Havas Media Group Becomes First Global Holding Company to Join the Conscious Advertising Network


At Havas Media, we invest in truyền thông media that matters.

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We understand where to lớn find the most meaningful truyền thông using our unique Mx system. We build a Media Experience (Mx) that connects a client with their target audience – in the context of where they are, through the nội dung they pay attention khổng lồ.

The Mx System creates value for our clients by turning consumer intelligence into lớn clear growth targets, aligning stakeholders and KPIs through the custom Mx Brief, & measuring the impact of rich & respectful truyền thông experiences.

Because we believe sầu that more Meaningful Media can help build more Meaningful Brands.

Part of Havas Group, Havas Media operates in over 140 countries & services its clients through a portfolio of speciadanh sách teams that span truyền thông, strategy, digital, data consulting, programmatic buying, performance marketing, Smartphone, out of home & geolocal, social truyền thông, experiential, entertainment & sport.






For the opening of PUMA’s Flagship Store in NYC, we launched the first campaign optimizing digital rideshare vehicles and taxi tops programmatically, by leveraging FireFly’s chất lượng công nghệ. The campaign optimized for in-motion, geo-targeted consumers across different locations and times of day, delivering memorable, high-impact motion graphic content promoting & driving consumers khổng lồ the new store.

Tasked with raising awareness for Hyundai’s new range of electric vehicles, we launched VIVe, the first oto sharing service that is 100% rural & electric. The new service acted as a truyền thông media outlet for showcasing the electric models, reaching an audience who live outside the big cities.

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For the premiere of TV series Killing Eve sầu, we created a communication campaign across digital, social and OOH in Milan, Rome & Naples. In Milan, we implemented the first ever “Moohbile Real Sync” campaign in Italy, allowing users to lớn interact with DOOH screens through their smartphones.

Using mobile geolocalization giải pháp công nghệ, ALDI avoided an expected 40% increase in flyer distribution costs by identifying the neighborhoods that had the highest concentration of ALDI clients and those with few or none. We reduced distribution in low interest areas saving €2.2M and used the savings to lớn invest in improving ALDI’s digital presence lớn attract a much more modern segment.

Project SAVE – Signage và Adspace Versatile for Emergencies – implemented in the Valenzuela, one of the Philippines’ most flood-prone cities, saw outdoor advertising formats, including billboards and banners, double up as boats, life-rafts, spinal boards & other disaster response equipment that could be deployed in as fast as 18 seconds.

In order khổng lồ turn Finish’s sponsorship inlớn a true brand experience, we mix out lớn make people watching ‘Kadin’, the most popular TV series in Turkey, believe they were going khổng lồ an ad break, only khổng lồ have sầu it turn into lớn a continuation of the previous scene just after the ad break was announced.

This was a ground-breaking entirely truyền thông led campaign where the truyền thông truly became the message. We used outdoor lớn evoke that ‘oh sh*t!’ feeling when you drop & smash a phone as we launched miễn phí screen repair for O2 as part of an industry-first for new iPhone sales.

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To offer visitors the best digital experience, improve sầu the conversion rate from click and visit lớn the trang web, to lớn chạy thử drive sầu or sale, we created a complete digital ecosystem that considered all the steps that lead to a sale và then integrated it inkhổng lồ Kia’s Gọi Center and CRM.