was a popular short-form (15 seconds) video streaming and sharing app, with over 100 million users, up until August 2018. The app allowed users a plethora of music and dialogue options, with which they could lip sync và make funny or entertaining videos.

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The ứng dụng was widely popular with some nội dung creators rising to the hall of fame based on their engaging nội dung on The users shared videos on social truyền thông platforms lượt thích Instagram, further driving the app’s popularity.

However, in August 2018, the phầm mềm was taken over by a Chinese company ByteDance & its users were moved lớn Tik Tok. All of the nội dung and accounts that were present on were automatically transferred to lớn the new Tik Tok ứng dụng.


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Apart from paid partnerships, the brand also benefits from popular social influencers and celebrities who use the platsize. These celebrities help bring in their followers lớn the TikTok ứng dụng.

Localised Content

Another key driving factor in TikTok app’s popularity is the fact that despite being a global ứng dụng, it has a strong focus on localised nội dung. The tiện ích often runs local contests và challenges và captures on local trends through the use of localised hashtags.

TikTok runs the “1 million audition” conkiểm tra across several countries, separately. For each contest, participants are given themes khổng lồ create videos and then the top video clip creators are awarded. This conkiểm tra not only leads khổng lồ the creation of thousands of local videos, for each country where it is held but also helps TikTok creators gain recognition và followers.

One such conkiểm tra held in Russia in September 2018 gained 31,000 video clip entries and millions of views from TikTok users. Thus, it helped promote the tiện ích in the country.

The app also uses local trending hashtags lớn suggest topics for nội dung creation lớn its users. This helps the tiện ích capitalise on local trends and generate viral nội dung for the platkhung. For example, “Seaweed Dance” was a fun đoạn Clip type that went viral in Trung Quốc. Tens of thousands of TikTok users created a Clip on this theme.

TikTok also sends personalised recommendations lớn each of its users. This ensures that TikTok users are always updated on the lademo trending videos and are never out of ideas for video creation.

Using these techniques, TikTok has been able lớn pull off localisation on a global scale.

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Easy Content Creation, Sharing, và Viewing

The TikTop app has simplified đoạn phim creation và sharing and taken it to the next cấp độ. All users have lớn vày is record anything và everything from their daily routines và post it instantly. Due to the short format, neither the video-creation nor the watching process takes much time or effort.

Additionally, this short-size video clip content is played as soon as a user opens the ứng dụng. The videos start playing one-by-one and a viewer gets lost in a sea of fun, entertaining, addictive sầu video nội dung. Due to lớn this addictive sầu nature of the type of content, it is very easy for people to keep watching random videos for hours.

How Can Brands Leverage TikTok?

TikTok does not have any space for traditional display ads and is not even in competition with other social media platforms, in terms of it being a kinh doanh channel. However, due to its fast growth and rising popularity, many brands are now realising the potential of TikTok as a kinh doanh channel.

Several brands have sầu utilised techniques like TikTok challenges và contests to get users to generate brand-related nội dung. Brands are also leveraging hashtags, in a more or less similar fashion as on other social truyền thông media platforms, to promote their TikTok marketing campaigns.

Take, for example, Guess brand’s #InMyDenlặng campaign. On September 1, 2018, the Guess br& took over TikTok và invited all US-based TikTok users lớn their #InMyDenyên ổn hashtag challenge. The conthử nghiệm urged users to lớn create Clip content wearing denim (of course) & using the hashtag. This was the start of TikTok’s brvà partnerships in the US.

Another way in which brands can use TikTok is lớn collaborate with TikTok celebrities lớn create brand-specific promotional content. This will be similar lớn any other influencer collaboration, just with the 15-second TikTok video format.

The Future of TikTok

The current popularity of the TikTok ứng dụng is astonishing but still does not guarantee that it will ever reach the levels achieved by other social networks like Instagram & YouTube. Vine was an extremely popular video-sharing platsize baông xã in the day, but it is completely out of the picture now. And there are many other apps that quickly rose lớn fame & then disappeared.

To maintain its current popularity, TikTok will have sầu khổng lồ keep innovating & finding new ways lớn engage their user base. They will also have to make the platsize more marketing-friendly for brands in order khổng lồ establish the app as a social network that is going lớn stay.

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With more brands looking khổng lồ TikTok lớn further expand their social media sale reach, TikTok is on the right traông chồng. If it is able to capitalise on br& engagements, it is sure khổng lồ grow further và may even be able lớn compete with other social truyền thông platforms.


In a nutshell, TikTok is a fun, entertaining, and addictive tiện ích which has seen a surge in popularity in the last few months. TheTik Tok app also has the potential khổng lồ become the next big kinh doanh và social networking platform. However, how the tiện ích creators leverage this potential and maintain the current popularity of the app, has yet lớn be seen. What type of TikTok content are you addicted to?

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