If there was a classic online communication platsize that is known by almost everyone on the planet, that would be Skype. With Skype, one can reach their parents on the desktop, or hotline up their children with a điện thoại Skype client, as well as to lớn conduct a business talk or coordinate a team project. Skype is developing, getting more & more useful features, & becoming a truly cross-platsize tool, và that is all great. 

What is a bit frustrating about it is the number of ads that Microsoft, Skype’s developer, is feeding lớn us. Those using Skype daily know how distracting or even disturbing it can get. But now everyone knows that it’s not so hard lớn get rid of Skype ads, moreover, it can be done without any additional software. In this guide, we are going to consider all available solutions for different devices và operating systems. 


Be engaged in conversation, not in watching ads

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How khổng lồ Remove Ads from Skype on your Desktop 

The original version that we know from back in the days, & the one remaining the most popular till now is Skype for Desktop. Microsoft did a decent job improving the app’s design in the past decade, making it way more sleek & minimalistic. This is why naggy, overly colored, and poorly done ads ruin the whole feeling of the Skype interface. They display above the dialogs, take space in the tương tác list, as well as the whole right side of the maximized Skype window. Yikes! Paying the monthly subscription only lets you điện thoại tư vấn landline and điện thoại numbers from your Skype tài khoản but doesn’t change the ad-crowded look of it. Now it’s time lớn learn the best tricks on how to lớn disable ads in Skype for miễn phí.

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For Windows 

Funny enough, Microsoft allows you khổng lồ tweak Windows, its operating system, to lớn stop Microsoft-aided ads on Skype. You play on the safe side: this won’t stop your PC warranty, neither it would violate Windows’ Terms và Conditions. A little bit of technical knowledge would be nice to have sầu but follow this instruction step by step và you’ll get there: 

Exit the Skype application
if it is still running;xuất hiện the Control Panel (press Start & type “control” in the search bar);Navigate to Control Panel > Network và cliông xã on Internet Options;In the new window go lớn the Security tab;Find the Restricted sites inhỏ & Sites button;In the new Restricted sites box type the following:


Press the Add
button to save it and type one more address:


Press Add
again. Both addresses should be saved in the menu below;Cliông xã Cchiến bại and OK lớn exit Internet Options;Restart your Skype.


Due khổng lồ these new settings, Skype won’t load any commercialad content from Microsoft servers và you won’t see any ads anymore. You would also not see Skype trang chủ Page. But we don’t know anyone who ever found it useful. Everything that matters for communicating with your contacts will remain almost the same as before – just with more room for visual display.

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For Mac

MacOS is known as less flexible when it comes khổng lồ manual tweaks in the system. Luckily, it also provides a way to get rid of the Skype ads on desktop. Again, the needed setting would be hard khổng lồ find for a non-technical user but following our steps would vì chưng the job:

Exit the Skype application if it is running;Navigate khổng lồ Finder > Utilities > Terminal. This is where you can make changes lớn your macOS;Copy the link subởi vì nano / etc/hosts và paste it there;Press Return & you will open host folders;Terminal will prompt you to type in your Mac password;Once it’s done, press Return & a text editor Nano will be open;Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll down to lớn the second line from the bottom;Type in, press Tab and type skype.api.com, then press Return; Type in in the next line, press Tab, type skype.ad.com, and press Return;Press Control + O on your keyboard to save the changes & Control + X khổng lồ cchiến bại the window;After this Terminal would open. Type suvì chưng killall -HUPhường mDNSResponder & press Return;Type in your Mac password và press Return

Okay, all the changes are saved now. Try khổng lồ launch Skype again & you will see no ads. Magic? Savvy!


Remove Empty Ad Placeholders 

Once all these steps are complete you will see no ads but just the empty boxes where they used lớn be displayed. Empty ad placeholders are not as annoying as the offers lớn buy some useless stuff but they take a good chia sẻ of your Skype workplace too. You can go an extra mile and remove the boxes from your app:

Exit Skype if it is still running.Press Win + R on your Windows keyboard to lớn open the Run box and type in the following:


Find the thư mục with your Skype profile ID
. Usually, it is called by your first.lastname.The folder contains a file config.xml. xuất hiện it with Notepad (right-cliông chồng > Open with > Notepad).Locate the line with this text:


its value from:




the file and restart your Skype.

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This should look now like a perfectly clear Skype interface. Beware that this setting might go back to default when Skype is updated, and then you will have sầu to repeat the procedure. Also, this instruction is only designed for Windows PC & won’t work on Mac computers. But don’t rush khổng lồ cđại bại the guide now, as we have another universal solution below.

Block Ads in Skype on Android Device 

What works on a desktop is not always a solution for di động devices. Skype for Android is one of the most popular communication apps on the Play Store and it’s không tính tiền to lớn use. The price that comes with it is in the ads that Smartphone users will have sầu lớn watch no matter what. Luckily, there are few good ad blockers on the market that as well are designed khổng lồ remove sầu ads from Skype for Android. And AdLoông chồng seems to be a perfect one to lớn bloông xã Skype ads on all the platforms. 

How khổng lồ Stop Ads in Skype with zerovn.net 

Unlike the other Android ad blockers out there, AdLoông xã is made easy khổng lồ use without all the hassle of rooting your phone or adjusting filters manually. It comes from the box with Skype in the danh mục of filtered apps, and that means no ads, no empty placeholders, and no struggle. It will blochồng ads from all the other apps on your điện thoại, as well as protect it from malware, spyware, & other Internet dangers. 

Adloông xã designed the native sầu applications for Windows and Mac too, in case you were wondering. With AdLoông xã you won’t have sầu lớn lure inlớn your system configurations, and the empty placeholders on your Skype for Mac will be gone too. Even after updates! Chatting và calling is just so much nicer without the ads, so we hope this guide helped

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