To rephối the regional settings you need to first select any different setting.Quý Khách vẫn xem: Lỗi current printer is unavailable select another printer

However MS Office still shows the printers as being unavailable.

Bạn đang xem: Lỗi current printer is unavailable select another printer


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Ada bayak kemungkinan yang terjadi pada sistem komputer maupun sistem pada printer.

Current printer is unavailable select another printer. Follow these simple steps khổng lồ fix current printer is unavailable select another in excel 1 Cliông xã on start 2 Type Run 3 Open Run 4 Type Regedit 5 Cliông chồng OK 6 Click Yes 7 Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER 8 Open Software 9 xuất hiện Microsoft 10 mở cửa Windows NT 11 xuất hiện CurrentVersion 12 Right Click On Windows And Select Permissions. I am able to successfully print thử nghiệm pages to all printers from the Printers và devices printer properties on all printers. I have sầu tried uninstallingreinstalling printers restarting the Spool service emptying the Spoolprinter.

In this Clip we will see how to lớn fix current printer is unavailable select another printer in excel. Lỗi thường xuyên gặp mặt. Làm nắm như thế nào nhằm giải quyết và xử lý lỗi in khó tính này.

Thực hiện tại theo các bước dưới đây nhằm sửa lỗi Current Printer Is Unavailable Select Another Printer khi in tệp tin Excel. In the excel spreadsheet you want khổng lồ print. Solution to me.

I load a real spreadsheet I cannot print. If playbaông chồng doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. If u r sure nothing is wrong wurs applicatons then right click the printer kiểm tra mix as defaultand go khổng lồ property clichồng Device option tab and remix ur memorythat support by urs printer.

Select Another Printer Error - How To Fix. Print test page always works. Current Printer Is Unavailable Select Another Printer In Excel Error FIX TutorialThe error Printer driver is unavailable means that the driver installed.

Update the printer driver The Printer driver is unavailable error message can be caused by an outdated driver. Current printer is unavailable. Current Printer Is UnavailableSelect Another Printer SolutionWhen trying to lớn print TurboLaw documents an error message appears saying that the Printer is.

I create an empty Excel 2013 workbook add one number to one cell & I can print. Well 1 I dont have another printer 2 Im not having any print problems with other applications. Select Add a printer or scanner.

Select another printer From Excel I clichồng File then Print. Current Printer Is Unavailable Select Another Printer khi in ấn File Excel. Khi chúng ta bước đầu mtại một tệp tin vận dụng của Microsoft Office nó vẫn không những load phần lớn đọc tin về tệp tin bạn muốn.

You may set the default printer into lớn Microsoft XPS Document Writer or Sover to lớn OneNote in Windows 8 then try to lớn save sầu the Excel file as PDF and verify the status. When I try from Excel the messege is a little different Current printer is unavailable.

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When I try khổng lồ print from IE8 or Word 2007 I get the messege before you can print you need khổng lồ select a printer và I select either printer and it does not make the print button active sầu.

Clicking on 5550 or 990c which I have been using brings up the message again. Current printer is unavailable. In the printer box it shows HPhường LaserJet M2727 PCL 6 và the word Ready.

StartSettingsControl PanelRegional Settingschoose a setting và cliông xã OK Then restart you computer Then reselect your original setting. The user has Windows 7 Pro MS Office 2010 Pro và Acrobat X installed. It then gives a danh sách of printers mostly pdf etc.

Ad Monitor Audit và Control all Network Printing. Microsoft Excel - Current Printer Is Unavailable. Cara Mengataham Current Printer is Unavailable Select Another Printer Penyebab munculnya notifikaham current printer is unavailable bukan semata-mata karena printer rusak.

I can open Wordpad và print just fine. Thỉnh thoảng bạn sẽ gặp mặt lỗi Printer is not available Lúc ý muốn in tệp tin Word Excel Powerpoint với Microsoft Office. Microsoft XPS Document Writer and without any OK or cancel re-select your real print và IT WORKED.

Suddenly out of the xanh today for no reason I can see when I try to lớn print any Excel worksheet or part of same I get this msg. For instance if you have recently migrated to Windows 10 from an older Windows version its possible that your current printer driver is no. I recently got an update lớn Windows10 which detects that my printer is a 7350 & puts a message up.

When we select another printer that one too shows unavailable và we need lớn select another printer. Current printer is unavailable. This solutionfix will work on Windows VistaWindows 7.

Chạy hành lang cửa số Run bằng cách dìm Windows R. StartSettingsControl PanelRegional Settingsselect & click OK Then restart you computer. Select print then select a different printer I selected.

Let us know if this fixes it. Refer the links below to lớn change the mặc định printer in Windows 8. Navigate khổng lồ the affected print queue HKEY_CURRENT_USER- Printers- Connections.

Wait for the system to detect your printer and follow the on-screen instructions. If the problem persists it may be a print queue issue try deleting the affected print queue.