A trang đích cần seo is meant lớn get your visitors to lớn take action. Whether you want them to lớn sign up for your newsletter, book a discovery hotline or kiểm tra out your lakiểm tra blog posts, the goal is khổng lồ get them to the most important page on your site that aligns with your business goals.

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WordPress has numerous miễn phí landingpage themes that are suitable for all kinds of industries. In this post, we’ve rounded up the best landing page WordPress themes that will help you convert visitors into lớn subscribers and clients.

If you’re looking for không tính phí WordPress themes for businesses take a look at this collection.

Zakra WordPress Theme (Free)

The Zakra theme is a flexible and lightweight WordPress theme with multiple thử nghiệm options. The theme is fully responsive & offers several widgets for promoting your services, Hotline lớn actions, & testimonials.


ShopIsle Ecommerce Theme (Free)

Try the ShopIsle theme if you need a landingpage theme for your online store. The theme makes it easy lớn display the most popular products in several categories. It was optimized to lớn load fast and offers tons of customization options.


Coeus – Cryptocurrency Landing Page Theme (Envato lớn Elements)

Consider the Coeus WordPress theme if you have an agency that deals with cryptocurrencies. This theme offers 6 quality designs, unlimited color styles, và an advanced theme options panel that makes it easy to lớn make this theme truly your own.


Book Landing Page WordPress Theme (Free)

The Book Landing Page is a beautiful WordPress theme that’s perfect for creating a landing page for your book. The trang chủ page was designed to lớn increase leads & purchase of the book. The theme is easy to use và customize.


SingleApp – One-Page Landing Theme (Free)

Use the SingleApp WordPress theme to lớn quickly build a trang đích cần seo for your ứng dụng. The theme has all the necessary features needed to increase the number of app downloads và sales và it also features an attractive và responsive sầu kiến thiết.


OneEngine One-Page WordPress Theme (Free)

The OneEngine theme has a multipurpose kiến thiết which means it’s suitable as a landing page for any industry. The theme makes it easy lớn showcase your services, build trust with testimonials, and add Điện thoại tư vấn khổng lồ actions that let visitors get in touch with you.

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Focus High-Converting Landing Page WordPress Theme (Envakhổng lồ Elements)

The Focus theme is yours when you sign up for Envato lớn Elements monthly subscription. The theme was designed with conversions in mind và offers features such as responsive sầu thiết kế, SEO optimization, an easy khổng lồ use page builder, & much more.


Clarimãng cầu – One-Page Business WordPress Theme (Free)

Clarimãng cầu is a không tính phí và beautiful one page trang đích WordPress theme, with a flat & clean kiến thiết paired with an elegant parallax effect. The theme integrates with several popular plugins such as WooCommerce, SiteOrigin Page Builder, and more.


BB sản phẩm điện thoại Application Landing Theme (Free)

This theme is another great choice when you’re trying lớn build hype around your latest app. The theme makes it easy to showcase phầm mềm features và is fully responsive sầu as well as customizable.


Pixova Lite (Free)

The Pixova Lite theme is a great choice for businesses, corporations, and agencies that want a high-converting design. The theme offers plenty of space to lớn showcase your offerings and establish your authority through testimonials & client logos.


Screenr – One-Page Parallax WordPress Theme (Free)

The Screenr is a perfect choice if you want a simple, one-page landing theme. The theme has a clean design with flexible header và navigation areas. It also offers custom widgets & advanced typography options.


Landing Pagency – Minimal One-Page Landing Page (Free)

The Landing Pagency is a minimal one page theme designed with consulting businesses, corporate companies or startups in mind. The theme offers responsive sầu kiến thiết and SEO optimized features as well as custom widgets, headers, and more.


Aprimo – thiết bị di động & App Landing WordPress Theme (Envato lớn Elements)

The Aprimo theme is a creative sầu & modern theme suitable for app landing pages. The theme comes with 9 homepage variations, WooCommerce integration, và variable content sections that facilitate page customization.

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A well-designed trang đích will vày wonders for your business và help you turn casual visitors and readers into loyal customers và subscribers. As you can see from the above sầu, there is no shortage of beautiful landingpage themes for WordPress. Browse through our selection to lớn find the trang đích theme for your site and get more leads and sales.

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