You can now use facebook live on your computer; here"s how

One way khổng lồ build a solid website presence & connect with viewers is through live sầu đoạn Clip streaming. The Facebook Live platform allows you to communicate with your followers, build your brand, và grow your audience.

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Knowing what features to look for when it comes khổng lồ Facebook Live streaming software will help you settle on the right solution for your specific needs. You’ll need to consider factors like operating system compatibility, resolution, built-in effects, bandwidth, storage requirements, & (in some cases) your budget.

With this in mind, in this post, we’ll look at some of the best Facebook Live sầu streaming software for Mac and PC for 2019.

#1: OBS Studio


xuất hiện Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio is open source software that is popular among streamers. It enables you khổng lồ nội dung screencasts which makes it an igiảm giá khuyến mãi tool if you’re looking khổng lồ create demos or presentations on Facebook Live.

However, it’s worth noting that OBS Studio’s learning curve is a bit steep. That said, if you’re ready lớn explore và learn, you’ll really benefit from this powerful đoạn Clip streaming tool.

Key Features:

It offers advanced features lượt thích multi-streaming, guest hosting, và virtual sets.You can vì image masking và correction using filters.It lets you add custom transitions between different scenes.Its audio mixer offers features lượt thích noise suppression, noise gate, and gain.

Compatible with: OBS Studio runs on both Windows và MacOS.

Price: Free

#2: XSplit


XSplit is a high-performance streaming and recording software that can help you create và deliver visually-rich nội dung. It is available in two versions: XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster.

The latter is designed specifically lớn address the needs of live game streaming. XSplit Broadcaster is aimed at experienced streamers & can be confusing for first-time users because of its complicated interface.

Key Features:

It offers recording formats only as MP4 và FLV.Offers excellent customer tư vấn.You’ll be able to record and stream in 4K & beyond.It comes with pre-built transition styles and custom transitions.

Compatible with: Only works on Windows. No MacOS version available.

Price: 3 month license for $8.32/ month

#3: Streamlabs OBS


Streamlabs OBS is another widely-used software that’s built on the same thiết kế as OBS Studio. It lets you stream & record your videos, monetize them, and engage with your audience.

It’s an advanced software that is quiông xã and easy lớn set up. You’ll be able to lớn stream your broadcasts on YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, & Facebook Live sầu.

Key Features:

Boost viewer-engagement using with random pre-selected face masks & audio filters.Set up và demo widgets in the same window.Save monitor and CPU resources by packing several features such as video, pnhận xét, Clip editor, stream labels, và chat into lớn one phầm mềm.

Compatible with: Only compatible with Windows. No MacOS compatibility.

Price: Free

#4: Wirecast


Wirecast is an easy lớn use platsize for creating và streaming professional-style videos. It lets you transsize your desktop (or laptop) inkhổng lồ a TV studio & is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá solution if you’re looking to lớn broadcast live streams, sports programs, webinars và learning, or training videos.

You’ll be able to add 3 chiều animation titles khổng lồ your videos, create virtual 3D sets, and live scoreboards – needless to lớn stay it’s built for producing professional content.

Key Features:

Its built-in stoông xã truyền thông library of images, videos, & music lets you create engaging video content.You can stream nội dung from multiple sources including cameras, webcams, microphones, and screen capture.It lets you stream to lớn more than one destination platsize including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo Live sầu, & Facebook Live.It offers more than 100 pre-built graphics & titles.

Compatible with: Wirecast is compatible with both Windows & MacOS.

Price: Wirecast One is available for $249 with one year of basic support. (30-day không lấy phí trial version is also available.)

#5: Lightstream Studio


Lightstream Studio is lightweight yet powerful đoạn phim streaming software that’s the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá Facebook Live streaming solution for anyone who’s looking for something simple và easy lớn get started with. It helps you save sầu on your computer’s resources by handling the encoding on a cloud-based VPS.

In addition to this, it will scan your machine to identify the best possible settings và even adjust the bitrate automatically. Lightstream Studio lets you stream directly from your web browser.

