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After all, Facebook check-ins are one of the best ways lớn generate word-of-mouth for your business. Not only is each check in typically seen by about 200 friends, but the post itself contains some valuable information about your location, too.

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Take a look at the Anatomy of a Facebook Check-in below:


How khổng lồ Get Notified Of Facebook Check-Ins

Facebook check-ins are great for your business, but how bởi vì you keep track of them? We"ll show you in a moment (it"s easy).

But first, a quiông xã noteFacebook will only show you check-in activity for people you are Facebook friends with or for posts where privacy is phối to "Public". If you don"t see activity even though you know people are checking in at your location, that"s probably why.

With that out of the way, here"s how lớn receive sầu notifications for Facebook check-ins:

Step 1: Log In

The first step is easy:log in khổng lồ Facebook as the Adminof the page you"d lượt thích notifications about. If you"re not ad Admin or need khổng lồ add someone else as one, take a look at this article on how lớn manage roles for your Facebook page.

Step 2: Access your Settings

Well done! You"re doing great so far. Now, clichồng "Settings" in the top navigation bar. Quichồng note: while we try lớn keep this article up khổng lồ date, Facebook does make regular changes to lớn its interface. You might not find these options located exactly as shown in the screenshots below.


Step 3: Update Notifications

Cliông xã "Notifications" on the left-hvà menu.


Next, you"ll see some options for notification preferences. Just choose the option that works best for you.

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However, we suggest the "get one notification every 12-24 hours on all activity" option so you don"t get bogged down by too many notifications. This setting will skết thúc you notifications about all activity on your page (check-ins, likes, comments, shares, etc.).


Step 4 (Optional): Download the Facebook Pages mobile app

If you"d rather keep your personal notification separate from those concerning the pages you manage, give the Facebook Pages Manager Mobile tiện ích a try. Not only will you have an easier time sorting through various Facebook notifications, you"ll also gain another way to respond khổng lồ comments, post updates, and xem trang insights. The Facebook Pages Manager ứng dụng is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How To See Past Facebook Check-Ins

If you"d prefer not to lớn be notified of check-ins (or just happen lớn miss one), you can also monitor Facebook check-ins on your page itself. Here"s how to lớn get there:

Step 1: Instead of clicking "Settings," cliông xã "Notifications.


Step 2: Cliông chồng, "Activity" & then "Check-ins". On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of every recent check-in at your location.

Unfortunately, Facebook won"t show you every check-in that"s taken place at your location. Instead, you"ll only see those that Facebook deems "recent." We"re not sure what time period "recent" refers khổng lồ, but if you kiểm tra this activity at least once a month, you should be fine.


Make Sure To Monitor Facebook Check-Ins Each Month

We recommkết thúc checking you Facebook check-ins activity at least one a monthkhổng lồ make sure everything"s working smoothly. You never know when another page Admin might inadvertently make a change or if Facebook revises the settings needed khổng lồ allow check-ins at your location.

Secondly, make sure to lớn respond khổng lồ visitors when they vị check in. What better way to thank someone for visiting than by adding a "thank you" comment to their check in?

Looking for More Facebook Check-Ins At Your Location?

Finally, if you"d lượt thích to generate more Facebook check-ins at your location, kiểm tra out zerovn.net.

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zerovn.net encourages visitors khổng lồ check-in at your location by supporting a great cause every time they take action. It"s all done through "done-for-you" marketing campaigns you receive each month. Cliông chồng here khổng lồ learn how zerovn.net works, or just fill out the khung below for a không tính tiền demo.

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