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It has been just over 1 month since I first posted a reply lớn the feedback on iMindMap 5 launch. During that time the entire team has worked tirelessly to lớn deliver on a promise I made, that we are listening khổng lồ you.

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I think that point is worth making again, iMindMap 5 is not just a sản phẩm we sell lớn you. It is a product where our customers will actively shape its future, & where we as a company can work with you to lớn create the best thinking tool on the planet!

Our goal is simple, we want khổng lồ increase the mental literacy of the world. It is no small goal và one we know we can only vì chưng by making positive sầu steps. When we launched iMindMap 5 we committed to giving away iMindMap Basic for không tính tiền. When I last posted, we updated the software with some very early fixes & committed to lớn acting based directly on what you said. Now you can see the results.


We have, just moments ago, released iMindMap 5.1 which can be downloaded from within your trương mục for a full install or retrieved via the in-product software update for existing users.

If you are using the in-product software update, please be aware that the update will be done in two parts, so you will need lớn go through the process twice.

This features:

Improved Loading Speed

We have reworked some of the core of how the application starts up. This means the first time you run the application after an update it will configure itself for your computer but after that it should boot a lot faster.

Our tests show it loads on average 53% faster, but more importantly we have sầu isolated out some boundary cases that caused large loading delays for certain users.

Export Image khổng lồ PDF


Although we already supported JPEG và PNG formats, a lot of users requested the ability to lớn export an image in a PDF format. You asked for it, so we did it!

Floating Text


I’ll be honest here, our retìm kiếm prior to iMindMap 5 showed this was not a popular feature, & in some testing it confused people, but we have sầu reworked the mã sản phẩm khổng lồ get this feature bachồng in exactly as people have sầu requested. You can add multiple floating text items và these are ignored by SmartLayout, so they can be positioned where you like, as titles, footers or for jotting down ideas quickly.

The only problem is that users of previous version of iMindMap 5 will not be able lớn open maps created in 5.1. We have updated 5.1 khổng lồ show a warning when opening unsupported files, but this was not in previous versions so just make sure you update (which, of course, is free).

Learn more about this by watching this Clip.

Floating Images

Along with floating text we have sầu added floating images. Again these are ignored by SmartLayout, so can be used as a company biểu tượng logo for instance.

Drag & Drop Changes

We have sầu ensured the new floating items work with drag and drop flawlessly. We have also spent time reworking MultiMapping, as a lot of people have said they are unintentionally making MultiMaps when panning around the canvas. This does mean if you want to lớn create a MultiMap from an existing branch, you will need khổng lồ use the Alt key to pull the branch off. If you preferred creating MultiMaps without the Alt key you can always change this under the advanced preferences in iMindMap.

The Alt key also does some other clever things with drag and drop:

Drag floating text to lớn branch – Text is applied to branchDrag floating text to branch with Alt – New child branch is created, text is applied lớn child.Drag branch image to space with Alt – It becomes a floating imageDrag branch khổng lồ space with Alt – It becomes a MultiMap

From this you can see how the Alt key for MultiMaps fits in with the pattern and gives you a lot more power, but if you lượt thích how it currently works we have that preference for you.

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Relative sầu Linking


As featured in our recent blog on creating a document management system some users wish lớn create Mind Maps that link lớn documents around them in the tệp tin system, based on where they save sầu the iMindMap tệp tin. This type of linking is called relative linking and has been enabled as an option in the Advanced section of the Preferences. If you enable this all new link will be created relative to lớn the iMindMap tệp tin. On Save, all old links will be processed khổng lồ be relative sầu to where you save the file, perfect for those of you who use iMindMap in this way.

Visual Branch Ordering

As requested we have brought back the ability lớn visually see the order of the branches on your Mind Map using number icons. Under the Show & Hide thực đơn you can toggle this option on. If you clichồng on any items it will jump lớn the outline panel where you can reorder items via the right click or simple drag và drop.

Improved Printing Support

We have sầu updated the printing systems lớn tư vấn more features (margins, headers và footers) & have sầu also fixed issues related to lớn the loading of printers. More specifically we have sầu reworked our support for network printers not being available và paper sizes being remix prior khổng lồ printing.

Improved Presentation Support

We have fixed some of the layout issues in the Presentation View, as well as adding tư vấn for rendering of the new floating items.

Improved Project View

We have sầu fixed bugs in the Project View related khổng lồ the rendering of predecessors và also added right click menus so you can add, edit and remove tasks from within the Project View.

Improved Export Ordering

All exports, where applicable, now fully respect the ordering from the Outline panel.

Better Platsize Support

In certain cases, users with non-admin privileges have had issues in running iMindMap. Usually this is related khổng lồ non-standard computer setups. 5.1 will feature a lot of improvements in its permission handling that should address the majority of these concerns.

Other bug fixes

We have sầu also been hard at work in fixing a lot of tiny issues that have sầu arisen since the launch of iMindMap 5. This includes work on developing language packs for iMindMap 5, so if you want lớn be a part of this please read up on this post to find out how you can help us get iMindMap out to lớn as many people as possible.

As I have said, iMindMap 5 is about developing the best thinking tool on the planet. We have sầu worked tirelessly to lớn develop 5.1 based directly on what our users were saying và are committed khổng lồ continue on this path, watch this space for news on 5.2!



To get the iMindMap 5.1 update…

If you already have sầu iMindMap 5 installed, simply go to lớn the the Tools tab (on a Windows) or the Help tab (on a Mac) and select Updates. Please repeat the process after restarting iMindMap as the update will be done in two parts.

If you haven’t yet got your copy of iMindMap 5, you can tải về a không tính phí trial from the website, or purchase a copy today.

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Any questions & our Support Team will be more than happy lớn help.

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