Now that we are on the age of digitalization, the one way we all stay connected is through the online social truyền thông networking sites. Because it is easy and mostly không tính tiền, social networking sites & applications have gained more popularity over the years. Thus, more and more of them like-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have sầu been created & used on a daily basis. Even with businesses and social groups, the one media that they promote themselves have been on social networking sites & apps. Hence, it is safe lớn say that with our obsession over digitalization, the best way to socialize has been online.

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Undoubtedly, talking about social networking sites, Facebook, one of the most popular and best social media platforms is one place that has billions of users all over the world.

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Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

Facebook & WordPress!

Great way lớn stay connected it is an online networking site or application that was first introduced khổng lồ the public in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Moreover, boasting billions of users all over the world, Facebook has surely managed lớn become one of the top social networking sites out there. Because of the vast number of users, it is no doubt one way that even bloggers & trang web owners stay connected with their subscribers or audience.

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WordPress being one of the leading platforms for blogging and websites, the good news is that it has now come up with a solution khổng lồ integrate both of them into one. It is no longer a difficult task reserved only for WordPress developers now that there are WordPress Facebook Plugins created for this purpose. And to lớn save our users time & effort, we have researched và created the các mục of Best WordPress Facebook Plugins just for you! Feel free to check them out và find the one that works the best for you!

What are WordPress Facebook Plugins?

Before we get inkhổng lồ our danh mục of Best WordPress Facebook Plugins, here is a briefing on what exactly they are & how vì chưng they work. WordPress Facebook plugins or widgets are simply tools that help you integrate your Facebook with your WordPress site. Whether you wish khổng lồ display posts or restrict contents, or even make sure that you stay connected to lớn your users, these plugins are designed in such a way khổng lồ make it easier for you!

Moreover, you can add the widgets to lớn your widget friendly area of your trang web và it will be done in a matter of minutes. So how exactly does adding Facebook khổng lồ your site help your site?

Keeps your viewers engaged và makes your site visually interesting.Adding Facebook improves the user interaction on both ends.Get more recognition for your brvà or site through social networking!Build & grow your audience through social networking.Save sầu time and effort sharing updates to users on either platsize.Connects you và your users increasing interactions.

Best WordPress Facebook Plugins

1. Custom Facebook Feed (Free and Premium)


Completely customizable, responsive as well as SEO friendly, Custom Facebook Feed is a perfect plugin lớn help you integrate Facebook inkhổng lồ your WordPress site. The super user-friendly plugin brought khổng lồ you by Smash Balloons, is in itself a great way lớn match the look và feel of the theme of your preference.

Furthermore, with advanced features và easy installation option, this is probably one of the best choices for your site and easily makes it to the top of the menu. You can either download the miễn phí version from the official WordPress website or you can choose to go Pro for more added features.

Key Features:Completely customizable.SEO friendly và crawlable search engines.Responsive sầu and Mobile friendly design.Option lớn display multiple feeds.Custom CSS option.Easy installation and set-up process.Supports Facebook tags.Translation ready.Added/Pro Features:PHP.. standalone available.Option lớn add multiple websites.Supports for HD, Live Videos, & 360o Pop-up Lightbox.Options to lớn display likes, comments, shares below each post.Display only certain post types.More frequent updates and features.

Price: Free / Personal License $49 (1 yr of updates & support)

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2. Easy Facebook Like Box (Free)


Another easy and efficient way to integrate Facebook into your WordPress is through Easy Facebook Like Box. Apart from their main three features- Custom Facebook Feed, Facebook Page Plugin, & Auto-pop-up, there are also other major features of this plugin that makes it super handy and useful.

This is a free WordPress plugin brought to lớn you by Sajid Javed và is probably one of the best out there và certainly deserves the place on our menu. Easy lớn install & set-up here is the menu of features that the plugin provides:

Key Features:Custom Facebook feed in Auto lớn Pop-up.Option to lớn show or hide faces/connections.Responsive sầu layouts.Supports 75 different locales.Multilingual và Translation Ready.Cchiến bại Button acts as never show again.Generate Shortcodes using widget forms.

Price: Free

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3. WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat


WP-Chatbot for Facebook Messenger Customer Chat is one of the easiest ways by which you can add the Facebook customer chat on your WordPress website. It is a WordPress Facebook plugin which has been growing popularity due to its ease of use & promising results. One of it’s highlighting feature is the fact that you can manage all your incoming messages with just a single inbox.

This WordPress Facebook plugin is also very food on compatibility for your trang web. The developers have designed it in such a way that it can function perfectly on any WordPress trang web with any versions of WordPress. The same goes khổng lồ being compatible with any WordPress themes & plugins as well so you won’t have any hassels while using this plugin.

Key Features:One-Click installation for your WordPress website.24/7 livechat with the trang web visitors through Facebook messenger.Smooth integration with your Facebook business page as well as Facebook messenger.Compatible with all the versions of WordPress.Can be used on any type of WordPress websites.Constant tư vấn with chatbot công nghệ even when customer staff are not available.Suitable with any WordPress themes & plugins.

Price: Free

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4. Facebook SpiderLink (Premium)

Want more likes, comments, & views on your Facebook? Well here is just the right plugin for you! Facebook SpiderLink is a restrict content plugin for Facebook, that forces your users to either phản hồi or like the post to access the nội dung. While they bởi vì that the plugin also keeps track of all the user’s database for you.

