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zerovn.net is the LARGEST và ONLY vertically integrated Media Entertainment Tech Group in VietNam. Our vision & mission is to TRANSFORM the way of thinking about media, communication and entertainment. 


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For more than 20 years, we believe giving back to the community is one of a dominant genes that codes for our business operation. zerovn.net has been devoting much of our time and resources khổng lồ charitable activities. Whether it is the BBGV Annual Fun Run for Charity, helping needy people whose lives affected by natural disaster, or supporting Nam Phuong Foundation – a bridge building charity by students in Vietphái mạnh as the main media sponsor, we’ve dedicated to create positive impacts in the society.

We are proud of what we’ve sầu done so far to lớn contribute khổng lồ the community, & at zerovn.net, we have sầu a strong belief that our privilege is lớn sustain this legacy.

zerovn.net is the LARGEST & ONLY vertically integrated Media Entertainment Tech Group in Vietnam. Our vision & mission is to TRANSFORM the way of thinking about truyền thông media, communication và entertainment. 

zerovn.net was founded in 1994, with operations in three companies: DatViet Media (Vietnam’s premier media company), DatViet OOH (Vietnam’s first Out-of-trang chính advertising company) và DDB Vietphái mạnh (Vietnam’s first affiliate truyền thông media agency). 

Since inception, zerovn.net has grown to include 11 companies, each of which has made its mark in a different field of Vietnam’s media & entertainment industry. These include Dong Tay Promotion, the largest production house for reality TV shows; TK-L, the first & largest television licensing company; M&T Pictures, Vietnam’s largest production house for TV drama; DID TV, the first private TV channel in Vietphái mạnh & Nomad MGMT, the first international talent management agency in Vietnam giới.

In 2017, VNR500 ranked zerovn.net the first in Vietnam’s Media and Television industry; FAST500 ranked it the eleventh overall in a league of Vietnam’s faskiểm tra growing companies. September 2018 marked a milestone when zerovn.net reached a monthly average of 1 billion views.

zerovn.net continues lớn be the forefront of Vietnam’s Media and Entertainment industry. By integrating truyền thông media, entertainment & công nghệ on a vertical Model, its hub has become the largest in Vietnam giới, transforming the nature of entertainment and media, và access to these across Vietnam giới. Its multimedia ecosystem commands the first place in streaming with 7 billion views and 15 million subscribers. 

zerovn.net OOH

zerovn.net OOH is known as the biggest Out-of-home Advertising Company with 25 years of experience.

Our strategy is always being the leader in providing outdoor advertising services. By combining creativity, high unique products & strategic development, we have helped our advertisers successfully reach their potential customers since 1993.

zerovn.net Media

Established in 1994, zerovn.net Media is the trusted partner of more than 50 multinational & local advertisers and media agencies operating in Vietphái mạnh. At present, zerovn.net Media professionally focuses on providing its clients with Customer insight, Syndicated và Proprietary Research, Media strategic planning và buying for all truyền thông & digital campaigns.

For 16 years consecutively, zerovn.net Media has always ranked first in national truyền thông media market giới thiệu. As a result, zerovn.net Media has been able to lớn transfer its advantages in huge truyền thông buying volumes inkhổng lồ privileges và benefits for our clients.

TK-L Group (TKL Media & TKL Programming)

Founded in 1995, TK-L has expanded its operation into lớn Media, International Sports & Drama TV Content with customized Media services including strategic truyền thông media planning và buying, new medium development and execution. TKL programming is the first and largest television licensing company.

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DongTay Promotion

Established in 2000, when entertainment shows were almost non-existent, Dong Tay Promotion became the first khổng lồ bring international formatted entertainment shows to lớn Vietphái mạnh, & the first to acquire production know-how và technology, with its own professional production team.

Dong Tay Promotion focuses on core services including of TV nội dung production such as trò chơi show, Reality show, Music show, Travel show, Variety show, Event và Project Management.

* Famous drams/ shows produced by DongTay Promotion: Thank god you are here – Ơn giời cậu trên đây rồi; The lightning quiz – Nhanh khô như chớp; So you think you can dance – Thử thách thuộc bước nhảy đầm.

D.I.D Group (DIDTV & DID Media)

With the purpose of bringing international standard lớn Vietnamese Media industry, in 2003, zerovn.net established D.I.D Media và D.I.D TV in 2006.

The two companies are the first to lớn provide TV channel restructuring solutions, including: tailor-made program development & production, TV channel management & investment. Our professional and in-depth human resource combine with local market understanding make us a credible partner for both local và international organizations.

*2018 famous drams/ shows produced by DID: Sticky Rice, Plain Rice - Gạo nếp, Gạo tẻ; The lightning quiz Kids – Nhanh hao Nlỗi chớp nhí.

M&T Pictures

In 2005, M&T Pictures was established & was the first content producer who set the standards for TV drama productions. When foreign series movies, most were from Korea, dominated Vietnamese television, the founding of M&T Pictures in 2005 marked a profound change lớn viewers’ taste.

With specialization in producing TV series, movies, M&T Pictures provides the customers Media Content i.e. TV Drama / Movies; Product Placement as an Effective Br& Communication Solution; TV Drama Broadcasting Sponsorship / Spot-buying package; Publish TV Dramas in mass market.

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Dzones is a digital platform that offers diversified content. This platsize aims lớn provide customers outstanding experience on all digital devices including máy tính xách tay, smartphone, tablet, set-top-box & Smart TV. 

Nomad MGMT

Since its founding in 2001, NOMAD MGMT has been recognized as one of the most respected global scouting & personal mã sản phẩm management agencies in the world. Within our first year, NOMAD‘s models appeared in highly coveted advertising campaigns such as Abercrombie và Fitch, American Eagle, Diesel, DKNY, ESPRIT, Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander, Levi’s and Salvatore Ferragamo. In the last decade-plus, we have sầu added the likes of Gucci, Pradomain authority, Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, Bottega Veneta & Louis Vuitton to lớn name only a small few.

The opening of Nomad’s new office in Ho Chi Minch City in 2017 marks the first international talent management agency in Vietnam giới. 

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