Social media is one of the best ways to build a loyal br& following & establish yourself or your company as an industry leader.

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But social media also takes tons of time from your daily schedule.

In fact, most marketers spover multiple hours each week on social truyền thông media.


And on top of that, there’s tons of competition.

Everybody toàn thân & their mother (& grandmother) can be found using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

So standing out and besting the competition has become a laborious, time-consuming task that takes some finesse và dedication.

In fact, I used to find myself spending hours every single week on social truyền thông media just to keep up with the competition.

Most people are using social truyền thông nearly two hours every day.


Yes, it can eat up your daily routine, but we need social truyền thông media.

In fact, social truyền thông is one of the best ways to connect with fans, followers, and current customers.

It’s also an incredible tool that I’ve used to lớn promote new content và drive sầu sales through the roof.

So what vì we bởi when we’re short on time and heavy on the competition?

How vì we beat out our competitors without spinning our wheels?

Thankfully, there are tons of social truyền thông media services & tools at our disposal.

There are ways to automate the process và best our competition.

I personally use them daily to lớn get the jump on other brands và provide better nội dung.

Here are five examples of social truyền thông media services that you can use lớn beat your competition and save sầu time.

1. Agora Pulse for scheduling


Agora Pulse is one of my favorite social truyền thông media management services.

It helps me schedule nội dung for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram all from the same place.

Plus, it has dynamic features like detailed analytics reports for all your social networks.

On top of that, you can market new nội dung with ease và even run promotions directly from the application.

And the good news:

They offer a không tính tiền trial so you can test it out before making any purchase decisions.

They also offer tons of miễn phí tools that I often use lớn monitor success:


For example, I’ve sầu used the Twitter Report Card dozens of times lớn monitor my standing against my competitors.

Simply hit “Try it” lớn get started. Authorize your Twitter tài khoản to lớn give access to the tool:


Then, you should get an instant email from Agora Pulse with your Twitter Report Card:


Once you’ve sầu navigated khổng lồ your free report, you can easily add competitor accounts to view by clicking “+ Add An Account To Compare:”


Here, you can search for your competition, và the tool will populate the data on a table in comparison to lớn yours:


I love sầu this tool because it’s không tính tiền và it gives me instant data on how I can improve or how my metrics are comparing khổng lồ my competition!

But that’s not even scratching the surface of things you can bởi vì with Agora Pulse. That’s just one of their miễn phí tools.

To use their full system, I recommover starting a trial trương mục.

Head to the Agora Pulse homepage and cliông chồng “Start my không tính phí trial:”


It will ask you khổng lồ log in with Facebook to lớn connect your accounts.

Then, you can start khổng lồ connect all your social truyền thông platforms:


Once you’ve sầu created your không lấy phí account and linked your social profiles, you can start to monitor alerts for your brand:


For example, I have sầu a current từ khoá & listening alert phối up for my own brvà so that I can always respond lớn consumers on time:


Another one of my favorite features allows me lớn bởi vì deep inspections on my followers:


I can see how engaged they are và reward engaged followers based on their participation và interaction.

I can also use it to lớn see which followers aren’t engaged and which followers are using my competitors more!

This allows me khổng lồ run follow campaigns that I can use to lớn steal my competition’s followers.

Genius, right?

On top of that, you can monitor detailed analytics. Everything from your basic audience information lớn the success of reach & clicks:


But my all-time favorite tool within Agora Pulse is the content-scheduling system:


It’s a giant calendar that I can use lớn schedule all of my posts and works perfectly in line with my content sale calendar!

Agora Pulse will help you stay on top of your game. It’s great for nailing down a strategy & is a pretty solid all-inclusive sầu service.

2. Bitly for liên kết tracking


When it comes lớn link-tracking software, Bitly is one of my favorites on the market.

And the ease of use is pretty much unparalleled in terms of any marketing tool.

You simply copy a current, live sầu website link lượt thích your newest blog post, type it into the bar, and hit enter.

Then you get a shortened link that looks clean & tracks tons of useful data automatically.

Want to know who clicked your link in a Facebook post? A tweet?

Want to know what they did after that? You can vị all that with Bitly.

