Spotify Officially Launches In Vietnam


Spotify <2,465 articles>" href= >Spotify has today gone live sầu in South Africa, Israel and Vietnam, meaning that the platform is now available in 64 countries worldwide.

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The combined population of the three countries is approximately 160m, with cthua kém khổng lồ 95m people in Vietnam alone.

Spotify offers South African customers the opportunity to sign up for its Premium service via a 30-day không tính tiền trial.

After this trial, the Premium tier costs 59.99 South African Rand a month – equivalent lớn around US $5.

In Vietphái nam, would-be customers pay 59,000 Vietnamese Dong per month for a subscription – equivalent to lớn around $2.50. They are also offered the 30-day trial.

In Israel, meanwhile, a Premium subscription sets you back 19.90 NIS per month – equivalent to lớn around $5.80.

The platform’s arrival in Israel was marked with the below video clip featuring the likes of Major Lazer and Maroon 5.

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Today’s move sầu represents Spotify’s biggest international expansion since it became available in xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan in August last year.

Prior khổng lồ that move, Spotify launched in Japan in September năm nhâm thìn.

Local reports suggest that a Spotify press conference is expected khổng lồ be held in Johannesburg, South Africa tomorrow (March 13) where more details on the launch in that market are expected.

According khổng lồ Spotify’s recent F-1 filing with the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the company counted 159 million monthly active sầu users at the kết thúc of 2017.

These included over 71 million Spotify Premium subscribers.Music Business Worldwide

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