How to find your facebook url

Tired of looking for your business"s Facebook URL? Make it easy on yourself with this simple tutorial which eliminates the confusion of Facebook URLs.

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Facebook is more than just a place khổng lồ play games and look at pictures of your best friend’s sister’s former roommate’s kids. For the over two billion users who log in lớn Facebook every month, Facebook also acts as a portal khổng lồ information about businesses. What users learn on Facebook can shape their actions & purchasing decisions. Since 68 percent of Americans use Facebook, your business’s Facebook Page can be a powerful kinh doanh tool.

However, getting traffic to lớn your Facebook Page isn’t as easy as it used to be. As algorithms change, organic reach on Facebook Pages is dropping. For businesses, this can mean potential customers won’t find your Facebook Page as easily as they used to—or at all.

To ensure your potential customers find your Facebook Page, provide a little extra help by promoting your Facebook Page across your business’s trang web, emails, & other marketing material. Doing so can make it easier for potential customers to find và follow your Page.

However, before you start promoting your Facebook Page, you’ll need the URL. Finding the URL is a simple process that can put you on the path towards gaining more Facebook followers and converting và engaging with current ones.

How lớn Find Your Facebook URL in 5 Steps or Less

Whether you use a computer or Smartphone device, finding your business’s Facebook URL is a simple process. However, the precise steps will vary based on whether you are using a website browser or tiện ích.

On a Web Browser:

The following steps will help you access your business’s Facebook URL from a web browser on a máy tính xách tay, desktop computer, or Smartphone device.

Log Inlớn Your Facebook Account

Log into Facebook using your established account. If you do not already have sầu an tài khoản, you can create one for free by providing basic information—including your name, phone number or gmail address, password, birthday, và gender.

Search for Your Business Page

Once you’re logged in, enter your business’s name in the white search bar at the top of the Page. Hit “enter” or cliông xã the magnifying glass to lớn see results.

Open Your Business Page

Find your business’s name in the list of tìm kiếm results. Cliông chồng it to navigate to lớn your business’s Facebook Page.

Copy the URL

Once you have sầu opened your business’s Facebook Page, your Facebook Page’s URL will appear in the address bar at the top of the browser. If you’re using a computer, right-click on the address bar to highlight it. If you are using a browser on a Smartphone device, cliông chồng và drag to highlight. Then, cliông xã “Copy.” Now, you can paste your Facebook URL into your emails, website, or other marketing materials.

Using the Facebook App:

The following steps will allow you to lớn access your business’s Facebook URL through the Facebook ứng dụng on your smartphone or tablet.

Log Inkhổng lồ Your Facebook Account

As you would in a web browser, log in to Facebook using your established trương mục. If you don’t have an tài khoản, you can also create one for không tính phí. Facebook has a great FAQ section if you need help with any of those steps along the way.

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Search for Your Business Page

After you’ve sầu logged inkhổng lồ an trương mục, clichồng the magnifying glass inhỏ at the top of the app. A search bar will appear. Enter your business’s name in the search bar.

xuất hiện Your Business Page

Find your business’s name in the menu of tìm kiếm results. Click it to lớn navigate khổng lồ your business’s Facebook Page.

Click the Arrow Button

Once you have opened your business’s Page, you’ll see an arrow that points khổng lồ the right next khổng lồ your business’s name at the very top of the ứng dụng. Clichồng this arrow lớn see more options.

Copy the URL

Cliông chồng the “Copy Link” option khổng lồ save your Facebook URL. Now, you should be able to paste your Facebook URL in other apps & emails.

Having issues finding your Facebook URL?

Finding your Facebook URL is a simple process, so you probably won’t encounter any major problems. However, if you can’t find it on the first try, here are a few possible explanations:

You may be looking at the wrong Facebook Page. Double-kiểm tra khổng lồ make sure you are on your business’s Page.You might be using the wrong phối of directions. There are different steps if you’re using a website browser or the Facebook ứng dụng, so make sure you’re using the right set of directions for you.You may be skipping a step. Try again, ensuring you pay careful attention to each step in the process.

*Looking for a URL of a Facebook Page you don’t own?

Instead of visiting your business’s Page, just visit your target Page and follow the same steps khổng lồ get its URL.

The Benefits of Finding Your Facebook URL

Your Business Can Promote Your Facebook Page

Finding your Facebook URL enables you to promote your Facebook Page on your website, emails, and other promotional materials by linking directly khổng lồ your page. This can help get the word out about your Facebook Page và drive sầu traffic there.

Your Business Can Attract New Followers

Include your Facebook URL in promotional materials to lớn help your business attract new followers. Why is this important? Growing a healthy following on your Facebook Page will help you expvà your reach with a larger network of your followers’ friends. It can also help your organic posts get more engagement & shares—potentially upping your click-through rates to your trang web & other social channels. Plus, having a bigger following can make your business seem more successful and professional to lớn prospective customers.

You’ll Garner More Reviews

Facebook users may look to Facebook reviews for more information on a business. Promoting your Facebook URL can help you attract new nhận xét, which you know can be extremely influential in purchasing decisions. These Review could, in turn, attract new customers & convert leads.

The Pros & Cons of Finding Your Facebook URL

To summarize, finding your Facebook URL offers great benefits. For starters, when you find your URL, it’s easier to promote your Facebook Protệp tin lớn attract new followers và generate more online Đánh Giá. Encouraging customers lớn follow your business also provides a convenient way to reach out to them with news, offers, và announcements. Doing so can strengthen customer loyalty, improve sầu your reputation as a modern & responsive sầu company, and reinforce your branding.

While it may take a few minutes to lớn find your Facebook URL, doing so doesn’t have any major cons. The one potential bé could be that sharing your URL may make unhappy customers more aware of your social truyền thông presence, which could attract their complaints or negative đánh giá. However, this is a great opportunity lớn respond to negative sầu Review, right wrongs, và turn dissatisfied customers bachồng into lớn happy ones.

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Finding your Facebook URL is easy & necessary to cốt truyện your Facebook Page with your customers & leads. Because billions of users enjoy Facebook every day, it’s important lớn increase the visibility of your Facebook Page lớn broaden your reach to more potential customers.

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