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Hondomain authority Livo BS6 is a commuter bike available at a price range of Rs. 69,971 to lớn 74,171 in India. It is available in 2 variants & 4 colours. The Livo BS6 is a powered by 109cc BS6 engine mated khổng lồ a 4 is speed gearbox . This engine of Livo BS6 develops a power of 8.79 ps và a torque of 9.30 nm . The Honda Livo BS6 gets drum brakes in the front & rear. The Honda Livo BS6 weighs 115 kg and has a fuel tank capađô thị of 9 liters.

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The Honda Livo BS6 was launched starting at Rs 70,056, making it the most premium 110cc commuter offering from Honda in India. It is Rs 10,000 more expensive sầu than its BS4 predecessor và this is due lớn the addition of fuel-injection & some extra features. The xe đạp has now received its first price hike which makes it Rs 557 more expensive than before. The Honda Livo BS6 drum & disc variant is priced at Rs 70,059 & Rs 74,259 respectively. The bike competes against the TVS Star City Plus BS6 and Hero Passion Pro BS6.

The price of Honda Livo BS6 starts at Rs. 69,971 & goes upto lớn Rs. 74,171. Hondomain authority Livo BS6 is offered in 2 variants - Drum & the top variant Livo BS6 Disc which comes at a price tag of Rs. 74,171.
The Livo is now powered by an all-new 109.51cc engine. This is the same motor that is used in the CD 110 Dream as well, where it churns out 8.8PS và 9.3Nm. It should also make the Livo more fuel efficient than before. The engine is paired khổng lồ a 4-speed gearbox. Holding the xe đạp together is a single-downtube cradle frame suspended on a telescopic fork và twin shoông xã absorbers. The Livo is stopped by 130milimet drum brakes at both ends, but a 240milimet front disc is available as an option.

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he Honda Livo BS6 is available in two variants: Drum and Disc. The former, priced at Rs 70,059, has khổng lồ make vì with 130mm drum brakes at both ends while the Deluxe pháo version is equipped with a 240mm front disc brake. The latter retails at Rs 74,259 (ex-showroom)

Hondomain authority has tried lớn give sầu the Livo a youthful appearance with an attractive nội y fairing và smart toàn thân panels. There are some bold colour options on offer and small touches lượt thích body-coloured rear-view mirrors lkết thúc the xe đạp a premium overall look. The sizeable tank extensions give the bike some mass & make it look modern.
The Livo BS6 is a more feature-rich motorcycle than its predecessor. The new engine is now brought khổng lồ life by a silent ACG starter, and Honda has included an engine kill-switch and side-stvà cut-off as well. Instrumentation continues to be semi-digital but the thiết kế of the console is new.

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The 110cc commuter space is a hotly contested segment and the Livo has lớn fend off the likes of the TVS Star City Plus BS6, Hero Passion Pro BS6 and Bajaj Platimãng cầu 110.