You just took your next great image. Or you would have sầu, but you open it in Photoshop và you realize that lớn get it as sharp as it is, you pumped your ISO. How bởi vì you remove sầu all that grain or noise out of your image using Photosiêu thị to lớn post it to your portfolio?

Thankfully, Photocửa hàng provides fantastic tools which you can leverage to cover different degrees of grain. I will also be providing information on how you can lower your grain for your future images, and how different techniques can be used in different settings.

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Digital noise is technically different than grain. “Grain” often refers to film grain và generally increases with higher speed (ASA/ISO) film. Film grain is a cool effect khổng lồ add some creativity to your images.

Grainy photos, however, may not suit a clean modern and professional portfolio. Tailoring your portfolio khổng lồ specific look is great for business, và grainy photos may very well be outliers.

This tutorial teaches you a fun way to make your digital photos embrace a more traditional, film grain, look.

Here is what I am going lớn be covering in this tutorial:

Causes of Grain In A PhotographEasiest Ways to lớn Remove Grain in Photoshop CCComprehensive sầu Guide to lớn Editing Out GrainBest Tutorial For Grain Removal

If you don’t already have Photoshop, you can get it và more in Adobe’s Creative sầu Cloud Plan for $9.99/month.

Causes of Grain In A Photograph

Learning your camera settings & their implications is a great way khổng lồ eliminate or reduce grain in future photographs. There are several key causes of grain in a photograph that you should ayên ổn khổng lồ avoid. If you are looking to learn about what causes your camera sensor lớn create grain, read ahead.

If you are just trying lớn get noise out of grainy photos in Photocửa hàng CC, skip this section!

On the other hvà, if you want khổng lồ learn about specific camera settings that will lkết thúc khổng lồ great images, feel miễn phí to lớn read any of the following tutorials:

What is Noise or Grain?

Noise or grain in a photograph appears when your camera’s sensor needs khổng lồ amplify the light available to show an image. Changing how your camera is taking that image can reduce the noise present.

Grain is another word for noise, although it sometimes alludes khổng lồ the grain from film. However, removing grain & noise in Photosiêu thị is often a similar process.

A comtháng cause of grain in a photograph is a high ISO. There are many ways around using higher ISO’s, và keeping your ISO as low as possible is a great way lớn reduce all grain.

This first method will be particularly useful for photographs with smaller grain form size & density. Later on, I will cover a similar process with more steps lớn removing grain in Photocửa hàng CC.

Avoiding Noise 101

How bởi vì you avoid taking a grainy photograph? There are several functions on your camera that can limit this.

A lower shutter speed reduces light, meaning that your camera might need lớn bump its ISO to lớn compensate. A smaller aperture increases depth of field, which is the area in focus. But this also lowers the amount of light hitting your camera’s sensor.

Knowing when to lớn change aperture & the tốc độ of the shutter is fundamental khổng lồ understanding how you can lower your camera’s ISO.

If you are shooting on an automatic mode, such as your regular camera ứng dụng on a phone, or the one built in to your digital camera, you don’t have sầu as much control.

On a phone, tải về an application that allows you lớn change these settings. On a digital camera, try using a mode that allows you khổng lồ change ISO. Or, you can simply limit your Auto lớn ISO to something lower than the maximum.

You can use your camera’s manual lớn find Auto lớn ISO limitation functions. Also, take thử nghiệm shots và see the highest ISO you can use without heavy grain. Knowing what your camera can handle lets you know what you can & can’t achieve.

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Here is a quiông xã checkmenu for when you are in the field:

Shoot at the lowest possible apertureLower your shutter speed and ISO by the same amount of stopsContinue this lowering process until you are at the lowest ISO possible or the image becomes too blurry for use.

Sometimes, grain is unavoidable. Lowering your shutter speed khổng lồ the point of a blurred & unusable shot is a mistake. Rethành viên that a noisy shot is better than a blurry one.

What Makes a Phokhổng lồ Less Sharp?

