Everything you need to know about facebook 360 photos

You can temporarily switch to lớn the Smartphone version of Facebook on your desktop

Option 3: How lớn post a 360 phokhổng lồ on Facebook with Android

First, if your photo is on your desktop, you’ll need khổng lồ transfer it to your phone. From your phone, there are two ways to lớn post it.

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Transferring from your desktop

If your phokhổng lồ is on your desktop, you’ll need to lớn transfer your photo to lớn your phone first. Connect your phone lớn your PC via USB & copy the pholớn to lớn DCIM/Camera, where it will appear in the phone’s Gallery ứng dụng. Alternatively, you can upload your pholớn to Google Drive sầu or some other cloud drive sầu và download lớn your phone. Once the pholớn is in your Gallery, you can post in either of two ways.

From your Android – two ways

Chrome Smartphone browser: The first way khổng lồ post a 360 phokhổng lồ with an Android phone is through the Chrome Mobile browser. Log in khổng lồ Facebook via your Chrome browser & post a 360 pholớn. Before publishing the post, you should see a 360 symbol that shows that Facebook recognizes your phokhổng lồ as a 360 phokhổng lồ. You may upload more than one 360 photo with the thiết bị di động browser.

From your phone Gallery: The second way lớn post a 360 pholớn is via the Gallery phầm mềm. With this method, you can post only one 360 photo lớn at a time. If you try to lớn post more than one pholớn, they will be converted khổng lồ equirectangular format.

Optional: if you want lớn cốt truyện lớn a group or khổng lồ your page instead of your News Feed, tap on the drop down box on top that says “Share to lớn News Feed.” You’ll see the option lớn post the pholớn to lớn a group or to a page that you own.
On iOS, posting a 360 pholớn on Facebook is easier.

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What is the maximum 360 phokhổng lồ resolution for Facebook?

The maximum resolution I’ve sầu been able khổng lồ upload for a 360 pholớn is 128mp (16,000 x 8,000). However, if you upload a 16k phokhổng lồ, it may or may not upload successfully (you may get a message that the photo lớn was not loaded). When I downscale lớn 12k, it always uploads.

Fixing 360 Photo lớn Metadata

If you followed the steps above sầu but the phokhổng lồ is still not appearing in 360 view, then there is probably a problem with the 360 metadata. Here’s how to fix it with a desktop tiện ích, phone app, or trang web. Regardless, make sure not to exceed the maximum resolution (see above).

With desktop app

On a desktop, you can fix 360 metadata using Exif Fixer, available for Mac or Windows.

With phone app

On a phone, there are a few apps for fixing 360 metadata, such as using Yoichi Hirota’s edit360, which is available for iOS or Android.

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Web-based metadata repair

If you would rather not install an phầm mềm, there are a couple of sites that can fix the 360 metadata for free: ExifFixer.com or NadirPatch.com.

How vày I view a 360 phokhổng lồ in full screen on Facebook?

On some displays, a 360 pholớn cannot be maximized khổng lồ the full screen:

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