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A perfect plugin to lớn invest in if you want to lớn promote và grow your audience interactions, Facebook SpiderLink is probably the best option and deserves a place on our list!

Key Features:Increased User Interactions and engagement.Easy Install & Set-up.Content Restriction feature.User information saved in your Database.Multi-Page & timeline friendly.Optimized conversation.Dedicated & friendly customer tư vấn.

Price: $49 Regular License (6 months of updates & support)

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5. Facebook Messenger (Premium)


Being connected with your users on Facebook has never been easier now that Facebook Messenger Plugin is available for WordPress. It is basically a messaging premium plugin meant especially for your WordPress based websites. Never miss any potential customer anymore now that you can even receive your user’s messages và save sầu their details!

Therefore the number one Facebook messaging phầm mềm supports all language & features instant notification system to keep you và your users updated. What more can you wish for?

Key Features:Easy & Faskiểm tra way khổng lồ stay connected through Facebook.Instant notification system.Richer Customer base.WooCommerce compatible.Fully Customizable.Unlimited color scheme option.Responsive and User-Friendly.Lifetime Updates & RTL ready.

Price: $25 Regular License (6 months of updates và support)

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6. Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress (Premium)


Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress, this handy widget can also be used for any other social sites other than Facebook. 3-cliông xã configuration & you are phối to get more shares, traffic fans, and popularity through your social truyền thông platforms. Supporting all the major social sites like- Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn etc, you can now easily integrate them into a slider on your WordPress.

Display the posts and pages that you want in a matter of minutes, with quiông chồng và Live sầu PReview. Here is an outlook khổng lồ what the plugin features for their users.

Key Features:Easy Installation & Set Up.Multilingual and Translation ready.Flexible positioning.di động friendly & responsive layouts.Supports almost all online platforms.Light/Dark color schemes.Multi-tab layouts.PHPhường standalone available.

Price: $đôi mươi Regular License (6 months of updates & support)

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7. FBomatic (Premium)


Another great WordPress Facebook plugin, FBomatic, is a Facebook Automatic Post Generator and Aulớn Poster tool that is developed & enables you to lớn giới thiệu your nội dung and drive sầu the Facebook traffic khổng lồ your websites và blogs. With the really easy interface and multiple user options this plugin certainly deserves to be one of the best out there.

Want to promote và grow your business and trang web, well the solution is here. This premium plugin also features great tư vấn và excellent results và hence, remains here on our danh mục of Best WordPress Facebook Plugins!

Key Features:Automatic post publishingImport content from facebook.Multi-Language support.Built-in text synonymizer.Geo-Location targeting.Automatically generate featured image.High unique tư vấn.

Price: $29 Regular License (6 months of updates & support)

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8. Facebook Events Calendar for WordPress (Premium)


Using Facebook for promoting a business or for other purposes related to lớn business has become more popular nowadays. The most important aspect khổng lồ that is obviously keeping your users updated about it! And with Facebook Events Plugin, you can vì exactly that with ease.

Create your Events on the easy calendar for WordPress và furthermore display them on your site for your users to see. Additionally, you also get khổng lồ choose the layout for the calendar. Whether widget or shortcode, this is flexible enough khổng lồ work both ways as well!

Key Features:PHP standalone version available.The choice for layout: Compact & Full.Create events và display them on your site.Quiông xã view event’s information with tooltip.Calendar View/ListView.User-Friendly Interface.Option to use it like Widget or Shortcodes.

Price:  $đôi mươi RegularLicense (6 months of updates và support)

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9. Facebook Widget (Free)


Another great miễn phí WordPress Facebook widget or plugin, Facebook Widget is a lightweight & easy plugin for Fb page feeds by Milap Patel. Integrate your Facebook into lớn your site fast & effectively!

Moreover, you can show posts, timelines, covers và other elements of your Facebook page and help your users interact with you. Fully customizable, get all the elements according khổng lồ your preference easily with almost zero efforts with this amazing WordPress Facebook plugin!

Key Features:Lightweight và easy configuration.Shortcode support.Fast and Helpful Customer tư vấn.Responsive and sản phẩm điện thoại friendly layout.Fully Customizable.User-Friendly Interface.Option lớn add application id from your FB application.User-Friendly Interface.

Price: Free

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10. Facebook Aukhổng lồ Publish


Want khổng lồ immediately nói qua all of your posts from your blog to lớn your Facebook for your users lớn see? Well, Facebook Auto lớn Publish gives you the freedom to lớn vày so. Publish and giới thiệu your blog post instantly with some quiông chồng configurations.

Additionally, you can choose to post them all và categorize them to lớn your preference. Adding khổng lồ that save your time and filter the contents that you want to lớn be published from what you don’t want. Get nothing but the best service with this amazing WordPress Facebook Plugin or Widget, Facebook Aulớn Publish

Key Features:Publish Posts lớn Facebook with Images.Attach or nói qua a link on Facebook.Customizable messages formats for FB.Filter items lớn be shared based on categories and post types.Enable or Disable WordPress Page publishing.Schedule và edit the publish dates.Post Title, Description, Excerpt, Permalink và Post ID.

Price:  Free

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Wrapping it Up!

All in all with these WordPress Facebook plugins and widgets, you can not only include sliders and posts & pages from your Facebook, but we have sầu also listed messengers to lớn help you stay connected. We hope with this article we have made sure that all your dilemmas regarding the topic have been answered.

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