Facebook page và profile provide a great value to your business & personal image. Lots of small businesses use the Facebook page as a medium to drive sầu traffic và lead.

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To make the maximum use of Facebook, you need to integrate Facebook services with your trang web. For example, if you want khổng lồ place the chat widget or like button on your website you need to connect your site with Facebook through a quality Facebook Page ID/Protệp tin ID.

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing the integration manually or with a plugin, in both cases, you need to lớn have the unique Facebook ID.

But the question is, how can you find it?

What is Facebook ID: It is a chất lượng id (numeric digits) that Facebook assigns to lớn each page or profile. Facebook uses this quality ID to recognize your page or profile.

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Simple ways to lớn find the Facebook ID

Simple ways khổng lồ find the Facebook ID

Finding Facebook page or protệp tin ID is very simple. In this article, I am going lớn share some practical và easy khổng lồ use methods khổng lồ find the unique id.

1. Within the URL

This is the simplest way to lớn find a Facebook page’s or profile’s Facebook id. Just open any Facebook page or protệp tin and look at the address bar of the browser. You will see something lượt thích this:


So, you can easily locate the Facebook ID in the browser’s address bar by using this simple way.

Caution: If the Facebook page or protệp tin has a custom name then you will not be able lớn see the Facebook ID in the URL.You don’t have khổng lồ worry here, I have another solution for this kind of situation.

2. Looking at the source code

Looking at the source code of any web page provides different types of important information about that particular page. Thus, you have sầu to look at the source HTML code of a Facebook page or profile. Follow the below simple steps to vày this:

Step 1: Visit the Facebook page in your browser.

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Step 2: Now click the right button of your mouse anywhere on the page. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+U) to see the source code of any page.

Quichồng Tip: Don’t clichồng the right mouse button on a hyperlink or image otherwise you will not get the option khổng lồ see the source HTML code of a page.


Step 3: Now tìm kiếm the term “profile_id=” on the source code page. If you are looking for a Facebook page’s id then tìm kiếm the term “page_id=”

Quiông chồng Tip: You can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+F) to find the term.


3. Looking at the About section

If you are not comfortable with going into lớn source code then I have sầu one another way of finding the Facebook page’s ID. Just follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the desired page in your browser.Step 2: Now go to “About” section of the page and scroll down to the bottom.Step 3: Locate the Page ID.

Simple and easy, isn’t it?


Note: The third way doesn’t work for profiles. It only works with Facebook pages. For the privacy concern of the users, Facebook doesn’t show the profile id upfront in the “about” section.

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All three ways work brilliantly, it’s just your choice which one you like và want to lớn use. All the methods are simple & effective it works for every kind of Facebook page và protệp tin. I hope these methods will help you in many situations. If you lượt thích this article, then please nội dung it with your friends and family.