How Does Google Remarketing Work?


What Is Remarketing?

Google Ads remarketing is a khung of online advertising that enables sites khổng lồ show targeted ads lớn users who have already visited their site. Past visitors will see these ads while they are browsing the website, watching YouTube videos or reading news sites, for example—keeping your brand top-of-mind & enticing visitors to lớn come baông chồng for more.

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How remarketing works

Rekinh doanh, also known as retargeting, can dramatically increase your conversion rates & ROI. This is because past site visitors who are already familiar with your br& are much more likely khổng lồ become customers or complete other valuable actions on your site.

Download this không tính phí, ultimate toolkit to lớn remarketing on Google Ads.

How Does Google Rekinh doanh Work?

If you already advertise on Google, all you need khổng lồ vì is add a piece of Google remarketing code, also known as a tag or pixel, lớn your trang web so that visitors can get added to lớn your rekinh doanh audiences through browser cookies. You can customize the code for different pages to lớn correspond lớn more defined categories.

For example, let"s say you operate an e-commerce business that sells kitchen supples. You might create a “toaster” rekinh doanh audience based on people who visit the pages of your site where you sell toasters. That way, you can show these specific visitors highly targeted display ads that market your toasters. You already know they are in-market for toasters, and now you can draw them baông chồng, perhaps with a special offer like "free shipping."


The Google Display Network reaches 92% of all Internet users

Using remarketing, you can show Google ads to lớn your previous site visitors while they browse the vast number of Google partner sites in the Google Display Network.

Google recommends that when you are starting your first rekinh doanh campaign, you begin by targeting everyone who viewed your homepage. Just rethành viên, that will increase your Google resale costs since your ads are being retargeted lớn more individuals, & you won’t be able to lớn create ads that are quite as targeted. By targeting more narrowly, you can therefore increase ad relevancy and lower your cost per clichồng.

Eventually, you can create different Google rekinh doanh lists for super-targeted resale campaigns; for example, you can choose khổng lồ show users who have sầu already purchased from your site different ads from non-buyers (such as an offer for 30% off your second purchase).


Your resale audiences can be highly defined according khổng lồ behavior & intent

Why Remarket? The Advantages of Google Ad Retargeting

Google ad retargeting is powerful online sale technique because it allows you to stay connected with your target audience, even after they leave sầu your site.

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By presenting your display remarketing banner ads to lớn visitors even as they browse other parts of the website, you are gaining brvà exposure và becoming more recognizable to your target audience, raising trust và making them more likely to purchase from you.

Rekinh doanh ads have much higher click-through rates & conversion rates than typical display ads:



You’ll see even better conversion rates when you start lớn combine rekinh doanh campaigns with additional targeting methods, such as targeting by demographics và dynamically targeting individuals with products they viewed on your site.

However, keep in mind that users have sầu the option of opting out of seeing your retargeting ads by adjusting their settings in accordance with the AdChoices program.

How Much Does Google Resale Cost?

Your Google rekinh doanh costs will vary depending on how your campaigns fit into your online sale strategy as a whole. However, in general, Google remarketing ads are some of the most cost-effective sầu ad campaigns available to lớn online advertisers.

Resale ad costs are very low on a per-cliông xã basis

Search ads in super-competitive industries can cost several dollars or more per cliông xã – and that’s just the average (with some keywords costing more like $50 per click). Display and social rekinh doanh ad clicks by contrast might cost anywhere from 2-100x less.

To keep costs low, use Google resale in combination with contextual targeting, conversion filtering, frequency capping, and other cost-saving strategies. This will enable you to lớn create highly targeted resale campaigns và increase your ad relevancy, showing most of your ads to the people who are most likely to lớn click and convert.

Cheông xã out this toolkit full of best practices và tips to getting started with remarketing on Google Ads.

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Creating Banner Ads for Google Ads Remarketing

When you remarket on the Google Display Network, you have the option of creating display ads that incorporate text, images, videos, or rich truyền thông.