Of the Chinese phone brands currently gaining popularity in the West, Oppo is notable – its reach is increasing at pace, with a wide selection of smartphones hitting most price points. 

Sure, it isn’t in the same league as Samsung or Apple, or even its Chinese rivals such as Xiaongươi and Huawei, but its popularity is certainly growing, and we’re expecting to lớn see lots of big things from the company in 2021 và beyond.

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If you’re a người of premium-looking smartphones, top camera capabilities và screen innovations, then it would be worth keeping an eye on Oppo và the devices it launches.

To help you learn more about Oppo, this guide covers the company’s history, the phones it’s launched, và what we might see from Oppo in the future. 

A brief history of Oppo

Oppo Reno 2 (Image credit: Future)

 Oppo was founded in 2004, with its first products focusing on the audio devices market. The company has continued to keep a finger in the audio and home page theater pie.

In 2008, Oppo launched its first di động phone – a distinctive device as a result of the smiley face on its rear. This was followed by the company’s first điện thoại thông minh in 2011.

The brand has continued khổng lồ see growth since, now selling products in around 40 different countries around the world.

Like Realme, OnePlus và Vivo, Oppo is also affiliated with tech conglomerate BBK Electronics, and we often see Oppo put out very similar products khổng lồ those of OnePlus, so it seems the companies cốt truyện R&D or production. Just compare the Oppo Find X2 Pro & OnePlus 8 Pro if you"re in doubt.

 Some of BBK’s other brands have distanced themselves from the conglomerate; for example, Vivo has asserted its independence of the company.

What phones does Oppo make?

Oppo Find X2 (Image credit: zerovn.net)

In most countries, Oppo sells handsets under three key lines; in others, the company has a few more lines, but they’re not widely available. We’ve also seen some concept devices from the company, such as the Oppo X Nenvì and Oppo X 2021.

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Sitting at the top of the tree is the Find X line, with the Find X3 series the brand’s flagship for 2021. Available in Pro and Lite models, the phones feature top screen specs, bespoke camera sensors from Sony, & often comm& high prices. The Lite models are typically more affordable, however.

Next up is the mid-range Reno series of smartphones, whose latest addition is the Reno 5 line. These comprise ‘standard’, Pro and ‘Z’ (‘Lite’ in all but name) models, & take the specs & features of the Find X line, but in more affordable bodies.

The Reno handsets are either launched sporadically in various regions, or made available in one country only, then sold elsewhere at a later date with tweaked specs. We’ve sầu also seen Reno phones rebranded as Find X devices, sold as mid-spec models in those lines, so it can get a little confusing.

Lastly, we have the Oppo A phones. These handsets typically come with decent-sized screens, generous batteries & low prices. There have sầu been good & bad Oppo A phones, but if you’re looking for a cheap và cheerful device then you could vì chưng a lot worse.

Oppo phone availability information

Oppo A72 (Image credit: Future)

Oppo sells its devices in the UK, in European countries lượt thích Italy, France & Germany, and in nước Australia. However, it hasn’t sold smartphones in the US for a good few years, though some of its early smartphones got releases there.

The Oppo Find X phones follow a yearly release pattern, with unveilings around March. In the past this has typically coincided with the annual tech show, MWC.

Oppo Reno phones are released roughly twice a year, but this isn’t mix in stone. Since launching in mid-2019, the Oppo Reno line has seen five sầu generations. It’s hard to lớn say exactly when we’ll see each new line, especially since the company may stagger launches across various regions.

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There’s no concrete release pattern for Oppo’s A-series handsets, although in the past we’ve sầu seen a new Mã Sản Phẩm hit the market every couple of months.

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