Key Features:

It’s easy-to-use.Setup is quiông xã since you don’t need lớn tải về any software to start streaming.It supports live streaming for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live sầu, and Mixer.You’ll be able khổng lồ control your live streams using a smartphone or tablet.

Compatible with: Both Windows and MacOS.

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Price: Free

#6: vMix


vMix is high-performance live streaming software that’s primarily used by professionals lớn create videos in high-definition or even 4K. It’s a perfect solution for anyone who’s looking to live stream music concerts, conferences, sports shows, or even small webinars và webcasts.

You’ll also be able to lớn publish live sầu streams directly lớn the mạng internet. Plus, you can edit your videos, add transition effects, or invite guests to lớn your live productions without needing khổng lồ integrate with third-party tools.

Key Features:

You’ll be able lớn stream, record, & publish your live broadcasts at the same time.It offers 13 different transition effects including fade, cut, wipe, zoom và merge.You don’t need to lớn have sầu a high-end PC to lớn create professional HD live streams..Its built-in audio mixer allows you lớn easily monitor và control all your audio sources.

Compatible with: Only Windows; no MacOS compatibility.

Price: Basic version costs $80. Free version available.

#7: Nvidia Shadowplay


Nvidia Shadowplay is another popular live stream recording and capturing software that is built especially to lớn meet the requirements of game streamers. You’ll be able to lớn create and share high-definition gameplay videos and screengrabs with your viewers.

It lets you quickly nói qua high-chất lượng broadcasts to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, & Twitch. Additionally, you can personalize your livestreams using camera & custom graphic overlays. However, you’ll need a GeForce graphics card to lớn use this software.

Key Features:

It lets you instantly trả lời, record, và save sầu the last 30 seconds of gameplay khổng lồ your hard drive by hitting a hotkey. You can also choose to lớn publish it directly to YouTube or Facebook.Easily capture GIFs from your Shadowplay videos or take screenshots at up to 4K resolution.You’ll be able to automatically capture best gaming moments (including clutch moves) and automatically nói qua them with your friends.

Compatible with: Windows operating system. No MacOS compatibility.

Price: Free (comes bundled with Nvidia drivers).

#8: Castr


Castr is live sầu streaming software that lets you broadcast your videos to lớn YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live sầu, and other platforms simultaneously. It’s an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá broadcasting platform for news and sports shows, educational and training videos, & other events.

Live streaming your đoạn Clip to multiple platforms allows you to target a larger audience and grow your following và brvà. Plus, you’ll be able khổng lồ save sầu on storage resources by using the cloud for storing đoạn Clip streams.

Key Features:

It’s intuitive sầu & easy to lớn use.You’ll be able lớn partner with other streamers và collaborate on projects.It lets you monitor viewers during live streaming and engage with them using the chat tool.You can stream nội dung directly from your phone using Castr’s Android & iOS apps.

Compatible with: Works with both Windows và MacOS.

Price: Broadcast version costs $9.99/ month.

#9: BeLive


BeLive sầu is Facebook-only live streaming software that lets you conduct interviews, talk shows, và Q&A sessions with your audience. It lets you display customized banners on video clip content which can be used to lớn show discussion topics, quiz choices, và audience questions.

Based on your format, you’ll be able to lớn show two or four persons on a single screen. In addition khổng lồ this, you also have sầu the option khổng lồ host your Facebook Live stream solo.

Key Features:

It runs on both desktop and sản phẩm điện thoại devices.You can stay organized using its agenda & crawler feature to lớn highlight your live stream topics.It lets you import photos directly from your Facebook album into lớn your live sầu broadcast.You’ll be able to lớn display viewer comments on the screen in real-time.

Compatible with: Compatible with Windows operating system.

Price: Lite version available for $20/ month.


Ultimately, the Facebook Live stream software you should go with depends on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a way to lớn have sầu discussions with viewers, chia sẻ gameplays with friends, or collaborate with other live sầu streamers khổng lồ promote your business, the right live stream software can help you get started with a step in the right direction.

We shared some of the best Facebook Live sầu streaming software & discussed their standout features. Hopefully, you’re in a good position now khổng lồ make an informed decision.

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What features vì you look for in Facebook Live streaming software? Let us know by commenting below.

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