If you haven’t yet caught on to the power of Facebook Live, you need lớn start now. In June năm 2016, I did five Facebook Live events. I used the events as trainings similar to lớn how I would teach a class as a Professor. I even brought out the White board!The results were:Skyrocketed reach to my Facebook audience.Built relationships and trust with my audience.Created more content easily and turned it inlớn blog posts & YouTube videos.Additional sign-ups for my email menu and không tính tiền lead magnets.For me, it’s a strategy that I will now use weekly in my business. I will use Facebook Live sầu lớn replace the webinars that I used lớn bởi.

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I believe webinars have sầu become outdated and obsolete with Facebook Live sầu.

Why would I want khổng lồ stare at a screen of slides and listen to lớn a script someone has written out when I can see someone’s face & actually engage with them live on a training instead? This is how I was taught to teach as a Professor. You facilitate people’s learning throughout your training instead of just talking lớn them.With all the evergreen webinars out there going on autopilot with no engagement (or nhái engagement), people are ready to lớn engage with us even more.Many people are scared of Facebook Live sầu. If you can tackle your “first-timer” fears & turn what you would have sầu taught on a webinar into a Facebook Live event, you’ll be miles ahead of the rest of the people who are scared.Here’s a hint: A Facebook Live is a million times easier & cheaper than a webinar. And you don’t have sầu lớn create slides! Just a little amount of preparing an outline & then dive sầu in. Provide value for your community & stop saying you are going to lớn do it someday.P.S. My opinion is that Periscope won’t make it. The spam that I get on it is terrible và I am not a tín đồ but I love sầu FB Live sầu lớn connect and engage!
Here is a quick tutorial on how lớn take your Facebook live video and upload it onkhổng lồ Youtube.

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Then you can take the YouTube URL và embed it onto lớn your trang web. I love this because you can use it on multiple social media platforms & for multiple purposes. Not everyone can watch your Facebook Live event live with you but at least they will forever be able lớn watch your trả lời on YouTube.The tough part about this process is that it’s hard to lớn figure out và there is not easy download button that I have found on Facebook. I don’t believe that Facebook even wants you to lớn download it and nội dung it on YouTube otherwise this process would be a lot easier and I wouldn’t have had khổng lồ make a video on it.I want khổng lồ make it easy for you lớn chia sẻ your content with more people.

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How lớn Save a Facebook Live Video

1. Right clichồng & go show đoạn phim URL. Copy the URL & open a new tab.2. Paste that URL into lớn the new tab. Then, make it a sản phẩm điện thoại video feed by deleting “www” và replacing it with “m” instead.3. Now, play the video clip. Then, right-click & clichồng the option to lớn tải về video clip as. Then, tải về the đoạn phim and save sầu it to your computer.It might take a while to save sầu depending on how long your training was. Upload the tệp tin khổng lồ YouTube và now you have your new đoạn Clip on YouTube that you can write a blog post about too!P..S. The only unfortunate part is that the đoạn Clip doesn’t fill the whole screen. I can’t figure a way around it but if you know how, let me know in the comments below!Click here lớn tải về Classy Career Girl’s Social Media Calendar.