Công ty cổ phần đầu tư u&i


U&I is a for-profit company but does not put the target khổng lồ make money at any costs. U&I believes that profit will surely come if interests of clients & employees are respected as well as local laws and practices are fully obeyed.

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U&I strives to lớn be a good corporate citizen as well as the place where employees all feel at home page. Professional knowledge, teamplay and dedication are placed above academic distinction, titles & seniority.

Abour us Staff

U&I believes its biggest assets are its people và never stops searching for, providing training lớn & facilitating good career choices khổng lồ talents from aý muốn its employees so that they can grow with the company. Promotion opportunities are wide open to lớn all. Top management personnel of the company grew through the ranks. Family và acquaintance relationships are not factors to lớn be considered in personnel evaluation & development.


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Real happiness only comes lớn those with warm hearts that love & care for the interests of others before their own.

Designed & developed by U&I Logistics Corporation.

U&I Building, No.158, Ngo Gia Tu street, Chanh khô Nghia ward, Thu Dau Mot thành phố, Binc Duong province, Vietnam