To get started, cliông chồng “Sign Up For Free” khổng lồ create your không lấy phí account:


Once you’ve created an trương mục, you can start taking advantage of the platform instantly.

Clichồng “Create Bitlink” in the top-right corner lớn turn a liên kết inkhổng lồ a trackable powerhouse of information:


Next, paste the liên kết you want lớn traông xã inlớn the long URL section, and it will automatically create a new link for you:


Once it’s created, it will give sầu you the new links to copy or chia sẻ & will give it the same title that it pulled from your original link.


After you tóm tắt your links on social media, you can get detailed insights on each click.

The analytics are simple and easy lớn understand, too:


Bitly is an awesome way to lớn easily keep traông chồng of how your links are doing.

For example, when you use Twitter for analytics, all you see is this:


And only seeing the number of people who clicked your link isn’t helpful for compiling data và understanding what drove the traffic.

The Bitly link will help you understvà where & why people clicked.

You’ll see what countries they are from & how they found your social post.

3. Quintly for analytics


Quintly is probably my favorite social truyền thông media analytics service on the web today.

That’s a bold statement, I know.

But it does so much! It helps me track, benchmark, và optimize my social performance with super-smooth analytics.

Google Analytics is great, but it’s not focused on social truyền thông media.

Meaning I have to dig around and mix up tons of detailed, custom reports just to lớn get a little bit of data.

And the analytics you get on social platforms lượt thích Facebook & Twitter just aren’t enough.

It’s nowhere near the cấp độ of detail you find in services like Quintly.

Quintly works for comparing the competition, too. It allows you to benchmark your competitors’ social strategies khổng lồ get ahead, và that’s exactly what I (and you) need.

To get started, head khổng lồ the homepage and click “Try for FREE:”


You get a không lấy phí 14-day trial that doesn’t require any credit thẻ information, which is nice when trying lớn test the waters.

Once you create your trương mục, you will be asked khổng lồ start your set-up process of connecting social truyền thông media profiles:


Click “Start Setup” lớn continue.

Simply search for your name or use a direct social link khổng lồ start connecting accounts:


Once you’ve connected all the profiles for your given social truyền thông platforms, you can head khổng lồ the dashboard to lớn get insights.

One of my favorite things is the custom dashboard like you see in Google Analytics:


You can add tons of different widgets for fast pđánh giá on your most important metrics.

This saves me countless hours from having khổng lồ browse every social media platsize lớn get my analytics:


I can add things like fans, posts, interactions, & ad performance for my most important networks.

And I can add them all to the same dashboard so I don’t have to waste time browsing multiple tabs.

When finished, your dashboard will look something like this:


It combines all of your most important metrics and information in a single window.

No more wasting time scouring Twitter and Facebook for analytics.

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Simply head lớn your dashboard và spkết thúc five minutes focusing on the most important things.

Quintly is also amazing if you want khổng lồ focus on outgrowing and out-shining your competitors.

You can easily mix up a dashboard to compare you against your competition.

Here’s how Quintly recommends you phối it up:


You can monitor important information lượt thích YouTube subscriber growth, Facebook tín đồ fluctuations, & more.

It’s one of my favorite tools lớn constantly stay ahead of the competition on my social truyền thông strategy.

4. MeetEdgar for automated posting


MeetEdgar is a diverse content delivery system for social truyền thông media.

It’s like having a dedicated content marketer without actually going through the trouble of hiring one (or paying a full-time salary for one).

Edgar is a powerful automation tool that shares your best content over & over, saving you tons of time every week.

Ever want lớn simply keep sharing a post that’s been killing it on social media? Don’t feel like digging through years of content?

That’s no problem at all for Edgar.

It keeps automatically sharing your evergreen content khổng lồ drive sầu more engagement and exposure.

On top of that, it has category-based scheduling.

For example, if you want khổng lồ schedule posts about nội dung marketing on a specific trương mục, you can.

And if you want to schedule SEO posts on a different account, you can bởi vì that too.

The tool is super diverse and lets me keep resharing the best content without any effort on my over.

To get started, head khổng lồ the homepage & cliông xã “Sign up for free!”


