CMC Telecom’s efforts to lớn become a top-class partner of Google Cloud is a big part of its multi-cloud strategy.

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Leon Spencer (Channel Asia)03 June, 2021 16:06

Dang Tung Son (CMC Telecom)

Credit: CMC Telecom

Hanoi-based telecommunications provider CMC Telecom has become Google"s first ‘Sell’ Premier Partner in Vietphái nam, marking the company as the only telco from the country thus far lớn be certified as a Premier Partner of Google Cloud. 

To get its newfound standing in the Google Cloud partner ecosystem – the top tier of the vendor’s three-tier structure, which includes Member, Partner and Premier – CMC Telecom experts needed khổng lồ acquire at least trăng tròn certificates and be directly trained và tested by Google in a wide range of fields including sales, sales consulting và technical tư vấn. 

As is the case with many partner programs, CMC Telecom also needed khổng lồ accomplish a challenging sale target phối by Google, và successfully deploy solutions for clients to lớn demonstrate eligibility for an upgrade. 

By successfully deploying solutions for a number of big clients, namely REE Corporation, VNPay và Rikkeisoft, among mỏi others, CMC Telecom was able to lớn prove its expertise in sales as well as the technical aspects associated with the vendor’s solutions.

As a converged services provider (CSP), CMC Telecom’s efforts to become a top-class partner of Google Cloud is a big part of its CSP & multi-cloud strategy. 

As such, the new certification showcases a fierce appetite by the company, which is jointly owned by Vietnamese IT firm CMC Group, to lớn bolster its Google Cloud prowess. It is now working to lớn become a Premier Partner in Google Cloud’s ‘Service’ engagement Mã Sản Phẩm in addition khổng lồ the ‘Sell’ model Premier Partner status it has already attained.

"The fact that CMC Telecom has been upgraded khổng lồ the highest rank of global Premier Partner of Google Cloud not only helps CMC Telecom customers receive sầu in-depth advice and preferential policies, the best đơn hàng for products and services in the Google Cloud ecosystem, but also the commitment of Google và CMC Telecom to accompany during the digital transformation era,” said Dang Tung Son, deputy CEO and CMO of CMC Telecom. 

In 2019, CMC Telecom struông xã another Google Cloud first in Vietphái nam, rolling out tư vấn for Partner Interconnect in the country, designed to allow customers to lớn connect lớn Google Cloud Platsize (GCP) globally.

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The move saw the telecommunications provider become the first in-country specialist of Partner Interconnect, a service delivered through the Google Cloud channel.

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In that instance, the offering represented an evolution of Dedicated Interconnect, which provides direct physical connections between on-premises network and the Google Cloud network.