Social media image sizes for 2021: cheat sheet for every network


The most recent image kích cỡ specifications for different social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, và more.

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Social truyền thông image sizes seem lớn change constantly.

One moment you have sầu the perfect cover page for your trương mục. The next, it’s been resized, & looks all pixelated & wrong.

It doesn’t help that information about official dimensions and image sizes are harder khổng lồ find than a civil discussion on politics on Facebook.

But, it’s not difficult if you consult this guide lớn social truyền thông media image sizes!

Below are the most recent social media image dimensions, as of 2021.

Bonus: Get the always-up-to-date social truyền thông image kích cỡ cheat sheet. The không lấy phí resource includes recommended phokhổng lồ dimensions for every type of image on every major network.

Why is it important khổng lồ get social truyền thông image sizes right?

There’s a lot khổng lồ get right when your brand is creating great visual content for social media.

On top of that, you’ve sầu got to get your social media image sizes right. And getting that right is really important because:

It avoids pixelation và awkward image stretching. And avoiding that keeps your images looking professional.Your photos will be optimized for each social channel’s feed. This can help increase engagement.It ensures your audience sees the full photo lớn. Incorrect sizing could cut off some of your brand’s messaging.It can future-proof your content.

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Being in-the-know with social truyền thông media image sizes now could mean less work for your brvà in the future, when network change up how images display again.

Plus, brands using the pholớn editor tool can kích thước và edit their social truyền thông media images right in the Composer. When in the Composer, upload an image & cliông chồng Edit Image khổng lồ launch the tool. And it makes cropping & sizing images for each specific social channel easy.

Here’s how it works:

Quick social truyền thông media image sizes

We go into lớn more detail for every single network below, but this image includes the social truyền thông media image sizes you probably look up most often.


Instagram image sizes


Instagram supports horizontally and vertically oriented images. It also still supports square images, which was what the platform was known for when it first launched.

This increases your brand’s options. But it also makes image dimensions a little trickier lớn get right. Follow these guidelines to make sure your images kết thúc up looking their best.

Instagram protệp tin photo size: 3đôi mươi x 3đôi mươi pixels

Instagram protệp tin photos are stored at 3trăng tròn x 3trăng tròn pixels, so make sure to lớn upload an image that’s least that big.

Even though the dimensions are in a square format, Instagram protệp tin photos are displayed as a circle. Make sure any elements you want to focus on in the photo lớn are centered so they don’t get cropped out.

Instagram image sizes for feed photos:

Landscape: 1080 x 566 pixelsPortrait: 1080 x 1350 pixelsSquare: 1080 x 1080 pixelsSupported aspect ratios: Anywhere between 1.91:1 và 4:5Recommended image size: Width of 1080 pixels, height between 566 & 1350 pixels (depending on whether the image is landscape or portrait)


If you want your images to lớn look their best on Instagram, ayên ổn to lớn upload an image that is 1080 pixels wide.If you share a photo lớn that has a resolution lower than 320 pixels, Instagram will kích thước it up khổng lồ 3đôi mươi pixels.If your uploaded Instagram image is a different ratio, the platsize will automatically crop your pholớn to fit a supported ratio.

Resource: Learn how khổng lồ edit Instagram photos lượt thích a pro.

Instagram image sizes for thumbnails:

Display size: 161 x 161 pixelsRecommended upload size: 1080 pixels wide


Rethành viên that Instagram stores versions of these thumbnails that are as large as 1080 x 1080.To future-proof your Instagram feed và avoid pixelation, upload images that are as large as possible.

Instagram Stories image size: 1080 x 19đôi mươi pixels


This is an aspect ratio of 9:16.Uploading an image with a smaller px kích cỡ (but the same aspect ratio) means the Story will buffer quickly.If you don’t use this ratio, the Story might show with strange cropping, zooming, or leave large sections of the screen blank.Instagram Reels use this same sizing.

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