How to live stream iphone screen to facebook


Create polished Facebook Live streams và connect with your audience like never before. Switcher’s built-in Facebook integration lets you effortlessly livestream to lớn Facebook, helping you expand & engage your audience using just iPhones and iPads.

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Facebook Live is a powerful way khổng lồ reach your audience and build authentic relationships in real time. With Switcher, you can create professional, Facebook Live stream & edit them while you’re streaming — quickly adding in text, titles, logos, graphics, & prerecorded video.

Interview remote guests from anywhere in the world, capture your content from up to lớn 9 different camera angles, interact with your audience in real time by hosting live demonstrations or Q&A sessions, và more. You can even display comments on screen in real time, crosspost your stream to lớn multiple Facebook Pages, & conduct live polls.

And as an official partner of Facebook Live, Switcher lets you customize your live videos with our simple, easy-to-use interface. There’s no need lớn buy fancy equipment — your iPhones và iPads are all you’ll need, letting you livestream at home, in your office or studio, or on the go. Plus, you can even record videos to nội dung later in crystal clear 4K resolution.

Live Selling with Switcher lets you create branded shoppable livestreams on Facebook — giving your viewers a polished và professional live shopping experience. Switcher’s powerful live selling tools help you grow your online sales, better engage with your viewers, and expand your customer base.


User-friendly features to spruce up your Facebook Live videos

Easily stream to Facebook Live in one tap and captivate your viewers with high-quality video clip content. With Switcher’s easy-to-use tools, you’ll be producing amazing video clip content for your Facebook audience in no time.

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Brand your broadcasts with logos & graphics

Create professional livestreams by adding logos, graphics, overlays, and prerecorded video — ensuring that your live videos match the look and feel of your brand.

Encourage engagement with on-screen comments and live polling

Show viewers’ comments on screen và answer questions in real time. You can even conduct live polls & display the results as they happen.

Invite guests from around the globe

Welcome live guests, co-hosts, or interviewees from anywhere in the world with clip Chat. They can easily join, và even nội dung their screen, using any computer or điện thoại cảm ứng with a camera.

Show the action from every point of view

Connect up to lớn 9 iPhone & iPad cameras and switch between devices lớn capture every angle of the action.

Maximize mobility using ios devices

Livestream from anywhere using your iPhone or iPad, and never worry about lugging around bulky equipment again.

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Get more value from your live videos

Monetize your live videos by adding calls-to-action or streaming ticketed Facebook Live events.