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Integrate your zerovn.net with Facebook Messenger and have sầu your Facebook & website communication in one place - for free.

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Facebook needs no introduction. With almost 1.5 billion daily active sầu users it’s a social media channel that dominates others by audience reach and engagement.

With our refreshed version of the zerovn.net - Facebook Messenger integration, you can handle messages from your Facebook fans in the app directly. The way it works is simple: your FB fans contact you via Messenger, you answer chats in your Agent App.

The best thing is, now it’s free of charge!

But it’s not the only change. Comparing to lớn our first version of this integration, we’ve added a couple of features that might sound interesting khổng lồ you.

send individual cards, hàng hóa carousels, quiông chồng replies & suggested responses. All that to tốc độ your service up và to send more personal và intuitive messages.

if you run a couple of Facebook pages, you might want to lớn add them all lớn your zerovn.net. To make sure that you always know which fan page your messages are coming from, you can create groups & assign right agents khổng lồ them.

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With zerovn.net for Messenger you can keep all your communication channels, without the need to switch between different tabs và applications.

With our dedicated sản phẩm điện thoại apps for both iOS and Android devices, you can make sure that your customers can reach out lớn you wherever they want – via Facebook, chat & email!

App tutorial & thiết lập instructions how to use & properly configure this ứng dụng with your zerovn.net account.
Liên hệ khổng lồ get help và support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Facebook Messenger.

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