Microsoft has made it easy for Windows 10 users by providing generic drivers for most of the external devices và peripherals you wish lớn connect with your PC. This feature is known as Plug-And-Play and is very convenient for users lớn connect to different devices. However, not all devices can be easily detected by Windows 10 OS, & sometimes there is a device that requires the users khổng lồ install the drivers before accessing them. When these devices are connected, you will get an error message similar to Device Driver Software was not successfully installed. This guide will help you with various methods khổng lồ resolve this issue:

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Steps On How to lớn Fix Device Driver Software Was Not Successfully Installed Error In Windows 10


Image Source: MicrosoftThere are three ways to fix device driver software was not successfully installed issue on Windows 10 PC. All methods work fine và deliver results, but the time, effort, & skill applied khổng lồ each method is different & based on the selection. I have described all the three methods khổng lồ resolve any driver issue that you may face, for you to lớn choose from:

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Method 1: Use The Hardware support Website

All Hardware Manufacturers maintain a trang web where the users can find resources related khổng lồ the hàng hóa purchased. These resources include User Manual, firmware, software, and drivers, and these are always available free-of-cost. Although each website would be different, some generic steps would be common lớn all:

Step 1: Navigate lớn the Hardware tư vấn website.

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Step 2: Locate the search box, enter the mã sản phẩm name & number of your device, & hit the Enter key.

Step 3: From the tìm kiếm results, select your device và click on it. Locate the drivers among other resources & click on it.

Step 4: Next, locate the download button & click on it. Once the file has been downloaded, execute, và follow the onscreen instructions khổng lồ install it.

Step 5: Restart your computer after installation khổng lồ let the changes take effect.

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Method 2: Use The Device Manager

If you cannot use the manual tải về method, you can always use the Windows 10 inbuilt tool known as Device Manager. This tool is extremely useful & convenient lớn use. Remember to connect your device to your computer & then follow these steps to find the solution for the device driver was not successfully installed issue:

Step 1: Connect your device and turn it on if possible. You may see the Device driver software was not successfully installed near the taskbar on the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Press Windows + R key and type “devmgmt.msc” to xuất hiện the Device Manager.

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Step 3: The Device Manager will menu all the hardware and their driver status on the screen. Locate a driver entry with a yellow exclamation mark or something stated like “Unknown Device.”

Step 4: Make a right-click on that entry, và from the context menu, choose Update Driver Software.


Step 5: Carry out the instruction on the screen & restart the computer after the process completes.

Method 3: Use Advanced Driver Updater

If you are not able lớn achieve success by any of the two methods described above or find that it consumes a lot of time and effort & requires skill, then you can opt for an automatic method of using a driver updater software that will identify all the drivers’ issues & fix them with the best possible update và compatible drivers available on the internet. Here are the steps khổng lồ use Advanced Driver Updater on your system:

Step 1: tải về and Install Advanced Driver Updater on your system by clicking on the link below:


Step 3: Wait for the ứng dụng to search for all the missing, corrupt, & outdated drivers on your system.

Step 4: Once the scan completes, a list of all the drivers’ issues will be on the screen. Click on the Update Driver next khổng lồ the driver, creating a problem khổng lồ update và fix it.


Note: Once you fix all the driver issues, the Device driver software was not successfully installed error will automatically be solved. The Pro purchase supports the Update All button, which means you don’t have to click on Update Driver for each driver.

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The Final Word On How to Fix Device driver Software Was Not Successfully Installed Error In Windows 10?

When you connect a new external device or peripheral khổng lồ your computer, it may not always be recognized. It may provide you the device driver software was not successfully installed error in your PC. The only solution is khổng lồ manually install a driver for that device, which can be done in the ways explained above. Out of all three, Advanced Driver Updater is one of the best và reliable methods that can update your drivers & fix all issues relating to it.

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