How to clear your cookies in chrome, firefox, edge, safari or opera

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What is is a Firefox web browser extension/add-on. If you have multiple logins for website based e-mail accounts (lượt thích Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Facebook, etc), then enables you to easily switch between those different accounts by creating multiple "profiles" that can be easily changed which will "swap" the "cookies" that the sites use lớn know you.

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Cheông xã out the Firefox Add-on Page.

The menus are in the Nagivation Toolbar & the Status Bar (A.K.A. the "Add-On Bar") of the Firefox browser và lets you quickly swap profiles. For more information on customizing the toolbar inhỏ see this page.


Comtháng uses allows you lớn swap all your cookies out of the browser"s memory và swap in a new set of cookies. This is useful for tasks like:

Changing your cookies/identity to website e-mail sites (like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) so that you can quickly look lượt thích different users. Nice if you maintain multiple e-mail accounts and are tired of logging out & then back in lớn switch accounts. Also nice if two people are using the same computer and want khổng lồ switch between accounts quickly. Changing your cookies/identity lớn see how sites like Amazon & Google treat you differently depending on who you are. For example, if Amazon recognizes you as a returning shopper they give sầu you a different looking page (và there were claims that they give you different prices also). Google has begun lớn use a feature called "Personalized Search", where they modify their tìm kiếm resultsbased on your user identity. There is a question about this when you create your Google account. The results ofGoogle searches are different depending on if Google knows you or not. Use to lớn quickly swap betweenGoogle recognizing you and being anonymous. Run the same search & see the differences.

NOTE: does NOT store your username/password anywhere. Instead keeps the "cookies" that are stored in the browser that tell the web site who you are. This means works with any web site (Yahoo, Gmail, Amazon, Facebook, etc).

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What are cookies?

There are numerous sites out there that do a great job explaining cookies (like Cookie Central), but from my prospective they are just littlepieces of information that website sites store on your computer/browser to lớn identify you. Sometimes they are nice(when you tell web sites lượt thích Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc lớn "rethành viên you" so that you don"t need lớn loginevery time you visit the site) and sometimes they are bad (since they allow website sites lớn "track" your activities at their sites & other sites). Often, users want to delete cookies (using the cookie manager or a nice extension like "Add & Edit Cookies") & thiết lập privacy settingsfor cookies (using another nice extension lượt thích "CookieCuller"). does not try to replace these extensions, but instead it allows you to temporarily change out all your cookies to lớn quickly change your identity to website sites.

The entire story

Bachồng in 2005, I created this extension to solve sầu the problem my wife & I were having with our website based e-mail accounts. My wife & I use the same computer in our kitchen & we both have website e-mail accounts (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc) & every time I sit down at the computer, my wife is logged-in khổng lồ her tài khoản. I end up logging her out và then I login. She experiences the same thing when she then sits down.We tried a few solutions to lớn allow us to both be logged in to lớn our own web e-mail trương mục at the sametime on the same computer (like multiple OS logins, etc) but none proved to lớn be igiảm giá khuyến mãi...enter

By creating, I finally had a solution that enabled me lớn sit down at the computer, "swap" lớn my profile in the browser và ...BOOM, now I"m logged-in to lớn my Gmail trương mục. My wife sits down và swaps to lớn her protệp tin và BOOM, now she"s logged-in.

Since 2005, my needs have sầu changed a bit, but I still make use of My wife và I actually usually run multiple Firefox protệp tin instances at the same time, but I still use to change between my multiple Gmail and other web accounts. also enables me to see what sites would look like if they didn"t know it was me (like Amazon"s front page looks totally different if it knows it is you versus not knowing who is browsing).

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Other potential uses?

Please let me know if you think this type of extension would be useful to lớn you, either in the ways I"ve explained above or in some other manner that I haven"t considered. Please skết thúc ideas to lớn the mailing list( or directly to me via the Contact Info liên kết on the left...thanks!-Steve

Future features under consideration

-Creating blacklist/whitecác mục rules for which site"s cookies should be swapped và which ones should be kept across all profiles.-Maintain cookie privacy settings (set using another nice extension lượt thích "CookieCuller") with each profile so one protệp tin could be ultra paranoid while another profile is wide open to lớn allow all cookies-Support publishing cookies to lớn a site so that they can be synced across numerous machines used by one user (not sure if this is even a good idea)-Any suggestions?Enjoy!-Steven Tine
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