How Shark Tank'S Lori Greiner Made Her Millions And Became


Unlike many other reality shows, the ABC series highlights real business owners trying lớn get their products và businesses to lớn the next cấp độ. Most of these small businesses don’t win big. But a few Shark Tank alums have gone on to lớn earn millions of dollars after getting their big break.

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One of the biggest Shark Tank legends is a simple sponge. For a long time, the happy yellow sponge that stayed hard in cold water và softened with heat was the biggest success in Shark Tank history, earning a record-breaking $209 million after being featured on the show. 

But Scrub Daddy got edged out for a new bạn favorite. And this latest Shark Tank success story is the most lucrative one yet.

‘Shark Tank’ connects entrepreneurs with investors


‘Shark Tank’ investors on set | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

The one thing every Shark Tank contestant has in mind is a good idea. These small business owners of all ages, from all backgrounds, come on the show hoping that one of the millionaire or billionaire investors will take a chance on them. Some already have established businesses that are already making money. Others just have sầu an idea or prototype.

Fans love sầu watching entrepreneurs making their pitches lớn a rotating team of venture capitalists (“the sharks”). The agreements made on Shark Tank are equivalent to a “handshake deal” và many never make it lớn the official contract stage. But a lot of the sharks eventually make investments in the companies, which can pay off handsomely for them.

The best-selling products ever on ‘Shark Tank’

He's the perfect pop of color your kitchen needs

— Scrub Daddy (

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One of the most amazing things about the best-selling Shark Tank products is that they’re all so quality. So fans can never predict exactly which items will make millions for both the business owners và the investors on the show.

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QVC veteran và investor Lori Grenier has a real eye for what will sell. Not only is she the shark who bit on Scrub Daddy, but she’s also the investor for several other top Shark Tank products, including the Squatty Potty, Simply Fit exercise board, và Sleep Styler hair styling hàng hóa, Investopedia reported.

But the number one best giảm giá went to FUBU brand founder Daymond John. As of 2021, the best-selling Shark Tank product ever is Bombas socks.

Bombas socks became a sensation thanks khổng lồ ‘Shark Tank’

People could really get behind the vision of Bombas. Not only does the company manufacture high unique, well-fitted socks, they also make a point to give back. For every pair of Bombas socks purchased, the company donates a pair to organizations that aid people experiencing homelessness. Bombas has donated more than 40 million pairs of socks to lớn date.

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Plus, they’ve sầu made their shark investor a lot of cash, too. John originally paid $200,000 for a 17% stake, which turned out to lớn be a fantastic investment considering the $225 million in sales. And it made Bombas the biggest Shark Tank success story, finally taking down the king of all sponges, Scrub Daddy.