Service Url Parameter Mo


Receive sầu MO SMS via API Callback

The system can dispatch MO-SMS from endpoints as HTTP.. POST requests towards a user-configurable URL. The URL of the receiving VPS needs to lớn be specified in a Service Profile which the endpoint has assigned. The system will then skết thúc the MO SMS as a JSON payload if the destination address of the SMS is an invalid MSISDN (8 digits or less).

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Example Service Protệp tin with an API Callbaông xã URL và API Secret:

Note: The application VPS that is receiving the API callbaông xã needs lớn respond with HTTPhường Code 2XX lớn accept the request.

API Callbaông chồng Secret

If an API Secret is provided in the Service Protệp tin, callbacks using this URL will contain an Authorization header with a JSON Web Token included. The api_secret is used as the Signing Key of the JWT in this header in the following format:

API Callbachồng Auth Header

By verifying the signing key of the JWT, your hệ thống can ensure the request is coming from If no api_secret exists in the Service Profile, the request will not contain an Authorization header.

Example request body sent to API callback URL:


Delivery Receipts

The callbachồng URL may also be used to lớn receive sầu SMS delivery receipts in the size of a PATCH request. When the SMS interface for an endpoint is phối to lớn use REST-API in the corresponding Service Profile, MT messages triggered via API will generate payloads toward the callbachồng URL with a payload in the following format:

A2Phường / P2P Routing Our system distinguishes A2Phường SMS (application-to-person) from P2Phường SMS (person-to-person) based on the length of the source (MO SMS) or the destination (MT SMS) address.

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If there are 8 digits or less (i.e. an invalid MSISDN), an SMS will be considered A2P. If there are 9 digits or more, an SMS will be processed as MSISDoanh Nghiệp và will be considered P2P.

To dispatch SMS MO lớn your application (A2P) and at the same time have P2P.. SMS enabled, the destination number (dest_address) must be limited to lớn 8 digits or less.

"id": 123, "endpoint": "id": 1, "name": "Your Endpoint" , "organisation": "id": 4, "name": "Your Organisation Name" , "source_address": 432311234, "dest_address": 12345678, "payload": "This is the message text", "dcs": 0, "pid": 0, "submit_date":
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