Few things in business are more challenging than understanding the customers’ exact wants, needs, and desires. It’s even more challenging to lớn prove that what you think you know is true—and encompasses your entire customer base. That’s why marketers and executives rely on a combination of qualitative & quantitative data to lớn draw on the customer insights they need to lớn make smarter decisions.

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However, traditional methods for collecting this data aren’t perfect và don’t necessarily paint a holistic view of the customer. Quantitative sầu retìm kiếm methods might help you uncover trends and patterns in data, but it falls short explaining why the trends are occurring. And qualitative research methods, like focus groups and ethnographic research, might be great at uncovering the why behind the data trends, but they can be expensive và time-consuming. 

But that doesn’t mean you should give up trying khổng lồ understvà your customers. In this article, we’ll unpaông chồng the importance of customer insight, how you can collect it, & strategies for making that feedback actionable for your business teams. Let’s begin by defining customer insight.

What are customer insights?

Customer insights, or consumer insights, are an interpretation of trends in human behaviors that alặng khổng lồ uncover the underlying preferences, frustrations, and motivations of a consumer khổng lồ increase the effectiveness và relevance of a hàng hóa or service. 



The answers lớn these questions will help you develop an effective strategy for introducing the new hàng hóa khổng lồ the market.

3. Dig into lớn demographic trends

If you’re trying to lớn uncover trends in how customers of different demographics interact with your hàng hóa or your brand, you can run the same study with different segments.

For example, to lớn compare how men và women view your sản phẩm differently, you might choose lớn run two separate studies: one each, with 10 men and 10 women. This would make it easy lớn compare results from the two demographics.

Maybe you’ve sầu struggled to lớn win over a particular segment of the market. You can conduct a study lớn have participants from that demographic explain how they feel about your brvà, which competitors they prefer, & what qualities are important to lớn them when they make their purchase decision.

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4. Add context lớn existing data

If you’ve already been conducting surveys or other research on how consumers feel about your product or experience, you’ve probably uncovered a lot of interesting trends already. Now, you can run a study lớn fill in some context about why people were doing the things they bởi vì.

A study with just five participants can give sầu you a lot of additional insights since participants have the freedom lớn explain their thoughts aloud và show you how they interact with products wherever they use them naturally. It’ll give sầu you a clearer picture of how a sản phẩm fits inkhổng lồ their lives than you would get through surveys alone.

5. Uncover creative use cases

Not all of your customers use your hàng hóa in the traditional way. A customer insights study will help you find unusual use cases that can spark innovation for sale campaigns và sản phẩm development.

6. Get competitive sầu insights

Did one of your competitors just unveil a hot new product? Before you rush lớn follow in their footsteps, you can vày some exploratory retìm kiếm to lớn see how consumers interact with the product—especially any potential dislượt thích about using it. This can be a great opportunity for you khổng lồ frame your sản phẩm as the solution to that unmet need.



7. Cut down your retìm kiếm time

If you’re currently relying on large surveys & focus groups lớn gain your consumer insights, you’re probably used to taking weeks or months lớn get results. By incorporating usability testing inkhổng lồ your retìm kiếm plan, you can start getting insights in hours instead.

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Build your own customer insight strategy

Every business is different, but they all have sầu one thing in common: the need lớn be customer-centric. And in order khổng lồ bởi that, a deep understanding of the customer và their needs is essential. It’s time khổng lồ empower your teams to collect their own insights. You can start by signing up for a 30-day miễn phí trial of Marketing Insight khổng lồ see for yourself how real human insight can bring you closer khổng lồ your customers.