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Copy link in application

Paste links lớn input

Press button "Download"

Download tik toks you like without watermark & tik tok signs on any device that you choose - one of the best online TikTok Downloaders app, available for saving Tik Tok videos without watermarks. Now you don"t need to install any special programs on your computer or điện thoại phone. All you need is a links from Tik Tok đoạn Clip - we will make all other operations! That"s why you can tải về tik tok video online on your device in just two clicks

What is the difference of our service from others?

You download tiktok Clip without watermark và author signs. That couldn"t be made by other services.Unlimited downloads và totally free!

How to lớn copy the links from the TikTok video?

xuất hiện the TikTok appChoose đoạn Clip you want to downloadClichồng "Share" and cliông chồng "Link" in opened "Share" view

Congratulations, you are copied the link!

Where vì the videos from TikTok get after downloading?

Downloaded videos are saved in thư mục, that was selected by default in the browser settings. But you can select another folder in the browser settings, which will be used for downloading.

Does saves downloaded videos or keeps their copies?

No, our service doesn’t keep videos you downloaded and their copies. In addition, we don’t trachồng the tải về history of our users. This makes using completely anonymous & safe.

Do I need khổng lồ install any programs and extensions?

Absolutely no. Our goal is lớn make our service as user-friendly as it possible. All you need are links from Tik Tok videos.

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Is TikTok đoạn Clip downloader a paid app?

No, our service is completely không tính phí. Besides it is unlimited in time.

Can I download Tik Tok đoạn Clip khổng lồ my Android phone?

Of course! Our ứng dụng provides the ability for downloading tik tok videos without watermark to lớn Android và IOS.

How to tải về tiktok đoạn phim on Android:

Copy liên kết in TikTok appPut the links into liên kết input and clichồng "Download"

You"ve sầu got the video!

More information is here here

How lớn save sầu TikTok đoạn Clip khổng lồ gallery on IPhone?

How to download tik tok video clip on Apple device:

Copy the link to lớn the đoạn phim in the Tik Tok appPaste the links into lớn the đầu vào field on tiktok downloader and press the button "Download"

Fine! You got the video!

More information you can find here

Detailed instructions with pictures of how khổng lồ download and save sầu đoạn Clip in gallery is here

How khổng lồ tải về video from TikTok without watermark?

Tell you about the easiest and faschạy thử way. Rethành viên that!Copy links khổng lồ Clip in TikTok appNext put copied links into lớn browser address field.Place letter "q" before the "tiktok" word in link

Download will start after following a link!

We try lớn make our service more simple & comfortable for users! If you have sầu questions or suggestions, please write us: email

We will be grateful if you tóm tắt our service with friends VK Facebook

Tik Tok is a young but already rather popular social network which has currently found more than 800 million users in more than 150 countries in the world.

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But what is its phenomenon and why bởi vì we need these videos?

Now the most popular type of nội dung are video and interactive, while TikTok combines both. It allows you lớn create short creative videos using various effects, filters, masks, stickers, lớn participate in challenges, khổng lồ find cool tracks, to chat with interesting people and of course to lớn save sầu tik tok videos. Just for this our platkhung was created. When you download tiktok video clip, you get it in a good unique, without attribution and watermarks.

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