and destroy stereotypical perceptions about surroundings in order khổng lồ transsize inkhổng lồ a better version of themselves.

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With the opening of Toong Minh Khai, Toong now has five sầu locations in Vietnam, in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minc City, and is developing four other large-scale locations in four cities and three countries: Vietnam giới, Cambodia, và Laos. By the over of this year, the total area under Toong’s management will exceed 13,000 sq m.

Toong is the first co-working space chain from Indochimãng cầu, providing a modern và high-unique working environment for companies & individuals of all types và sizes: freelancers, startups, small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), và multinational & large corporations.

It has received strategic investment from Openasia và Indochimãng cầu Capital & is a strategic partner of prestigious brands and organizations such as CapitaLvà, United Overseas Bank (UOB), IE-Singapore (International Enterprise Singapore), và Vanguard Hotels, aimed at building an effective entrepreneurial platkhung for individuals and enterprises in Southeast Asia.

In March, it unveiled plans to lớn debut its first location in Cambodia this year. The new outlet, located in the center of Phnom Penh, will bear Khmer cultural elements.

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In February, Toong also announced its partnership with Vietnamese real estate developer the BIM Group khổng lồ launch the first co-working space in the heart of Vientiane, the capital of Laos, called Toong Royal Square, in June.

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