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To access zerovn.net"s Google Apps for Education, continue using your zerovn.net-issued email trương mục, which is where you will receive all correspondences related to lớn your zerovn.net Google Apps tài khoản. 

Service includes Calendar, Contacts, Drives, Sites, & moreLog in to lớn your gmail with your zerovn.net gmail trương mục (Faculty:
zerovn.net)Create appointments in Google CalendarUnlimited Google Drive spaceAccess your zerovn.net email account through the website, desktop ứng dụng, or a thiết bị di động device. 

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To get started, you have to lớn first clayên ổn your trương mục (be sure to read the terms và conditions). To claim your account:

2. Use your Queens College username(ex: JSmith) as a username, zerovn.net password for the password.3. After claiming your tài khoản, the following page will explain the additional services. Clichồng on “I accept” lớn proceed khổng lồ your trương mục.

If you previously created a Google trương mục associated with your zerovn.net tin nhắn, you will be be presented with these options when you sign in:

If you choose the last option, your personal tài khoản is automatically renamed to the temporary name that Google provides.

Once your account is activated, you can log in at this page to lớn access all of the Queens College Google Apps for Education: https://google.com/a/zerovn.net/

For additional information & assistance tương tác the Center for Teaching và Learning.

Google Apps for Education - Common Questions

Center for Teaching & Learning FAQ's

Using Google Apps at Work or School

Using Google Calendar at Work or School

Calendar Tips và Tricks

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Myzerovn.net is the Queens College intranet site. A college username và password is required lớn login to lớn the site.

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