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Instructions for capturing the entire web page on Google Chrome, Coc Coc, Firefox help users save images for tips or use for many different purposes, just need to install additional Add-ons or 3rd tiệc ngọt software , you can easily save images of that website on Google Chrome, CocCoc và Firefox

In fact, many long-term giải pháp công nghệ users vì chưng not appreciate capturing entire websites on Google Chrome, Coc Coc and Firefox with extensions. Because there are ways to capture computer screens very simply. You can apply computer screenshots khổng lồ capture entire websites on Google Chrome, Coc Coc & Firefox also no problem. However, a downside I see when taking a computer screen is the taskbar below is also displayed, not to lớn mention the applications such as calendar, alarm, clock … displayed on Destop are also taken. So using capture the entire trang web on Google Chrome, CocCoc & Firefox you will choose khổng lồ capture only the website in use only. Immediately install add-ons on different browsers according to the instructions below to capture the whole website on Google Chrome, Coc Coc và Firefox.

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How to capture the entire site on Google Chrome, Coc Coc and Firefox:

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1. How khổng lồ capture an entire website on Google Chrome, Coc Coc.

Step 1: Visit the links above sầu to tải về add-ons Open Screenshot about Google Chrome.

Press Add to lớn Chrome to lớn add extensions to lớn Google Chrome. Select Add extension and then wait for the extension to be installed into Google Chrome.

Step 2: Now you want to lớn capture the entire website on Google Chrome, you just need khổng lồ clichồng xuất hiện Screenshot ibé in the right corner of the browser. Select the corresponding shooting mode.


You can vì chưng the same way of capturing the entire website on Google Chrome into Coc Coc browser, then taking a screenshot of the normal trang web.

2. How to capture an entire website on Firefox.

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Step 1: Click on it 3 dash symbol in the corner of Firefox browser. Choose Add-ons.


Step 2: Search for gadgets FireShot . This is a utility that supports capturing entire web pages on Firefox. Or download version FireShot here


Step 3: Click Add khổng lồ Firefox to download this add-on to your browser. Press Install to lớn install add-ons on Firefox.


Step 4: After installing the FireShot add-on in Firefox, a browser icon will appear at the corner of Firefox. Just Left mouse clichồng Once there, you’ll capture the entire website page in Firefox immediately.


Step 5: Photos will appear in the interface of FireShot, you can edit photos arbitrarily before saving images.


Step 6: Clichồng Save and choose where khổng lồ save a screenshot of the entire site on Firefox.


With a browser, you choose different extensions khổng lồ capture the entire website on Google Chrome, Coc Coc and Firefox.

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https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/cach-chup-toan-bo-page-web-tren-google-chrome-coc-coc-va-firefox-22829n.aspx In addition khổng lồ the above sầu two add-ons, there is a software that supports taking screenshots that I appreciate. Just install FastStone Capture on Windows, you not only capture the whole website on Google Chrome, Coc Coc và Firefox but also capture the interface of games, software, & desktop in a simple way. The editing modes in FastStone Capture are also very diverse, allowing you lớn blur, cut, write, và number photos. In my opinion you should install FastStone Capture on Windows khổng lồ tư vấn quick photography anytime, anywhere.