Lỗi error loading media file not found


Summary: Are you facing ‘Error in Loading Media: File Could Not Be Opened’ message when trying khổng lồ watch online videos? Learn how lớn fix this truyền thông file error in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers on Windows, Mac & Android.The post also shares the best method lớn repair downloaded videos not playing on PC & Mac drives.Quý Khách vẫn xem: Khắc phục lỗi error loading media



Figure: Media file error in online video

You have sầu just enrolled in a self-paced open online course khổng lồ learn a new skill or to lớn complete your degree while in-between jobs or lớn watch Billboard’s Top 100 picks to soothe your soul after a long tiring day. Be it for solace or for mere self-help, videos have sầu made a significant impact on our lives and have sầu flooded websites và social truyền thông outlets.

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However, things may take an abrupt halt when while playing a đoạn Clip on the host website, the screen throws ‘Error in Loading Media: File Could Not Be Opened’ message. This error although commonly reported in Chrome, can occur in any browser, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or other.

So, if you encounter media tệp tin loading error, what will you do? How will you troubleshoot this issue? Here we will giới thiệu how you can fix the ‘media tệp tin could not be played’ error in any browser on PC, Mac và Android.

How lớn Fix “Media File Could Not Be Played” Error

Each time you are encountered with Media File Could Not Be Played error while playing a video clip, it’s mostly due khổng lồ a browser issue.

Here are some easy solutions you can try lớn fix the error on your PC, Mac, or Android phone:

Reset your browser settings.Update to the lademo version of browser.Delete cache, cookies and browser history.Play the truyền thông file in incognikhổng lồ mode.Turn off hardware acceleration.Disable browser extensions.

Try the below workarounds that may fix the truyền thông loading error on PC, Mac, iPhone, & di động phone:

Ensure good Internet tốc độ on your system.Try khổng lồ play đoạn phim in another browser.xuất hiện only your source đoạn phim website. Cthua kém all other browser windows.If possible, watch videos in low quality. Clichồng on đoạn Clip Settings > Quality. Select a lower unique (resolution or frame rate) view.

Method 1: Rephối your browser settings

Changing browser settings might help you to resolve sầu ‘Media file could not be played’ error. When you rephối, all data including Chrome settings, extensions, và browsing history are removed.

Steps khổng lồ remix browser settings in Chrome:

xuất hiện Chrome.Click the three vertical dots on the top-right corner (Customize và control Google Chrome)ClickSettings > Advanced.On Windows PC: UnderReset and clean up,clickOn Mac: ClickRestore settings to their original defaults.

Now open the host trang web of your video clip & see if it plays without the error.

Method 2: Update khổng lồ the lathử nghiệm version of browser

If the media file loading error appears in any browser, ensure that you are using the lakiểm tra version.

Steps to lớn update Chrome browser (on Windows/ Mac)

mở cửa Chrome.Cliông xã the three vertical dots on the top-right corner of the toolbar and clickHelp > About Google Chrome


Figure: Update or Relaunch Chrome in PC

3. If a new version is available, you will see an option “Update Google Chrome”, else your Google Chrome is up khổng lồ date. You may see Relaunch button, if Chrome finds new updates, click on it khổng lồ finish this process.

If you still get the error message, clear cabịt, and cookies and then play the media file.

How lớn update browser in Android phone?

Installed browsers on your Android phone should automatically update, when you have turned on Auto-update apps in Play Store Settings. However, you can also kiểm tra if there’s a new browser update available to fix error loading media tệp tin could not be played in Android.

Steps lớn update browser in Android:

On your Android phone or tablet, open Play Store tiện ích.At the top-left, tap Menu> My apps và games.


Figure: Google Play Store Settings

3. Under Updates find your browser.

4. Next to lớn Chrome, tap Update.

Method 3: Delete cabít, cookies & browser history

Steps khổng lồ delete cađậy, cookies và browser history on Chrome:

xuất hiện Google Chrome browserCliông xã on Settings.Scroll down lớn Advanced > Privacy & security.Cliông chồng on Clear browsing data.

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Figure: Clear browsing data under Privacy and Security

Click on You can also select the time range of deleting this data from Last hour, 24 hours to lớn All time.Select Browsing history, Download history, Cached images and files, Cookies and other site data.

Figure: Clear browsing data window

Cliông chồng Clear Data.

To clear cabít & cookies in other web browsers, go through this link:https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic

How to clear cabịt, cookies and browser history on Android phone?

Launch Chrome on your Android device & cliông chồng on three dots on the top-right.Go toSettings> Privacy.

Figure: Chrome Settings in Android

Scroll down and select Clear Browsing Data.Set theTime RangetoAll-time

Figure: Clear data in Chrome on Android phone

Chechồng Cookies and site dataandCached images và files, & clickClear data.

After deleting cabít và cookies, try playing the truyền thông media file. If the issue persists, try playing the truyền thông media tệp tin in the incognikhổng lồ mode.

Method 4: Play media tệp tin in incognito mode

Incognikhổng lồ doesn’t store any cookies và automatically deletes your tìm kiếm and browsing histories. Simply press ‘CTRL + SHIFT + N’ keys khổng lồ turn on incognito mode. Enter the trang web liên kết & play the file.

Method 5: Turn off hardware acceleration

If you’re having trouble playing the truyền thông media file, this could be due khổng lồ hardware acceleration. When enabled, hardware acceleration passes graphical intensive sầu tasks within the browser to make it perkhung better. However, it may be the cause of ‘Media File Could Not Be Played’ error; therefore, disable it and then play the truyền thông media file.

Steps lớn disable hardware acceleration in Chrome on PC/ Mac:

On the Chrome toolbar, clickSettings > Advanced.

System window” width=”471″ height=”237″>

Figure: Chrome Settings> System window

2. UnderSystem,toggle-off theUse hardware acceleration when availableoption.

Method 6: Disable browser extensions

If the ‘Error loading media. File could not be played’ error is occurring because of browser extensions, disable them.

You can kiểm tra if the browser extensions are causing the error. xuất hiện the đoạn Clip hosting website in Incognito lớn Mode và play its Clip. If the video plays smoothly without any error, it indicates, an extension is causing the media tệp tin error.

Steps to lớn disable extensions in Chrome:

Open Chrome & click on the three vertical dots.Clichồng More tools > Extensions.

Figure: Remove sầu or Toggle off Extensions in Chrome

4. Next cthua the window, reopen the browser, & check if the video error is fixed.

Can’t play downloaded và saved videos on PC, Mac, Android phone!

If you’re unable to lớn play đoạn Clip files saved on your Windows, Mac or điện thoại thông minh, utilize a Clip repair toolto lớn troubleshoot the issue. When files are not completely downloaded or there is an interruption in the transfer process, you’re likely khổng lồ encounter video clip playbachồng errors.

This is when Stellar Repair for Videois a viable option. You can easily overcome đoạn phim tệp tin corruption using the software, resolveaudio-Clip sync issues andrepair choppy/distorted/grainy/jerky videofiles.


It’s annoying khổng lồ face ‘Error loading truyền thông media. File could not be played’ in any browser when you want to lớn watch an important đoạn phim. One of the above methods can help you lớn fix the truyền thông file error in Chrome or other browser on you computers and Android devices.

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Do cốt truyện with our readers in the bình luận section below stating which method to fix truyền thông tệp tin loading error worked in your case.