Next, you can easily connect your different social accounts:


Currently, Edgar only works for Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

The content scheduling system is also incredibly easy khổng lồ use:


You can add a new post with photos và videos và upload them at a specific time & date.

To create the best photos khổng lồ post, head over lớn Canva & start playing around with their endless thiết kế options. For video clip editing, head over to InVideo & be blown away at how fast & easy it will be for you khổng lồ create professional videos.

You can even mix them to lớn expire.

And one of the best features of all is the RSS feeds integration:


This RSS integration will pull the best content from your favorite sites & add it to your queue.

Meaning that your laborious nội dung curation strategy can now be cut lớn just a few minutes.

So, if you follow a trang web religiously like HubSpot & you tweet some of their content often, you can now vị that automatically.

Your time now will just be spent approving posts và automating your curation process.

And let’s not forget about the account scheduling tool:


This helps you stay on top of the game, making sure posts are heading out on time every single day.

MeetEdgar is one of my favorite ways to lớn stay ahead of the competition. It puts my nội dung curation và posting on autopilot.

5. Socedo for generating leads


Socedo is an automated social media service that helps you collect more B2B leads.

It works with Twitter and LinkedIn to find the best, most qualified leads. Then, it automatically delivers them to your sales funnel.

That’s automation at its finest!

And, it works with tons of different CRMs lượt thích Markelớn, HubSpot, Salesforce, & more.

To get started, we can easily create a không lấy phí trial trương mục by clicking “Start A Trial” on the homepage:


Enter your tin nhắn and create a password khổng lồ start your trial tài khoản (no credit card required).

To use the tool to lớn collect leads, you can create a custom template from tons of different preset options:


Once you start a base template, you can refine or exp& the lead audience by entering từ khóa or tags.

Then, you’ll see tons of prospects pop up automatically on the left-hand side:


Socebởi vì is my favorite tools khổng lồ generate high-chất lượng leads. And once you start refining your search, you can select the engagement steps:


For example, it’s useful to lớn be able to lớn follow approved leads and unfollow those who don’t follow baông chồng or show interest.

This way, the tool automatically weeds out leads that aren’t engaging with you, saving you tons of time & money.

And, you can skết thúc automated direct messages, like targeted link or offers, to lớn those who vì follow you bachồng.

One of the coolest features with Socebởi is being able khổng lồ A/B-test your messaging & offers:


Socebởi helps you convert leads and capture them with almost no work on your end.

I’ve sầu used it for many years to drive tons of new leads & sales.

And the features that you get are almost incomparable khổng lồ any other social media service.

Being able khổng lồ A/B demo within the application itself is huge. On top of that, the leads that I’ve sầu produced using Socevị have sầu been excellent.

The targeting is specific and refined, so you aren’t just going after random accounts, but people who actually want your products and services.

If you are currently struggling lớn make the best out of lead capture on social truyền thông platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn, try using Socevì to lớn automate the process for you.

Instead of researching and grinding all day khổng lồ find a few leads, the service will gather lists based on your company & industry-related keywords for you.


79% of U.S. internet users are on Facebook. 32% are on Instagram. 24% are on Twitter.

Your customers are on social media, & so obviously, you need to lớn be, too.

This captive sầu audience makes social one of the easiest, best ways to lớn build a brvà or establish a loyal following.

It’s also great for creating personal brands & becoming an industry expert.

But social truyền thông takes tons of time from our daily schedules.

Believe sầu it or not, most marketers are spending multiple hours every week on social media.

And khổng lồ top it all off, you have lớn consider your competition.

Every competitor you have sầu is likely grinding on social truyền thông khổng lồ get ahead of you.

So you can’t just sit back và watch your followers go elsewhere.

But you can’t afford to spkết thúc three hours a day on it, either.

So it’s time lớn start making things easier on yourself by using some of the best social truyền thông services out there.

I recommend using Agora Pulse for scheduling content across social media platforms. It saves you time and helps you optimize content with analytics to lớn soar past your competitors.

Use for links tracking lớn see what’s working and what’s not. Use it lớn see what actions users are taking on your content.

Use Quintly for prime analytics khổng lồ help you make better marketing decisions.

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Then, use MeetEdgar to lớn automate your social posting so that you’re not wasting hours on nội dung production.

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