How To Create Zalo Official Account


Zalo, launched in 2012 lớn provide fast and reliable messaging on Vietnam’s 3G infrastructure, currently dominates the Southeast Asia Market. With over 100 million users worldwide and 900 million messages sent daily, it is quickly gaining popularity. Today, Zalo has grown lớn become a “Super App” incorporating a wide range of features & add- on options to lớn the primary benefit of instant messaging and calling. For most local & international businesses, Zalo has become a very cost-effective & useful engagement channel, ideal for automated two-way customer interactions.

Why Zalo for your business?

Zalo acts as a powerful customer engagement tool. Businesses can post articles, và skết thúc out interactive nội dung directly to lớn their target customers with embedded rich truyền thông including images, videos, audio and stickers. Zalo’s embedded in-ứng dụng transactional features support secure product purchases. Through Zalo shop/Brvà pages ứng dụng users can book appointments, schedule visits & delivery, and Pay utility bills, browse and buy products and services that a business has khổng lồ offer.With Zalo Chatbots, businesses can sover & receive real time updates from customers/ users directly through chat using broadcast messaging and notifications.With Zalo ads, businesses can advertise và launch targeted campaigns directly in the users feed by filtering audience based on demographic variables including age, location, device và more. Additionally, Businesses can access statistics on page activity, message delivery rates, and user interactions rates etc. to lớn derive useful market insights.

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Let’s us look at how to phối up Zalo Chabot for your business

The process happens in 2 stages. First, you have sầu to lớn create an official Zalo tài khoản for your business. It takes around 12-14 hours to get approved. Once the official account has been approved configure it to lớn use the API và integrate a Chabot.

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Here is how you can register for an official Zalo account for your business.

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Provide access khổng lồ your personal Zalo trương mục by clicking “allow”.Select the “Create a new official account” option.Choose the type of trương mục. This depends on your business type/goal & cannot be changed once the registration is completed.In the next step fill in your business details including, account name, business type, description, tương tác details, etc. and upload a cover image and select an avatar.Clichồng on “Submit Registration Information” and complete the registration.You can manage your business trương mục & further details including products, categories, images, etc. by going lớn the “Official trương mục management section”.Once your official trương mục has been approved, follow the below instructions to configure it lớn use the API.

Step 1 : Register on Zalo for developers & create an application. Select my application ->Create new application



Step 3 : Once the application has been completed và links it to your official tài khoản. Select application in the drop-down on the upper right-h& corner of the page ->Select Official trương mục from the options on the left -> Select the Official trương mục that has to be linked -> Cliông chồng on “Link”


Step 4 : Get approval for the actions/rights needed when using the Zalo API. Submit the nhận xét after selecting the rights you need to use. This includes selecting the type of messages/ responses you would like lớn skết thúc or receive through Zalo. The request will be approved in 1 minute.


Step 5 : Get the Request access token, find the instructions here. This gives access rights khổng lồ điện thoại tư vấn APIs for integrating the Chatbot for the official tài khoản. Step 6 : Integrate Zalo for business with the Chatbot platkhung using the access token và go live sầu with a Zalo chatbot for your business!

Equipped to lớn help businesses make customer interactions seamless & more personal, Zalo business Chatbots can automate & enhance customer experiences, making them frictionless and engaging. Our AI-powered Zalo chatbots can help transkhung your customer service, provide automated FAQ support & drastically cut down your cost to serve by manifold. Widen your customer reach & exp& your channel capabilities with Zalo business chatbots. Contact us for a personalized chạy thử and go live sầu in 4 weeks on your customers’ favourite channel with AI-powered multilingual Zalo business Chatbots!