There are several causes of loss of sharpness in images. Noise và grain are both comtháng problems, but here are some other smaller details to keep an eye out for in your photography:

Missing FocusEspecially at lower apertures on longer focal lengths, missing the small depth of field available will make your image less sharp.Diffraction SofteningThis occurs when you are taking images at an aperture which is too small. Not going above f/11 is a great way khổng lồ keep images sharp.Lens problemsSome lenses are older or have mold & dust inside them. Some are not made to the same standard as others. Using a tested sharp lens is a great way to lớn make sure that the lenses are not interfering with your images!Low Megapixel CountA digital camera with a low megapx count can still make great images. Problems occur when those images are blown up to lớn large sizes, và these images then suffer as a result of their low resolution.

There are of course some areas where not everything can be controlled. Photography is often about giving và taking. Shooting an athletic event, dancing, theatrics, or anything fast paced will require a fast shutter tốc độ và high ISO. But, a lot of the time, the quality of an image will depover less on laông chồng of grain in these fields.

Easiest Ways to lớn Remove sầu Grain in Photographs

One of the easiest ways to remove grain in photographs is using Camera RAW functionalities. While this does work with .jpeg format images, a RAW tệp tin format will make this process better.

Certainly you vì not need to lớn be using Photoshop for Camera RAW edits, and you can use many other programs with similar functionalities. This is the image we are going to lớn edit using Camera RAW in Photosiêu thị CC:


What this process does not offer that a Camera Raw Filter does is tốc độ và reliability. Using the Luminance slider in the Sharpen tab will always help a photo lớn have sầu less grain. Sometimes, this comes at the cost of over-smoothing lớn achieve sầu this look.

Best Tutorial for Removing Grain in Photoshop

There are a lot of tutorials for noise reduction out there, so here is a short menu of some of the best resources for this process. Finding the best tutorial for removing grain in photoshop is more about finding the tutorial that suits your images. There is not a catch-all method for noise editing!

Best Tutorial for Removing Grain in Photoshop

Photocửa hàng Essentials has a fun quiông xã tutorial covering some faster methods for removing grain. Because it is so fast và simple, this could be an easy way khổng lồ show gradual grain reduction.

If you’re looking for a tutorial that teaches you how lớn avoid grain to lớn a higher degree, this is a fun tutorial on Digital Photography School. I would urge you khổng lồ rethành viên that a blurry image is worse than a noisy one!

This tutorial on tutvid uses some in depth methods that require a bit more tinkering to lớn get working properly. I do suggest this for cityscapes or landscapes, although you shouldn’t be getting much grain if you have a tripod.

Other Tutorials For Getting Around Grain

Replacing a background with a cleaner shot can vị wonders for the grain of a pholớn. Since a lot of high ISO images are shot in darker settings, having a cleaner blaông xã or charcoal can help a lot. This tutorial teaches you how lớn make a background transparent for replacement.

For a more full replacement, kiểm tra out this tutorial. It covers a lot of quick ideas for replacing backgrounds for your most grainy photos.

In a similar vein, getting around hair can be very annoying. Some haircuts have sầu bizarre angles that don’t align themselves well with pixels. This is a tutorial for perfectly cutting out some hair!

Fun Ways to lớn Use Grain

As I alluded to earlier, there are some great ways to lớn use grain creatively. Achieving a film look is particularly compelling on Instagram today. You can achieve similar looks without having lớn spend time in a darkroom.

The tutorial I mentioned earlier on how lớn emulate film is a great starting point. That tutorial covers a lot of the basics of achieving a film grain look. If you’re after an even older và grittier feel, this tutorial has you covered.

Instead, if you are going for that sweet faded matte look that is always classic and popular, check out this tutorial. This is particularly a good step up if you are used to using things lượt thích VSCO khổng lồ edit images currently.

Lastly, as a Photographer you likely have sầu access lớn both Photocửa hàng CC & Lightroom CC. There are many Lightroom CC presets that add film looks. This danh sách definitely has a couple!

Noise removal is a tool that you need khổng lồ tinker with! There is no way khổng lồ remove grain that will be perfect for all images, so learning these basic grain removal techniques will help you out in the long run.

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