Welcome khổng lồ! is one of the best Instagram downloader websites which is specially designed to lớn download Instagram photos, videos, IG TV, album, multitruyền thông media &reels đoạn phim for không tính phí. We know that Instagram has not any option to lớn tải về photos and videos but what if we need to tải về from Instagram. Well, sầu online will be yourfriover that helps you lớn bring original images or videos from Instagram in HD unique as the same uploaded on Instagram.

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Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing sites in the world. It is an American phokhổng lồ và video-sharing social networking site which is owned by Facebook and created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010. It allows us lớn upload mediathat can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags & geographical tagging. (Source: Wikipedia)


Important Features of

It is having a lot of features related lớn Instagram. It is same as saveinsta Instagram downloader.

No need khổng lồ log in or signupFaskiểm tra Instagram downloader in the marketFriendly và easy to navigateStart Instagram downloading in 3 steps

How khổng lồ Download Instagram Photos?

If you want khổng lồ download photos from Instagram then sầu will be the best option for you to lớn tải về images directly from Instagram in jpg without any limitation.


Select the đoạn Clip or picture that you want lớn download from InstagramCopy links from menu or address barPaste the link on the above input đầu vào boxClick on tải về button to convert Instagram link to lớn downloadable pholớn linkNow, Clichồng on Download links khổng lồ start downloading

How lớn Download Instagram Videos?

What if you found mind-blowing Instagram videos? There is not any option khổng lồ download Instagram videos. If we talk about Instagram photos then you can take a screenshot also but for the video clip you can"t. So, You have sầu khổng lồ rely on Instagramđoạn phim downloaders. It"ll help you in downloading videos from Instagram in MP4. W3toys is also amazing Instagram đoạn Clip downloader online. Follow below process khổng lồ tải về videos from Instagramonline.

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Go lớn Instagram application or website và choose your favourite videoCopy liên kết from menu or address bar of the Instagram videoPaste the liên kết in the above sầu input đầu vào boxClichồng on tải về button lớn convert Instagram links to downloadable MP4 Clip linkNow, Clichồng on Download link to start downloading

Steps to Download from Computer/PC:

You may search for Instagram downloader software for pc. But If we tell you that there is no need of downloading software or browser addon for Instagram. Only you have khổng lồ browse Instagram downloader website from any browser. You should follow the below process to download from Instagram:


xuất hiện Instagram website in the browserClichồng on the Instagram post and copy the URL from the address barThen, cliông xã on the tải về buttonFinally, Right-cliông xã mouse & choose "Save sầu link as..." or hit on the download links to lớn start downloading.

Steps to download from Smartphone (iPhone, Android...):

If you are reading this means you may be a thiết bị di động user & want to lớn tải về Instagram photos/videos/reels/IGTV from a điện thoại thông minh then you must use downloadgram Instagram downloader inthe browser. Let"s follow the below process khổng lồ use Instagram downloader for Smartphone device:

Install và Open the Instagram appSelect your favourite Instagram postthen Cliông chồng on the three dots on the upper right corner& choose COPY LINK optionHit on Download now buttonWait, It"ll automatically convert Instagram khổng lồ a downloadable link

There are many websites that allow you khổng lồ tải về from Instagram but we are chất lượng from them. We try our best khổng lồ update downloader with Instagram algorithm changes. Now, It"s time for you to show love sầu by sharing tool with yourfriends on social truyền thông media and let them know about this Instagram downloader.

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