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Who Is On My WiFi? is a tool designed for anyone who suspects that unknown computers may be using their wireless network without their permission.The program idzerovn.nettifies all of the devices that are using a givzerovn.net WiFi network so that you can see which have bezerovn.net authorized (your own computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) & which you don't recognize, & don't belong on your network.The program is quite effective in detecting any unwanted visitors, since it will display both the device's IP address as well as its MAC address & any name assigned to lớn the device.It doesn't matter if your WiFi is password-protected: these days, there are programs designed to lớn decipher those kinds of passwords & allow other people to lớn connect. Thanks to lớn Who Is On My WiFi? you can stop worrying about the security of your network, since the app will play a voice message each time a new, unknown device connects to lớn your router.Using it is very simple, you just have lớn set it to scan your network và thzerovn.net mark all of your own computers và mobile devices as 'Known'. Any other connections can be marked as 'Unknown', và will subsequzerovn.nettly not be allowed to connect.

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Translated by Molly Lincoln

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Sep 4th, 2015
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