How to submit a url or website to search engines


The latest report released in 20trăng tròn suggests that Google has over 86% mô tả of the overall search traffic.

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So, as a website owner, ignoring Google is definitely not a good idea. This is the platsize your target audience uses the most.

But before all this, Google needs to index your pages.

How can you submit individual URLs khổng lồ Google so that it indexes these pages as quickly as possible?

This article only talks about how to lớn get your URLs indexed on Google. If you want lớn rank those pages, just contact us online or hit us on the live chat below.


Why is it Important khổng lồ Have sầu a Page Indexed?

Unless your website pages are indexed on Google, it won’t be visible in the tìm kiếm results.

So, even if you update your site regularly with new blog posts và articles when there’s no indexing, people won’t be able khổng lồ find your content even if it matches their search query.

This means no improvement in traffic, & as a result, there will be a decreased site visibility.


How lớn Submit Your URL to Google?

So, I guess you have already made your website live.


Are you unable lớn find the pages on Google? That’s the last thing you want.

Don’t worry. Most new websites face the same hardship.

But this has straightforward solutions.

This is exactly what I’m going to lớn discuss in this article.

There are two easy ways khổng lồ submit URLs to lớn Google.

Using Sitemaps


Request Crawl Option


Using Sitemaps for Submitting URLs khổng lồ Google

One of the most widely used methods for submitting URLs lớn Google is using a sitemaps.

Since the search console was introduced, Google has been requesting the webmasters to lớn submit the sitebản đồ for better indexability và crawlability.

A sitebản đồ can be created using three different formats.

XML Sitemaps

XML is one of the most commonly used formats for creating a sitemap.

The abbreviation XML stands for Extended Markup Language, and it is easy khổng lồ create.

You don’t even need professional help to lớn create one.

If you are running a WordPress trang web, all you need khổng lồ bởi vì is install the Yoast SEO plugin.


It automatically creates an error-không tính tiền sitemap with all the URLs you need Google to lớn Index.

In case you don’t want to lớn vị this, you can use any of the online sitebản đồ generator tools lớn create a sitemap for your website.

Just upload the sitemaps on your VPS, và done.

RSS, mRSS, và Atom 1.0 Sitemaps

If you are a publisher with a lot of content added every day, the best format for you would be these.

Just enable the RSS feeds on your website & submit the URL to lớn the Search Console sitebản đồ.


Google News publishers are already using this feature.

Google wants publishers to lớn submit RSS feed URLs in the News Publisher Central so that the pages are indexed as soon as they are made live sầu.

Plain Text Sitemaps

This is possibly the easiest way lớn submit your URLs to lớn Google for indexing.

You just need khổng lồ create a .txt tệp tin with each URL you want lớn index.

Ensure that you are adding just one URL per line.


Once you have sầu all the URLs, submit it in the sitebản đồ section of the search console.

Keep these in mind while creating your Plain Text Sitemap.

Use UTF-8 encoding while saving the file.Ensure that there is nothing other than the URLs in the tệp tin.There are no constraints with the tệp tin name. However, ensure that the extension is .txtDifferent Types of Sitebản đồ Extensions

If you want to know more about sitemaps and the importance it has on SEO, read our in-depth article.

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Request Crawl Option for URL Submission

Google has been generous lớn the webmasters.

Rightly so because the whole tìm kiếm works based on the chất lượng of the pages they submit khổng lồ Google.

That’s why Google has another option in addition to the Sitemaps so that you can submit the URLs – Request Crawl.


The request crawl option is not an alternative khổng lồ sitemaps.

However, if you want quiông chồng indexing of the URL, this feature of Google comes in very handy.

In the earlier version of the Search Console, this feature was dubbed as Fetch as Google, but in the new version, Google has made significant improvements.

The new Search Console displays the reason why some pages are not indexed, giving you an option lớn fix it.

Now that you different ways to lớn submit bulk URLs khổng lồ Google, let’s put it into practice:

Submitting URL To Google Search Console

If you have sầu created a new website, Search Console is the best không tính phí URL submission tool at your disposal lớn give a heads-up khổng lồ Google that you exist.

To use the Search Console, you have to first verify your trang web by placing an authoritarian code.

Consider this as the first thing khổng lồ vày after the site launch.

Steps for Submitting Bulk URLs Through Google Search Console

Step 1: Add Your Website on Google Search Console.


Step 2: Create a sitemap for your site (XML, RSS, or Plain Text).

Step 3: Upload your sitemaps lớn Google Search Console.


Step 4: Fix errors, if any, và resubmit if necessary.

How lớn Submit a New URL khổng lồ Google?

Consider that you have already submitted the sitemap on Google, and most of the pages are indexed.

You published a new page that has time-bound information.

You cannot wait for Google crawlers & need immediate crawling và indexing.

That’s when you can use yet another handy feature within the search console – URL Inspection Tool.

If you have used the old search console, it had a “Submit URL” feature.

However, when Google updated the tìm kiếm console in 2018, it integrated this feature with the URL Inspection Tool.

The URL Inspection Tool allows you to lớn kiểm tra whether a URL has been indexed in Google.

Additionally, you can also check for the various other important details, including the Schema enhancements và indexability of the URL.

You can submit the new URL by hitting the Request Crawl button.

Steps for Submitting a New URL Using URL Inspection Tool

Step 1: Log in khổng lồ Search Console.

Step 2: Selected URL Inspection Tool from the Left Navigation Tab.

Step 3: Enter the URL you want khổng lồ submit.

Step 4: Request Index.

NB: The Request Index feature of Google doesn’t guarantee immediate crawl và index. It may take a few minutes before you see the new URL added lớn the index. Again, this feature comes to lớn use only if you want immediate indexing. Google’s crawler does a good job most of the time by indexing pages quickly.

How to lớn Submit an Updated URL to Google

In case you made some significant changes khổng lồ the nội dung within a URL và want Google khổng lồ reflect those changes ASAP, this tool is again going to make your life much easier.

Just clichồng on the Request Recrawl option, and your new version will get added to Google’s priority list.

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Step for submitting URLs using Inspect Element tool

Step 1: Log in to lớn Search Console.